Saturday, March 8, 2014

Cow Statue Has Been Located and Returned

Clara Belle, the life- size cow statue taken from the property of   Chesapeake Bay Farms  on Whitesburg Road in Pocomoke City has been located by the Worcester County Sherriff's Department.

It has been reported that the fiberglass Holstein cow,  taken sometime during the night of Wednesday, March 5 or early Thursday a.m.,  was located in a relatives flower bed just a short distance from the creamery.

Clara Belle, missing her necklace and Hawaiian lei,  has been returned to her owners and will undergo some restoration to be made as good as new once again.

The life size-cow is a landmark and makes it easier for those who do not know the area locate the business.

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Anonymous said...

We are so happy to know the cow is back! Hope she is in good condition, too!