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Thursday, September 22, 2011

"TRIPLE TROUBLE" Keeps It All In The Family

I wish I had the time to do a story on every truck and driver that enters a mudbog.  I am sure there are stories to be told and drivers willing to tell.  It's a  big deal and on this day alot of drivers love their trucks as much (or maybe more) than they love their wives or girlfriends.....but never more than Mother!

Those in the pits don't always hear names of drivers when announced so most times we only know the name of the truck (and that's because it's written there for me to see).  A few weeks ago I kept hearing the same last name over and over, never giving any attention to the first name OR names.

Not one of Buddy's best photos.
Then I met Buddy.  Buddy happens to be one of the nicest dogs I've ever met.  Now Buddy, as it so happens, travels to every mudbog his family competes in.  I must give his family credit because the doggie does have manners better  than some children I've run into in my lifetime.

Buddy's favorite truck is "Triple Trouble".   

Here is the truck to watch!!  For the entire season this one truck has entered in at least three - sometimes more- classes on race day.  "Triple Trouble"  is owned by the Lohmeyer's from Denton, Maryland. ( Now, I know where Denton is because I was born in Caroline County.)

 The racing team consists of dad Keith and sons Kameron, Kyle and Kevin and sometimes (the uncle of these young guys) Brian.  That's what I call TEAM WORK!  (hope I have the names right)

The Lohmeyers (some of them)
The Lohmeyer guys are great drivers.......sometimes, like others, don't make it through the mud but my guess is that by the end of the season they will end up with some decent points!    I wish them the best of luck!
"Triple Trouble"
Driven by the Lohmeyer Family
And you really have to give dad a pat on the back.  He has THREE teenage boys that  race.  Instead of  creating three racing trucks he makes one do for all.  I call that practical - good use of money and time.  To do everthing this truck does during a race day the truck  has to be a well built truck. (I wonder if they ever argue when decisions need to be made?)

Anyway, keep your eyes on it......... And if Buddy grows thumbs before next racing season we might see him in a helmet behind the wheel.

Good luck Saturday, guys!!

Video of Kameron Loymeyer


Kameron Lohmeyer

Note to self:  Take treats for Buddy.