Monday, August 31, 2015

Historic Parksley Building, Then And Now.

Parksley Hotel circa 1909

The Parksley Hotel was another place where the traveling public was always welcome. It was in easy walking distance to the railroad station, the business district, churches, post office and other sites. In years gone by traveling salesmen made it one of their stopovers on a trip through the Eastern Shore.

(Above picture and text courtesy Eastern Shore Public Library, Accomac)

On this past Sunday's Time Machine posting we noted: Several years ago there was on-going work at the Parksley Hotel structure to convert it into Virginia's first "green friendly" Bed and Breakfast, and it was to be called the Parksley Hotel General Store with the store occupying the lobby area.  Anyone know the current status?

A Pocomoke Public Eye reader sent in a comment that the building is for sale. Here it is as pictured on a real estate site:

                                                                             Former Parksley Hotel Today

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