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Sunday, February 16, 2014


Glad to see that the SNOW HILL VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT will once again be sponsoring a few mudbogs this season!   Thanks so much for the awesome job last year!

Welcome  and thank you to Powellville for sponsoring one mudbog during the 2014 season. 

And as we normally do- mudboggers will be returning to the muddy trenches of where it all began- GUMBORO.

ALSO keep in mind that mudbogging will be held in Crisfield once again.   My favorite place to race!

To advertise, for prices on registering your vehicle OR to read the rules and regulations:

Recent photos and videos can be found on Facebook:

Sunday, May 26, 2013

~ REPOST~ Crisfield Mudbog CANCELED

REPOST~  Crisfield Mudbog CANCELED
 The mudbog scheduled for Sunday, May 26, 2013 has been CANCELED
 due to excessive water on the Crisfield Elks Lodge grounds.
Since yesterday the committee members have found that rescheduling for June would cause a scheduling conflict with the Elks Lodge. Keep in mind that the Crisfield Elks Lodge schedules so many other wonderful events other than provide a place for mudbogging and making us comfortable on race day.
A new date will be decided and I will have all of that information for you when I receive it.
 The next race date is Saturday, July 13, 2013 in Snow Hill sponsored by the Snow Hill Volunteer Fire Company.
This is the first time the Snow Hill Volunteer Company has sponsored a mud bog and I hope all of you will help make it a success. More information will be posted soon.
Thanks for your understanding and patience!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Gumboro/Crisfield Mudbogs Racing Points As of 9/1/12

The mudbogging season will come to a close locally with the last event being held in Gumboro, Delaware on October 13, 2012. 

Racing for the closing events is going to be a nail biter!  A few of the drivers are very close in points and anything can happen in that mud pit....(we've all learned that heartache).

Don't MISS this last event of the season.   In most classes who the first place winner will be is anybody's guess.

Current Points as of September 1, 2012 are listed below.

1st Place     Cliff Taylor             32 points
2nd Place   Amy Evans             28 points
3rd Place    Steve Wiesbeski     20 points
4th Place    Matthew Grey        15 points
5th Place    John Laird              10 points
6th Place    Charles Betts          08 points
7th Place    Derek Bergeron      07 points
8th Place    Kenneth Hearn       06 points
9th Place    Trae Revelle           05 points
10th Place  Chris Cuono           04 points

Pro Stock
1st Place       Andy Kauffman         36 points
2nd Place      Ed Vogel                    33 points
3rd Place       Vince McMahon        26 ponts
4th Place       John Laird                  18 points
                      Steve Wisbeski           18 points
6th Place       Jason Gaskill              14 points
7th Place       John Borgstrom          11 points
8th Place       Steve Riggin               10 points
                      Gary Downes             10 points
10th Place      Matthew Haines        08 points
11th Place      Trae Revelle              04 points
12th Place      Brian Johanson          03 points
                       Brandon Lowe           03 points
                       Casey Bradley           03 points
15th Place      Bruce Vogel              02 points
16th Place      Roger England          01 points

Small Tire Super Stock
1st Place      Ed Vogel                      36 points
2nd Place     Kyle Lohmeyer           33 points
3rd Place      Daniel Harvison          30 points
4th Place      Patrick Long               26 points
5th Place      Vince McMahon         24 points
6th Place      Nicholas Bateson        09 points
7th Place      Randy Willey              07 points
                     Jake Vogel                   07 points
9th Place      Casey Bradley             05 points
10th Place    Barry Wise                  04 points
                     Brandon Lowe            04 points
12th Place    Gary Downes              03 points

Big Tire Super Stock
1st Place      Aaron Ellis                        40 points
2nd Place     Daniel Harvison                27 points
3rd Place     Barry Wise                        24 points
4th Place     Kevin Lohmeyer               21 points
5th Place     Mark Christ                       19 points
6th Place     Randy Willey                    16 points
7th Place     Steve Riggin                      13 points
                    Patrick Long                     13 points
9th Place     Billy Marsh                       09 points
                    Roger England                  09 points
11th Place   Jimmy Hall                        08 points
12th Place   Vincent ( Guido) McMahon  06 points

