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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Cub Scouts Honor Veterans

You just can't say enough about these wonderful young men.

PARKSLEY -- The members of local Cub Scout Pack 300 honored nearly 300 veterans graves in the Parksley area this Memorial Day. The graves were located in the Liberty Cemetery and the Parksley Town Cemetery

Typically during Memorial Day and Veterans Day, local VFW and American Legion posts will honor fallen soldiers and veterans by placing a small U.S. flag at the headstone of each grave.

Pack 300 sought out the opportunity to assist with this task this year in Parksley. Much to the dismay of the pack leaders, the Parksley cemeteries were not being honored. The pack decided it was time to act and took up the task themselves.

Thanks to generous donations by the Parksley Volunteer Fire Company, the Town of Parksley, Jaxon's, Darcy's Sport Shop, St. Francis Thrift Store, Visual Changes, What's Your Fancy and Russell's Formal and Bridal, the pack was able to purchase flags for the graves. Each marked grave was visited, a flag placed and a salute was given.

With the recent vandalism in the Parksley Cemetery, the pack leaders thought it fitting to teach the Scouts that a cemetery is a reverent and honored place.
The new flags bring a bit of color and patriotism back to the cemetery. With veterans spanning the Civil War up to the recent Gulf War, the boys were given a history lesson in the events and people that helped keep this nation free.

It is the hope of Pack 300 to make this a tradition within the pack and local community for years to come. The pack intends to return for Veterans Day in September.