Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Please NOTE this is NOT a complete listing of closures in the Virginia area.  Check with your local NEWS.

Accomack County Government Offices: Closed Today
Accomack County Juvenile & Domestic Relations District Court: Closed Today

Accomack County Public Schools: Closed Today

Accomack General District Court: Closed Today

Northampton County Public Schools (VA) Closed

Northampton County Circuit Court (VA): Closed

Northampton County General District Court (VA): Closed Today
Eastern Shore Community College: Closed

Eastern Shore Community Services Board: Closed Today

Star Transit: Delayed Opening Until 10:00 AM

Tyson Foods, Temperanceville: No First Shift. Night shift will report on time Wednesday. Maintenance Call your Supervisor.

Broadwater Academy: Closed Today

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