Modified Class
1st Place      Kelly Hubbard                  28 points
                    Sam Jones                         28 points
3rd Place     Brian Watson                   27 points
4th Place     Donald Bowden               26 points
5th Place     Charlie Price                    22 points
6th Place     Aaron Ellis                       13 points
7th Place     Russell Ford                     11 points
8th Place     Billy Heil                          10 points
                    Ricky Messer                   10 points
10th Place   Jared Collins                    08 points
11th Place   Billy Marsh                      06 points
12th Place   Barry Long                      05 points
                    Spencer Messick             05 points
14th Place   Robert Reed                    04 points
                    Chris Johnson                  04 points
16th Place   Barry Wise                      03 points
17th Place   Jimmy Hall                      01 points

Mini Open
1st Place      Wright Townsend           40 points
2nd Place     Kelly Hubbard                26 points
                     Brian Watson                 26 points
4th Place      Lee Sturgis                     19 points
5th Place      Sam Jones                      17 points
6th Place      Jared Collins                  09 points
                     Chuck West                    09 points
                     Barry Wise                     09 points
                     Ryan Dolan                    09 points
10th Place    Ricky Messer                 07 points
                     Billy Marsh                    07 points
                     Bill Heil                          07 points
                    Aaron Ellis                      07 points
14th Place   Patrick Long                   06 points
15th Place   Chris Johnson                 04 points
16th Place   Donald Bowden              03 points

1st Place    Wesley Ward                 37 points
2nd Place   Lee Sturgis                    25 points
3rd Place   Blaine Hitchens             19 points
4th Place   Barry Long                    14 points
5th Place   Ryan Dolan                    09 points
                  Jonathan Corbet             09 points
7th Place   Rodney Graves              08 points
X Class
1st Place    Kevin Lewis                 34 points
2nd Place   Travis Pruitt                 29 points
3rd Place    Ross Cullen(Sunshine Taylor) 16 points
4th Place    Lee Sturgis                   10 points
5th Place    Brian Watson               09 points

For more info go to:

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

"Tonka Toy" Meets The Mud Again In Crisfield

Crisfield Mud Bog
Nite Race
Saturday  July 21, 2012

With the special runs Saturday night and so much money to be won,  there's lots to talk about and plenty of photos and video to sort through.  Since so many were delighted to see "Tonka Toy" in the pits I decided this would be the first post.

Not many knew that this "legend" and  long time favorite mud truck "Tonka Toy" would make an appearance at the Crisfield Mud Bog on Saturday.
Throughout the day spectators viewed the monster. Many had never seen "Tonka Toy" before. So many had memories of racing days long ago.   But by the time "Tonka Toy" made it's appearance at the starting end of that 150 foot mudpit they all  knew who "Tonka Toy" was  and they were on their feet to cheer the driver along.

"Tonka Toy" debut in Crisfield with driver Sunshine Taylor

More to come.........

Friday, July 20, 2012

Crisfield Mud Bog ~ Night Racing Saturday

4410 Crisfield Highway
Crisfield, Maryland

Admission: $7.00 - children 10 and under FREE
Gates OPEN 1:00 ~ Racing 4:00

Announcer for the race events will be Buddy Ward!  And there's going to be plenty to talk about!
The events of Saturday's races will feature a $1,000 purse for the driver in ANY class that is CLOSEST TO 5 SECONDS! 

Video:  Wesley Ward, driver of "Git N Busy"  runs 2.67 seconds at May 2012- Crisfield Mud Bog

***All proceeds will benefit the Crisfield Elks Lodge
and the Marion Vol. Fire Dept.***

For more information and rules go to:

Any Questions call 443-235-2329 or 443 614 6585
Don't forget your driver card

And one more IMPORTANT thing to remember!

Be sure to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to June Bug!!
(June Bug (left), Barry Wise driver of "Short and Sassy", and two other mud bog fans!


