Wednesday, September 10, 2014

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ; Our Child Passenger Safety Twitter Chat is Coming Up!


Join us September 17 on Twitter to chat about #therightseat

A child’s safety is every parent’s priority. Yet many parents think their child is safe when they’re in their car seat, and the truth is that they may not be. Too often, car seats aren’t installed properly, or the car seat may not be the right fit for the age and size of the child riding in it.
Car crashes are still a leading cause of death for children 1 to 13 years old. Car seats make the difference: they reduce the likelihood of death in a car for infants by 71 percent and a toddler by 54 percent. Having a child in the right seat for their age and size, and having the car seat properly installed, is crucial.
Having a car seat registered is just as important. We need your help to educate parents and caregivers on why car seat registration matters. It’s the best way to know if a car seat has been recalled. Registering a car seat is part of keeping children safe on the road.
This is where you come in. We’re hosting a Twitter chat on Wednesday, September 17, starting at 3pm ET. We’ll be sharing life-saving tips about car seats, from how to find the right car seat for your child’s age and size, to how to register a car seat. We need you to share this message with your followers and invite them to join and learn. Use #therightseat to follow the conversation or to ask questions; our experts will be on hand for the hour to answer them all.
Here are some quick social media messages you can share with your followers:
  • Join @NHTSAgov on 9/17 at 3pm ET for tips and info about car seat safety. Follow with #therightseat
  • Get the facts on car seat registration and why it matters from @NHTSAgov on 9/17 at 3pm ET with #therightseat.
  • Want to know which car seat is best for your child? Ask @NHTSAgov on 9/17 at 3pm ET with #therightseat.
  • Do you know for sure that your child is in #therightseat? Ask @NHTSAgov on 9/17, starting at 3pm ET!
  • We’re supporting @NHTSAgov’s Twitter chat on Child Passenger Safety on 9/17, at 3pm ET; join us with #therightseat
During Child Passenger Safety Week, many communities will have certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians available to provide free, hands-on, car seat education and inspections. Our Twitter chat is just another way to get involved in helping save children’s lives and giving parents everywhere vital information. Join us on Twitter and spread the word to your followers about #therightseat.
You can also find more free materials for Child Passenger Safety Week on

Forward this on to your followers/readers and encourage anyone interested in vehicle and child safety to join our conversation on Facebook and Twitter.


SaferCar App Can Help Keep Your Family Safe

Check out our SaferCar app for your mobile device, which gives you immediate access to key safety information to help you make informed decisions, with features including:
Help with car seats: Quickly get driving directions to the nearest child-seat inspection station and get assistance to properly install car seats and boosters.
Information for buying a car: Access our 5-Star Safety Ratings and compare different makes and models before you decide to buy.
Stay connected: Be notified of safety issues for your vehicles. Use the app to register a vehicle and we will notify you if we find it has a safety issue. The SaferCar app also makes it simple to submit complaints to NHTSA regarding possible safety problems with your car.
Safety Headlines and Alerts: Receive important news and information from NHTSA, as well as recall notices and push notices on your vehicles.

NHTSA on YouTube

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Our "5 to Drive" campaign PSA is in an easy to view place: NHTSA's YouTube channel. Additional videos for multiple campaigns, along with vehicle crash test videos, can be found through our YouTube page.

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