Sunday, September 7, 2014

Pocomoketoberfest in the beautiful waterfront Cypress Park!

The Pocomoketoberfest was held on Saturday.  In spite of the heat and humidity, vendors and               
visitors were having a great time.  Local wineries and breweries showed off some of their finest products and answered questions from  visitors.
Sparking bottles of wine from St. Michael's Winery.

                                                                   Layton's Choice!
Ready to sample?

Artists came to downtown Pocomoke on Friday and Saturday,  painting  "Plein Air" on Market Street and in the park.  By 3:30  on Saturday afternoon, the freshly painted canvases were on display.  Standing in the shade of the buildings, I watched one lady work, as she was taking some artistic license in painting some very familiar downtown businesses.    As she worked, the familiar fragrance of oil paints and solvents assaulted my senses, making me want to join her in the colorful quest of putting art on canvas.

 Artist Kathy Gibson painted a scene of Bill Hudson's office and The Pincushion.

Complete with tartan kilt, Gus the Troubador from Accomack VA, sang ballads in a comical brogue voice.  Very entertaining songs were perfect for the beer and wine fest!  

Creative displays of handmade crafts were juried. 

  For the juried show, Amused Studios won 1st place in Fine Art for the ceramic art "Telluric", Guy Shover 2nd for his bronze and wood snail. in Crafts, Linda Muir won 1st place for her crab goblets, and Marilyn Deihle won 2nd for her Baby Circles Afghan.  In jewelry, Mona Margarita won 1st for her "Epic Fairy Wing" and Dana Smith 2nd for her "Take Me to Your Leader."

Winners of the Scarecrow contest will be announced on Monday.

Pocomoke City Councilman Clarke, Mayor Bruce Morrison & Councilwoman Tracey Cottman
, enjoying the Pocomoketoberfest.

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