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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Buy A Pet Calendar - Give As A Gift

These make wonderful Christmas gifts!The 2011 "Onancock Loves Rescue Pets" Calendar is now on sale at gardenART on King Street, SouthEast Expeditions at the Wharf, Janet's Café, Red Queen Gallery, CD Marsh Jewlers and the SPCA Eastern Shore in Onley.

They are $15 each, which benefits Onancock Business & Civic Association's pet-friendly efforts, with a portion going to the SPCA Eastern Shore.

Each of the 50 pets featured has a caption describing how they found their forever homes, many of them through the local SPCA,

Monday, August 2, 2010

The SPCA-Eastern Shore Needs OUR Help

As we all are aware of during these rough times for so many people the family pet is the first to get neglected and "kicked to the curb". Too many times they are let loose in a neighborhood unknown to them, left behind when the family they love leaves them without a kiss and a goodbye or, if lucky, they will end up at the SPCA -Eastern Shore.

The SPCA-Eastern Shore does not receive tax dollars and has only the public to count on for assistance with the caring of these animals. Because they are a "no kill" facility they have plenty of animals to feed...........many sad animals.

I found a link on their website today that I think will help them if we all sign up! It won't cost us a cent and only take a few minutes to get signed on. Here it is.......... and remember it's simple to do.....
Shop at Food Lion? You can help us out!

If you use your Food Lion MVP card you can help us out. It will not change what you buy or what you pay. Read the simple instructions and do it today!
Here are the simple instructions.

Support the Eastern Shore SPCA


Food Lion’s MVP Program


You can help support the SPCA by "linking" your Food Lion MVP card. Every time you shop and purchase "Food Lion" brand products using your MVP card the amount you spend on qualified items will be automatically credited to the SPCA. All Food Lion stores support this program! Please tell your family, friends, and neighbors who may shop at Food Lion to "sign up".

Signing up is easy. If you find that you need assistance in linking your card, give the SPCA a call at: (757) 787-7385.

The Enrollment Process is as Follows:

Go to ""

Click "MVP Rewards" (I found the link under "Community Outreach")

Click "Register Your MVP Card" (box in lower right corner of page)

Click where it says "Register Your MVP Card" to support your favorite school or charity.

Enter your 12-digit MVP card number (NOTE: The # is on the back of your card, starts with the small # to the left of the barcode followed by the 10-digits under the barcode & ending with the small # to the right of the barcode)

Click "Submit"

Enter your "Contact Information"

Click "Submit"

Go to "Add an Organization to Support" box

Enter Code # "252153"

Click "Find"

Click "Add"

Click "Sign-Out"

Eastern Shore SPCA- Caring for animals in Accomack and Northampton Counties.

Please help. And please urge others to do so too.