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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Senate Kills Bill Regarding Civil Immunity To Citizens Who Kill Intruders

A Senate subcommittee has killed a bill to allow individuals who feel they are in danger to use deadly force against intruders.

Botetourt Republican Del. William Cleaveland's bill would have provided civil immunity to residents who kill intruders. The Senate Courts of Justice Committee voted 12-3 Monday to kill the bill.

The House passed it 75-23 last week.

Democratic Sen. Roscoe Reynolds of Henry County said the bill was not necessary because supporters have not been able to provide evidence that anyone has ever been indicted or sued because they used such force against an intruder.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Clothes Lines Bill Passed In Va. Senate

The Virginia Senate wants all homeowners to be able to air out their clean laundry.

By a 37-3 vote on Tuesday, the Senate passed a bill that would prohibit homeowner's associations from banning residents from stringing up clothes lines to dry their garments.

Sen. Linda Puller introduced the bill that would allow the organizations to set restrictions concerning the size and placement of the so-called natural drying devices.

A similar bill which called them wind energy drying devices made it out of the Senate last year but was defeated in the House of Delgates.