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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

~Host A thirty-one Party - Get A Free Appetizer

When was the last time you purchased something for youself just for the fun of it?

Why not begin your Chirstmas shopping now..........

DON'T MISS this opportunity!

All the information to get started as a Hostess is on the poster.

Or give  Dawn a call and she will be more than happy to help you plan your party!
(410)957-3677 / (410)251-8810

Thursday, July 21, 2011

News From A 'Thirty-One' Consultant

Thirty-One Consltant Dawn Bloxom has just returned from a national Thirty-One conference in Ohio.

Some of you may be very familiar with Thirty-One and what is offered while some of you may not.

Follow the links that Dawn has provided and see what you've been missing.  If  you have any questions give Dawn a call!

Hello Everyone!!!

I just wanted to get some information to you before it is to late.

First of all, the Spring/Summer Catalog is going out as of Monday, July 25th. 

 They are closing the Spring/Summer catalog out a week early and opening up the New Fall/Winter Catalog a week early!!!

Just in case you would want to get any of the Spring/Summer Products, you might want to take a few moments and go through the catalog and check them out before the catalog is gone:

A lot of the products have been improved....way IMPROVED!!! 

The SKIRT PURSE now has a ZIPPER CLOSURE!!!  That makes that product even more awesome than it already is and the new skirts that will be available are just wonderful accessories for the purse.

          The new products that will be out in the Fall/Winter Catalog are......AWESOME!!!!!!!!

                   We even have a new Mens Line!!!  Yeaaaaa!!!!!
                    The new Mens Products are nothing but AWESOME!!!!

                   I am so excited about showing all of you the new products!!!

            If you would like to check the new catalog out, here is a link:


                                I know you are going to LOVE the new products!!! 

                        If you would like to order anything, you can order online or just give me a call......

                                If you would like to get some of these wonderful products for to me!!!!!

                                 I just did not want YOU to MISS OUT on any of the new Thirty-One information!!

  Have a wonderful day EVERYONE!!!

                                                Your Thirty-One Consultant, Dawn Bloxom

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Try "Thirty-One Gifts" For Gift Ideas

Thirty-One Gifts is more than a Home Party Company.

Thirty-One believes in encouraging, recognizing and rewarding others for who they are.  They are committed to providing women with a fulfilling, enjoyable and rewarding shopping and work experience.

Thirty-One offers a beautiful selection of gifts and accessories that are stylish, useful and affordable.  From well-designed handbags, totes, stationary and much more, you will always find something unique and different for your family, friends and yourself.

Thirty-One was founded by a lady named Cindy Monroe.  She was working full time in corporate America and trying to manage a husband, 2 children, home church, kids activities and still trying to find time for herself.  Her busy lifestyle made it hard for her to visit the little gift boutiques where all the great products are.  So, she decided that it was time for working moms, single women and even grandmothers to get a chance to shop on their own terms.  It was from this passion that Thirty-One was born.

Faith is the foundation of Thirty-One Gifts.

The name, Thirty-One was derived from Proverbs Chapter 31, where it talks about the characteristics of a good woman as being virtuous, business minded and taking care of her family.

The Thirty-One mission remains constant:
Celebrate, Encourage and Reward.

Dawn Bloxom (Thirty-One Consultant)