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Monday, May 7, 2012

Gumboro Mudbog Racing Has Begun

Gumboro/Crisfield Mudbogs opened the 2012 season on Saturday under foggy skies but the weather didn't seem to put a damper on the amount of mud trucks anxiously awaiting opening day.

I'll have more photos and video posted later.

But first here's something that, in my opinion, you need to know.

The Modified Race was "The William "Mike" Brittingham Mudbog Tribute Race.  

After very successful pass through 200 feet of mud Charlie Price, driver of "Midnight Express",  stopped his truck, removed his helmet and presented it to someone in the granstands.  During the remainder of the race day Charlie's helmet was passed around in the grandstands and pit area to collect funds for the Mike Brittingham family.   

"Midnight Express" / Driver Charlie Price

For those who may not know,  "Mike" Brittingham  was killed in a vehicle accident a few weeks ago.  He was an avid fan of mudracing and  Mike's untimely death  leaves behind a wife and four young children.  Funds collected will go into a trust fund for Mike's  children.