Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Clothes Lines Bill Passed In Va. Senate

The Virginia Senate wants all homeowners to be able to air out their clean laundry.

By a 37-3 vote on Tuesday, the Senate passed a bill that would prohibit homeowner's associations from banning residents from stringing up clothes lines to dry their garments.

Sen. Linda Puller introduced the bill that would allow the organizations to set restrictions concerning the size and placement of the so-called natural drying devices.

A similar bill which called them wind energy drying devices made it out of the Senate last year but was defeated in the House of Delgates.

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The Public Eye said...

I had an idea to make lots of money by selling pre-packaged clothes lines but then I thought I might get in trouble.

I was going to package 25 feet of small rope and about 25 clothes pins and market it as a "solar clothes dryer" $19.95