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Crisfield Mudbog This Saturday

4410 Crisfield Highway
Crisfield, Maryland

Gates open at 1:00 PM
Races begin at 4:00 PM

Admission: $7.00 - children 10 and under FREE

All proceeds will benefit the Crisfield Elks Lodge
 and the Marion Vol. Fire Dept. 

Here's what's planned for the racing day!

The CLOSEST TO 5.000 SECONDS WINS $1,000 !!
Classes from Street to Unlimited
This is a 150 ft.  FLAT bog pit
Timing Light System

For more information and rules go to:
Any Questions call 443-235-2329 or 443 614 6585

Crisfield Mudbog This Saturday

The mudbog we have all been waiting for will be held this weekend in Crisfield, Maryland!

Information for the event  will be posted today!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Blaine Hitchens Takes A Tumble With "Rare Species"


Sunday MAY 27, 2012

It always seems to happen at least a couple time during the mud bog season when the joy of a fast fun turn into a nightmare for everyone - especially for the drive.

Blaine Hitchens driving his truck "Rare Species" Blaine had just completed a 3.0 run through the mud when he excelerated causing his truck to swerve the hit the trees, wiped out the new digital timing board, turned over and finally came to a rest on its top.

In his introduction it was stated that the engine alone in this truck cost to the tune of at least $70,000.....maybe more. - That's not counting the body work.

Thankfully Blaine had no injuries- except pride and we all know how easily that gets damaged for some of these drivers. Goes with the sport.

Watch what happens when the truck finally comes to a stop. Be sure to play close attention to the first to arrive to Blaine's aid...... (no matter who the racer is he just arrives before anyone else)

(Thank you, Patrick)

And thank you to the Lower Shore Ambulance
(one of the nicest things about mud bogging in Crisfield)

Mud Bog Races will return to Crisfield in July for a night race.
That should be lots of fun - never been tried before.......don't miss it.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Huge Crowd At Crisfield Mud Bog On Sunday

The second mud bog took us to Crisfield on Sunday  May 27.  What a crowd!  Seems like the idea to add more bleachers this season was a most wonderful thought!  What a HUGE crowd of spectators and they seemed to enjoy every minute of the race day. 

Most people know that Crisfield is my most favorite place to race...for alot of being that Crisfield has been in my heart for many years.

When you are married to or related to someone that races through the mud and is dedicated to the hobby you know all about the early morning hours and the length of time it takes to prepare for the day "in the pits".  But because I'm nosey getting there early is fine with me.

Probably the greatest suprise on Sunday was knowing the Buddy Ward would be our "sportscaster" for the day!  This was his first time for announcing the races and Buddy did a wonderful job!  Being able to hear when you are in the pits isn't easy and most times, even when paying attention, you just cannot hear.  Thanks Buddy for placing a speaker in the pit area.  Buddy gave us great announcing all day long and  a music selection that was woth listening to! (I despise twangy country music) 

 Be sure to tell Buddy how much you appreciated him taking on  that rather difficult task of announcing ALL day long.

Race preparation is not easy- especially on hot days.  Most trucks begin with a spotless truck.  If you have never washed a muddy truck you have NO idea what washing a vehicle means.  But for those who love the sport is worth the time.... and so is changing tires.......

"All Night Soldier"- Patrick Long/Owner/Driver
(187 East Performance/Bowden Racing)

"Short and Sassy"/Driver-Owner Barry Wise
(187 East Performance/Bowden Racing)

Donald Bowder drove "Wild Fire" for the second race of the season on Sunday.  This is something completely difference for him to be doing.......all these years he's been inside the engines of the 187 East Performance trucks but never in the drivers seat until a few weeks ago at Gumboro.

I still remember what the Mud Doc told my husband a couple years ago before one  important race...."Drive it like you stole it".   Donald practices what he preaches. 

See bottom video

Top video.  Lee Sturgis in "The Grey Ghost"  If you follow mud racing at all you know this is a most familiar truck.  Lee Sturgis seems to have had 2 great racing events!

Timing for his two runs on Sunday was 3.71  and 3.79.  Video is the 3.79 run.

