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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Green Bay Wins.......As If No One On the Planet Didn't Know



In case you didn't notice she repeated the same line twice while singing the National Anthem! Must have been the "crowd hype as she hit the high crescendos of the song".

Sorry. I'm just funny about things like that!

"Eli" Orangutan Predicts Super Bowl Champs

SALT LAKE CITY - In Las Vegas it takes skill, time and luck to pick this weekend's Super Bowl winner. Here in Utah, we just need an orangutan. Eli at the Hogle Zoo made his prediction Tuesday morning. If his record holds true, his pick is a pretty safe bet.

The gigantic primate made the prediction for the weekend, picking the paper mache football helmet decked out with Green Bay colors.

Lindsay Renner with the Hogle Zoo works with the primates. She described Tuesday’s prediction. She said, “He did indeed choose the packers - you can mark it down as the winner for this year."

According to Eli, the Packers will take home the trophy during this Super Bowl weekend.

Renner said, “Contrary to popular belief we did not bribe Eli in any way with extra food. He made the decision free of his own choosing."

The primate keepers may have wanted to rig the vote, but they didn’t. Eli was just being an orangutan.

Dawn Neptune is the Behavioral Programs Coordinator at the zoo. She described what was going on, “He did what adult male orangutan's do - he did a display! So, he goes and tries to show how strong he is so it demonstrates to any females that he's a strong adult male."

These large helmets are part of the zoo’s enrichment program, helping these wild animals grow and develop in captivity. In this situation, the display of male dominance may be helpful if you’re betting this weekend.

Renner said, “Every single year that we have done this - this primate picks for the super bowl - he has chosen the correct team."

Four years with 100% accuracy, thanks to an orangutan at the Hogle Zoo.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What Can Happen When Your Boss Is Not A Good Sport

With Chicago reeling from Sunday’s painful playoff loss, Monday morning probably wasn’t the best time for car salesman John Stone to share his love for the Green Bay Packers with co-workers and customers.

But Stone, 34, proudly showed up for work at Webb Chevrolet in south suburban Oak Lawn wearing his green-and-yellow Packers necktie anyway.

Now he’s former car salesman John Stone.

The morning after the Chicago Bears’ hated rivals beat them at Soldier Field to advance to the Super Bowl, Webb’s general manager Jerry Roberts says he fired Stone for refusing to remove the Packers-branded tie.

The facts aren’t in dispute, only the appropriateness of the novelty neckwear.

“He said, ‘You have two options,’ ” a furious Stone said later Monday. “Remove the tie, or you’re fired.”

“When I didn’t, he said, ‘You can leave, you’re fired.’ Does that sound fair to you?”

Stone, a father of two who had worked at Webb Chevrolet for a month-and-a-half, grew up in Chicago’s Roseland community but said he’s supported the Packers since he first saw former running back Ahman Green play.

“I liked the way he played, and I liked Brett Favre before he left, and I love Aaron Rodgers, the coaching staff — the whole organization,” he said.

“I was just showing my love for my team and it was a nice, smart tie that matched my clothes — none of the customers minded: they had a sense of humor about it.”

Roberts agreed that no customers had complained about the tie when Stone was asked to remove it at 10:30 a.m., and that Stone was a good salesman who sold 14 cars last month.

But he said the tie was “salting the wounds” of Bears fans including himself and that it “makes it harder to sell cars in what’s already a competitive sales environment.”

“We spend $20,000 a month on advertising with the Bears on WBBM during the season, and we have Bears players including Corey Wootten driving loaner vehicles, and here was a salesman openly undoing that work.”

The deals with the Bears include Webb sponsoring the “Most Valuable Bear” award handed out after every game and a loaner vehicle for announcer Jeff Joniak, Roberts said.

Stone was offered five chances to take off the tie, but chose not to, he said, adding “If he loves the tie more than his job, he’s welcome to keep wearing it — elsewhere.”

For his part, Stone complains that he often wore the tie, which he bought three years ago at Wal-Mart, in his former job at a Dodge dealership.

But, said Roberts, context is everything. “If he’d worn the tie on Saturday I wouldn’t have minded.”

And what if the Bears had won?

“I suspect he wouldn’t have worn the tie.”