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Friday, July 20, 2012

Accomack County Sheriff's Office Needs Your Help ~ REWARD OFFERED

A recent article in the Daily Times a few days ago mentioned the grafitti that has been showing up recently in lower parts of Accomack County in Virginia.  I mentioned this a few weeks ago in a post with photos to show that this type of vandalism has seem to have taken over.  It is NOT only in the Mears, Savageville, Pungoteague areas.

This type of vandalism is in Horsey, Hallwood, Parksley, Jenkins Bridge...and it just goes on.  Sheriff Todd Godwin has released a statement concerning this and the Accomack Sheriff's Office needs your help.

Below is Sheriff Godwin's statement and photos I took in the upper Accomack County area.....but there are SO many more!

The Sheriff's Department is seeking your help in apprehending those responsible for a rash of graffiti in Accomack County. In some cases homes have been spray painted resulting in thousands of dollars in damage. The graffiti artists seem to be trying to get revenge on a Jay Floyd whom they claim has cooperated with drug enforcement authorities.

There is now a $2000 reward set up for anyone who provides information that leads to the apprehension of the vandals.

Contact the Accomack County Sheriff's Department for more information.

Grafitti was scrawled across the side and the back of the old Jenkins Bridge Post Office.This "artwork" and the word NARC on the side was done sometime around June 30.  I am so happy to report that the old building has been removed and is now on the property of Grayson Chesser. 

NARC was painted on a trailer of a local farmer.....The trailer and the land is still in use- EVERYDAY on Horsey Road.

 Photos above from the Neal Parker Road in the Hallwood area. 

Please contact the Accomack County Sheriff's Office if you have any information.

Friday, June 1, 2012

More Vandalism

This just in from a Pocomoke Public Eye reader.

(Lack of respect for other people's property)

Vandalism ~ Pocomoke City & Local Virginia

Route 13- headed North and into Pocomoke ....
While on my way to Pocomoke City yesterday I found to city crew workers trying to decide how to remove the spray paint job left by  some brilliant fool a few hours before. 

This was in my email yesterday afternoon when I returned from Pocomoke.  Tom forwarded the photo to me that had been sent to him  from one or our readers.

Don't feel alone.....
Just a few miles down the road it seems creativity from the mindless has become popular.

I hate to see these types of things.  For one,  it makes me wonder and ask that age old question "Where are the parents?"  And then why would someone feel the need to deface anyone's property whether it's city, state or even something that belongs to a private citizen.

Look on....

Taken two  weeks ago but the sign gets shot at frequently.  Intersection- Neil  Parker Road & Horsey Road

The old Jenkins Bridge post office.  It's been closed for years and sits at the intersection of Saxis, Road and Wessels Farm Road next to the house that was burned by an arsonist late last summer.  Google NARC and it stands for just about anything.  I love this old building and would give anything is someone would just give it to me and move it to my yard.  Otherwise, it will just sit there until vandals finish with it.

Horsey Road/Virginia
Property of a farmer and cattle grower in the community.  A man that would do anything just about for anyone. 

Anyone have any idea as to who may be doing this in either area?  If so, I'm listening......

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Swastikas Found On Cars In Northwest Baltimore

Baltimore City police are investigating several acts of vandalism in Northwest Baltimore last weekend in which swastikas and other messages were spray-painted onto cars, said a police spokesman.

Cars were tagged on Strathmore Avenue, Clarinth Road and Labyrinth Road between late Friday night and early Saturday morning, said Kevin Brown, the spokesman.

In the 2800 block of W. Strathmore Ave., a swastika was spray-painted on a vehicle, along with the phrase "IH8U," while an expletive was found on the side of another vehicle in the same block. A third vehicle was keyed a block away, Brown said.

Swastikas and "Hitler" were painted on two vehicles in the 3900 block of Labyrinth Road and the 3700 block of Clarinth Road, Brown said.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ocean City Lifeguard Stands Vandalized

I'm going to say it! These "spoiled brats" that come to Ocean City on Mommy and Daddy's money sure don't seem to mind using your (the taxpayer) money either. During their evenings of drinking and drugging they sure didn't take into consideration that those stands provide the beach goers of this great summer town the protection they may need to save them from the horror of drowing. Let's hope that one of these poor excuses for a son or daughter doesn't sober up from being under the influence of drugs/alcohol or just being stupid to find someone they loved has drowned...........all because the lifeguard didn't see them. Lifeguard chairs in Ocean City, Md., are under attack.

Since lifeguards went on duty May 29, several of their chairs have been damaged by vandals, sometimes up to six or seven a night, according to The Salisbury Maryland Daily Times.

The chairs have been pushed over, stomped and dragged out to the sea or to the street. Some have even been used as toilets. A few were damaged so severely, the only thing left was a pile of white planks.

Dick Malone, of Ocean City’s Public Works Department, said the stands are being damaged more quickly than they can be repaired. As a result, there’s concern there won’t be enough chairs to cover the resort town’s 9.5 miles of beaches.

