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Monday, June 10, 2013

PRESTON FORD Celebrates 100 Years In Business!

CONGRATULATIONS!!  To PRESTON FORD for 100 years in business!

Preston, Maryland- The Biggest Little Town in the USA

((Oh, I have to smile...How could this be?  100 years!  Surely it has not been that long ago since my cousins and childhood friends played in that area of  Preston Ford years ago when the dealership was on Main Street.))

Over the weekend Preston Ford threw an enormous community birthday bash to celebrate the 100th anniversary of having a Ford dealership in Preston, Maryland.

Just as the Preston Frog had promised the Preston Ford grounds were transformed into an amusement park/carnival setting with everything to enjoy from rides and games, great foods, LIVE music by  Mikes Hines & The Look and the one and only Kentavius Jones!!!

The weekend closed  with the big bang celebration of fireworks on Saturday night!  


History of Fords being sold in Preston, MD for 100 years (1913-2013)

In the year 1913 Joseph J. Garris opened the first Ford dealer in Preston, MD and it was called Preston Auto Agency.  He eventually built the a new building on Main Street in Preston and that is where it stayed until destroyed by a fire in February of 2000.

 In 1935 Garris sold the Ford Dealership to Mr. M Heber Lane and Frank Brauchle, the name was changed to the Preston Motor Company. In 1975 M. Heber Lane sold the dealership to Frank Showell and Robert MacDonald, the name was changed to Preston Ford Inc.  The current owner of Preston Ford Inc. is Dave Wilson and the dealership has grown to be the Preston Automotive Group selling more than just Fords.

 Although there are other brands sold at the dealership, it all started with Ford and that is what is being celebrated, 100 years of it!


Friday, January 14, 2011

Police Followed Footprints In the Snow To Make Arrests

PRESTON, Md.- Authorities in Caroline County say two people in Preston heard a knock on their door in the middle of the night. It was just the beginning of real-life nightmare.

The Caroline County Sheriff's Office says a man says a man knocked on the door of the home on Newton Road early Wednesday morning, claiming he needed to use the phone because his car broke down.

Police say when the people inside did not answer, the man kicked in the door and held a gun to one of the victim's head.

Investigators say the man demanded money and prescription drugs, and then ran away with some prescription medications he stole.

Police say they actually tracked footprints in the snow to a nearby house and a further investigation led them to make three arrests in the case-- Timothy and Robert Spence; and Jennifer Orr, all of Caroline County. All three are charged with armed robbery and related offenses.