"The Grey Ghost"- Owner/Driver Lee Sturgis
(187 East Performance/Bowden Racing

More to be posted..........

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Crisfield Mud Bog ~ SUNDAY


"Short and Sassy"- Owner/Driver Barry Wise

SUNDAY  MAY 27, 2012
(behind the Crisfield Elks Lodge)
NO alcohol
ADMISSION:  $7.00 per person
Children under 10 FREE

Events begin @ 1:00 PM

 Driver Registration: 9:30 am - 12:30


To all my friends (and enemies too, I guess)  Stop by the tent and say hi!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Gumboro Mud Bog ~ May 5, 2012 ~ First Event of Season

Opening day of the Gumboro/Crisfield Mud Bog Season

A few things were a little different for the first mud bog race of the season.  Barry Long, driver of "Sod Buster"  was sidelined due to a  knee injury.  This left only one other person to drive that mud truck..his son and  my "go to guy" Patrick Long,  who has always driven his very own truck "All Night Soldier".

Patrick drove the "Sod Buster" in two classes on Saturday:
Mini Open/ 4.27 seconds  and Unlimited Class/ 4.38 seconds

(Viedeo: Not sure which class this is)


"Short and Sassy"/Owner-Driver Barry Wise

Next Mud Bog Event:
Sunday ~ May 27, 2012
Crisfield, Maryland


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mudbog Schedule Changes

Changes have been made in the 2012 mudbog  racing schedule.
Please note the following changes in dates.

Gumboro-Crisfield Mudbog Schedule
Gumboro Saturday, May 5, 2012
Crisfield Sunday, May 27, 2012
Crisfield Saturday, July 21, 2012 **NIGHT RACE**
Crisfield Saturday, September 1, 2012
Gumboro Saturday, October 13, 2012

There are still a few racers and crew members that have not reserved their tickets for the 2011 Banquet.

DEADLINE for purchasing tickets is Wednesday March 14, 2012
This years banquet will be held at the Crisfield Elks.

To reserve your spot and for tickets contact Charlie Price. 410-330-6571

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Gumboro/Crisfield Mudbog Racing Schedule



Saturday, May 5th

Saturday, October 6th


Sunday, May 27th

Saturday, July 28th - Night Race

Saturday, September 1st

Reminder to racers:  Banquet tickets must be purchased  MARCH 14 for the 2011 Mudbog Banquet being held on March 31st at the Crisfield Elks.  Awards will be given out the evening of the banquet.  Contact Charlie Price for tickets.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Crisfield Mud Bog Racing Schedule ~ 2012

ATTENTION 187 East Performance Mud Bogging Team and ALL Mud Boggers out there !

My "go to guy" Patrick Long/driver of  "All Night Soldier" has just informed me that the 2012 Crisfield Mud Bog Schedule will be:


Added class this year will be BLOWN TRACTOR TIRE CLASS

Lots going on and I'm sure all of us will be anxious to experience the race under the lights!

This is great news!  Get your trucks ready....

"Short and Sassy"/ driver Barry Wise - is in the process of having some new features installed.

"All Night Soldier"/ driver Patrick Long- reports that there is alot to do with the three truck in his area!

  In the meantime this will give me the chance to finish with the 2011 year of racing so stand by for the photos and racing  fun I never got the chance to post.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

"TRIPLE TROUBLE" Keeps It All In The Family

I wish I had the time to do a story on every truck and driver that enters a mudbog.  I am sure there are stories to be told and drivers willing to tell.  It's a  big deal and on this day alot of drivers love their trucks as much (or maybe more) than they love their wives or girlfriends.....but never more than Mother!

Those in the pits don't always hear names of drivers when announced so most times we only know the name of the truck (and that's because it's written there for me to see).  A few weeks ago I kept hearing the same last name over and over, never giving any attention to the first name OR names.

Not one of Buddy's best photos.
Then I met Buddy.  Buddy happens to be one of the nicest dogs I've ever met.  Now Buddy, as it so happens, travels to every mudbog his family competes in.  I must give his family credit because the doggie does have manners better  than some children I've run into in my lifetime.

