Thursday, April 3, 2014

Hogan: O'Malley-Brown Statement on Health Exchange Doesn't Add Up‏

Hogan: O’Malley-Brown Statement on Health Exchange Doesn’t Add Up

Annapolis, MD - April 2 - Gubernatorial candidate Larry Hogan criticized Governor Martin O’Malley and Lt. Governor Anthony Brown’s joint statement on their plan to abandon their $125,000,000 failed health exchange and start anew with a $50,000,000 platform.  The GOP front runner also said the Administration’s claim of exceeding their enrollment goals is “pure fiction.”

“The Governor and health insurance pointman Anthony Brown now admit their $125,000,000 taxpayer-funded Health Benefit Exchange is a complete failure.  Yet rather than learn from their mistakes as they claim to do in their statement, they’ve decided to double down and bet another $50 million on a new platform.  Without a change in management, this too is doomed to fail.

It is pure fiction that O’Malley and Brown met their enrollment goals.  Let’s remember, they promised to sign up 150,000 uninsured residents in private insurance plans under the ACA.  They failed.  They then said they really meant 75,000.  They failed again.  Now they claim that 60,000 or so have applied for private plans under their watch but they’re not saying if they were uninsured to begin with or have paid their first month’s premium.  And left out of the statement were the 73,000 summarily dropped from insurance plans due to the ACA.

In summary:  The person who so far wasted $125,000,000 of our hard-earned tax dollars, who got 150,000 mixed up with 75,000 and who thinks another $50 million may do the trick, believes he’s earned a promotion.  That just doesn’t add up.  If this were the private sector Martin O'Malley and Anthony Brown would both have already been terminated."

Authority: Larry Hogan for Governor, John C. Wobensmith, Treasurer.


Anonymous said...

Now they have come up with another hair brained idea to use Connecticut's model. They are going to pay millions to use it, this on top of the millions already wasted.
Anyone can go to Access Health CT Facebook and see CT residents are having major issues with their site, so why would MD officials want anything to do with it?
The problems are too numerous to mention here, but there are major problems just the same.
With the 100's of millions already spent and many more millions to be spent, the state could have paid for the uninsured insurance but instead they wasted it to fly by night computer companies and are going to pay again for a sub standard website if the problem's with their-CT's- "model" is any indication.
I wish people had higher expectations and standards and would vote out these incompetents.

The Public Eye said...

yeah if they had never voted in the "incompetents" that boo-hooed and cried and stomped their wittle feets and shut the government down until they got their way and forced this health care BS on everyone we would not be in any of this mess in the first place so cry because someone-anyone is trying anything to do something to fix it while the "incompetents" sit back and scratch their behines and blame someone else

Anonymous said...

Anthony Brown lieutenant governor now running for governor was tasked with overseeing MD's health care exchange.
It's really not rocket science and he managed to screw it up royally. No one of good judgment can ever have faith in him.
Common sense would dictate to have had meetings with whomever launched sites such as Amazon, Google and all the other sites that get million upon millions of hits per day. What was the credentials of the company he hired?