Lifeguard stands are heavy-duty structures, standing 10 feet tall and weighing some 250 pounds. When their shifts end, the lifeguards drag them further inland at night so they won’t be washed away by the rising tides.

Authorities said that’s when the chair culprits hit -- at night.
So far, no arrests.

It could cost the city thousands of dollars to repair or replace all the damaged chairs, according to the Times.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Lakers Win And The Crowd Goes Wild In The Streets

LOS ANGELES (AP) - A jubilant celebration over the Los Angeles Lakers dramatic win in the NBA championship turned rowdy in scattered sections of the city, with raucous revelers hurling rocks and bottles at officers, setting fires and jumping on vehicles.

Hundreds of police officers massed around the Staples Center before Game 7 of the NBA finals on Thursday night, aiming to prevent a repeat of the violence that accompanied the Lakers' victory last year. But despite their massive presence, scattered pockets of violence erupted in neighborhoods near the arena. No major incidents were reported in the rest of the city, police said.

At least 20 people had been arrested late Thursday and that number was expected to rise, Los Angeles police Lt. John Romero said. Most of the arrests were for public intoxication, while others were for vandalism and inciting a riot.

Television news footage showed several people jumping on a taxi as it attempted to leave the area near the arena after the Lakers beat the Boston Celtics 83-79. Someone opened a rear door of the vehicle, while others rocked it back and forth. The taxi eventually made its way through the crowd and out of the area.

Television footage also showed a man being beaten and a car set on fire. And there were scattered reports of windows being broken at several businesses.

Some men ran shirtless in the street, while other people revved car engines and honked their horns in celebration. Broken glass and burnt debris lined the roads.

Jazmine Rodriguez, 24, lives in an apartment building not far from Staples Center. She said every car on her street had its windows smashed.

"When we came down here, only one window was smashed. The cops told us to go back inside, and they (revelers) smashed the other one," Rodriguez said.

Delmi Ramos tried to salvage what she could from her car, which was filled with shards of broken glass.

"We just wanted to see the celebration and be part of the Lakers' win. We never thought this would happen," she said. "It's these young people who don't know how to behave. They cause damage to people, to the community, because they don't know how to celebrate in a healthy way."

Los Angeles city firefighters responded to 37 incidents within a half-mile radius of Staples Center in a three-hour period following the game, spokesman Brian Humphrey said. There were 15 rubbish fires, one vegetation fire, three vehicle fires and 18 medical aid requests for people ill or injured, Humphrey said. Eight people were transported by ambulance to hospitals. Humphrey didn't know the nature or extent of the injuries, but said some were "quite serious."

One police officer suffered a broken nose after someone threw an object at him, Police Chief Charlie Beck said.

Shortly after the game, police declared an unlawful assembly, urging people to immediately disperse.

Revelers honked horns and yelled while emergency vehicles and police cars with sirens going moved through the area. Some people set off fireworks.

Hundreds of Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies were deployed to East Los Angeles, where crowds were growing, but no major problems were reported, sheriff's Capt. Mike Parker said.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

9 and 10 Year Old Kids Vandalize Church

Can you believe this?? FIVE (yes, I said five) kids......children.......vandalized nothing other than a church!! This is just unbelievable. Every room in the church was vandalized by this scrawny little brats! What kind of parents raise children like this? Why weren't these children in their own houses? Don't children stay inside most of the times these days? Where WERE the parents?
I can honestly tell you that if anything like this had been done by my hands at that age (or any age) I wouldn't be alive to be posting this article today. My father would have been so angry, embarrassed, and disappointed that he would have made me scrub every inch of that church until it was back into its original condition. I won't mention the a** whipping I would have gotten.........and then he probably would have moved the family to the next state leaving me behind. I'm not kidding.

I saw one of the little "whippersnappers" on TV saying he "didn't mean to do it". OH??? I wonder what he meant to do?

This really rocked my world!

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) - Five children are charged in a church vandalism Norfolk police are calling the worst they've ever seen in the city.

They were all arrested on felony vandalism and burglary charges.

Police spokesperson Chris Amos told officers arrested three 9 year old boys, a 9 year old girl and a 10 year old boy in connection with the crime. They were all turned over to their parents.

The suspects were not released to the juvenile detention center because of their age.

The crime occurred at the Christ First Community Fellowship church at 133 Woodview Avenue sometime between morning and evening services Sunday, June 13. Amos said the church was trashed; every room was damaged, including the sanctuary. They broke windows, turned the lectern upside down, tossed everything on the floor and even coated rooms with a fire extinguisher.

The children that were arrested lived in the same neighborhood as the crime and had previously gone to the church, Amos said.

After learning of the arrests, a church member told "Everyone should be forgiven, I believe that. The Lord forgives us, but we need to be held accountable for our actions."

The Commonwealth's Attorney will decide what punishment to pursue against the young suspects.

If you would like to provide donations or help the church out in any way, you may contact them at (757) 489-1987, or visit them at 133 Woodview Ave., Norfolk.