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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

9 and 10 Year Old Kids Vandalize Church

Can you believe this?? FIVE (yes, I said five) kids......children.......vandalized nothing other than a church!! This is just unbelievable. Every room in the church was vandalized by this scrawny little brats! What kind of parents raise children like this? Why weren't these children in their own houses? Don't children stay inside most of the times these days? Where WERE the parents?
I can honestly tell you that if anything like this had been done by my hands at that age (or any age) I wouldn't be alive to be posting this article today. My father would have been so angry, embarrassed, and disappointed that he would have made me scrub every inch of that church until it was back into its original condition. I won't mention the a** whipping I would have gotten.........and then he probably would have moved the family to the next state leaving me behind. I'm not kidding.

I saw one of the little "whippersnappers" on TV saying he "didn't mean to do it". OH??? I wonder what he meant to do?

This really rocked my world!

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) - Five children are charged in a church vandalism Norfolk police are calling the worst they've ever seen in the city.

They were all arrested on felony vandalism and burglary charges.

Police spokesperson Chris Amos told officers arrested three 9 year old boys, a 9 year old girl and a 10 year old boy in connection with the crime. They were all turned over to their parents.

The suspects were not released to the juvenile detention center because of their age.

The crime occurred at the Christ First Community Fellowship church at 133 Woodview Avenue sometime between morning and evening services Sunday, June 13. Amos said the church was trashed; every room was damaged, including the sanctuary. They broke windows, turned the lectern upside down, tossed everything on the floor and even coated rooms with a fire extinguisher.

The children that were arrested lived in the same neighborhood as the crime and had previously gone to the church, Amos said.

After learning of the arrests, a church member told "Everyone should be forgiven, I believe that. The Lord forgives us, but we need to be held accountable for our actions."

The Commonwealth's Attorney will decide what punishment to pursue against the young suspects.

If you would like to provide donations or help the church out in any way, you may contact them at (757) 489-1987, or visit them at 133 Woodview Ave., Norfolk.