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Friday, December 31, 2010

Better Holiday Season Than Expected At Onley Walmart

The new Walmart in Onley had better than expected sales this holiday season.

According to Frank Durst, Manager of the Walmart, beginning with Black Friday in November, the event went probably smoother than any he has seen in his 18 years with the Walmart Company. According to Durst, sales were better than expected through out the entire season. Durst said there the store was filled to capacity and that merchandise was plentiful, although he noted that he would be ordering more wrapping paper next year.

Although the Shore woke up to major snow on the day after Christmas, the Onley Walmart was open with only 11 associates able to get to work that day. According to Durst, there were about 1,400 shoppers who braved the storm to take advantage of the after Christmas sales and to purchase other merchandise. By Wednesday, things were getting back to normal and associates as well shoppers were plentiful.

When asked what he might do differently for next year, Durst says that he plans to have a bigger variety of merchandise, something shoppers will see happening all year long. Durst credits his great sales associates and very good customers for the successful beginning for Walmart on the eastern shore.

He also says that he appreciates how the community has welcomed Walmart and that he feels very much at home on Virginias Eastern Shore.