Buddy's favorite truck is "Triple Trouble".   

Here is the truck to watch!!  For the entire season this one truck has entered in at least three - sometimes more- classes on race day.  "Triple Trouble"  is owned by the Lohmeyer's from Denton, Maryland. ( Now, I know where Denton is because I was born in Caroline County.)

 The racing team consists of dad Keith and sons Kameron, Kyle and Kevin and sometimes (the uncle of these young guys) Brian.  That's what I call TEAM WORK!  (hope I have the names right)

The Lohmeyers (some of them)
The Lohmeyer guys are great drivers.......sometimes, like others, don't make it through the mud but my guess is that by the end of the season they will end up with some decent points!    I wish them the best of luck!
"Triple Trouble"
Driven by the Lohmeyer Family
And you really have to give dad a pat on the back.  He has THREE teenage boys that  race.  Instead of  creating three racing trucks he makes one do for all.  I call that practical - good use of money and time.  To do everthing this truck does during a race day the truck  has to be a well built truck. (I wonder if they ever argue when decisions need to be made?)

Anyway, keep your eyes on it......... And if Buddy grows thumbs before next racing season we might see him in a helmet behind the wheel.

Good luck Saturday, guys!!

Video of Kameron Loymeyer


Kameron Lohmeyer

Note to self:  Take treats for Buddy.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Crisfield Mud Bog Photos - "Freak Nasty" Video

Mud bogging in Crisfield ended with the race on  Labor Day.  We all knew that it was a big holiday weekend  and there would be fewer trucks.  Since it was Crab Derby Weekend in Crisfield and the Derby is a highly regarded tradition there would be less spectators for the mud event.  (Having had in-laws in Crisfield I know how important the Crab Derby is)

Cliff Taylor

But it all happened behind the Elks just the same.  Regardless of  numbers in attendence everyone seemed to have a grand time and there were certainly enough trucks in competition to make it all fun.  Hurricane Irene had made her visit to the Eastern Shore a few days before race day and had left enough rain in the pit to make the pit rather extra muddy. Extra muddy?  Yes.

"Triple Trouble"
Lohmeyer Truck
Denton, MD.

 So anyway, it left a sloppy mess for those that didn't make it through the pit fast enough or for those that got stuck........there were alot of those.

I'm going to miss Crisfield for alot of reasons.  I won't miss it because there is NO bathroom near the pit section  - for some reason.  And for some reason there never seems to be any race results posted within a short amount of time. I've heard complaints about these two items all year.

Ed and Bruce Vogel
Drivers of "No Shame" and "Gold Rush"
Bob Bower

One of the greatest things about mudracing in Crisfield are the wonderful people that work so hard to make each visit a pleasure no matter where you are - entering or going for something to eat- they're just plain nice and helpful.

John Laird

"Gold Rush" and "No Shame"

During these past races in Crisfield I've seen so many parents with their children entering the pits before the races begin to catch a glimpse of the brightly painted trucks. I've never seen so many taking pictures and so many of them stop and ask questions and seem to be really interested in the sport.  I can't help but wonder where the guy is that went around with the camera and tripod.....

"Baby Dumplin' "

But the traffic in the pits is possible because there is NO CHARGE to enter. People like things that are free. Drivers like the chance to talk about their trucks.  We have all met some of the kindest people- some  just happened to hear about and decided to see what it was all about and they liked it.  Sometimes this is the only praise and pat on the back these drivers get.

Thank you to the wonderful ladies that waited at the entrance on race day to collect money, answer any question and wish every driver good luck. 

And we can not and we must not forget the wonderful Marion Fire Company!!  Holding the responsibility of keeping the track damp and the 'mud muddy' you did an awesone job!  Did you know that while you watered the track that the mist sprayed back onto some of us in the pits and really cooled us for a while? (I just hope that was good water in that tank).  Great job - as always.

There's just no doubt about it - This is just plain Eastern Shore  hospitality.

Here's a video of "Freak Nasty" and driver Chuck West...

See you in Gumboro on September 24th