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Monday, April 16, 2012

Progress Continues.........

The New Restaurant
Pocomoke City, Maryland
Thursday  April 12, 2012

Things were on the move around the restaurant during the first part of the week.
A fence has been erected to hide the back of the restaurant, which is a good idea.
No matter how small the job something is always being done in the new restaurant. 
On April 5th when I took photos the entire walls had already been painted with a base coat.  I don't mind telling you that those walls were painted with the brightest white I had ever seen....UGH!

In talking with Councilman Malloy and hearing his news I KNEW I couldn't wait for another  week to pass....
This is what I found - no not this......

THIS!!!  A burst of color!!
I'm not the world's best photographer but the camera has done a nice job on giving you some idea of the choice of blues.  It's beautiful.   And as for me I don't think another color would suit this restaurant considering where it sits.
The hardest work, I would imagine,  has been completed.  Remember that the only thing on this site just a few months ago was dirt.....those photos are on this blog too.  I've watched this building grow.  I've met some wonderful people along the way.  And most of those wonderful people are hard working people right from good old Pocomoke!  They are your sons, your brothers, your husbands or your neighbor.  They helped build this masterpiece that now sits and overlooks the Pocomoke River.  Each and every business, whether from Pocomoke City or not,  has done an outstanding job.

 I know how to enter the building. I know where the EXITS are.  I've found the restrooms. Now I'm just waiting on the kitchen............

(On site this day was Tapmans.)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

The New Pocomoke City Restaurant- Moving Right Along......

The New Pocomoke City Restaurant
 ~ In Progress ~
Thursday, April 5, 2012

It still isn't time for cocktails on the deck but it will be before we know it!  Some of the brickwork  was being done and I must say that the brickwork being laid will certainly do alot to add to the charm of this most beautiful restaurant.
It might not be very appealing right now but it will be.

Lots of progress has been made inside too.  Probably the most noticable was that the walls had all been given a base coat.  - With light through the windows and all white walls I don't think I've ever seen anything so white!  I can't wait to see what colors they choose to paint the walls.
Kitchen area...  We found this guy hard at work by himself and quiet as a mouse.

Last two photos were taken from Cypress Park.
One of the great things about the new restaurant is that parking is FREE.  It doesn't matter if you come by car or by boat or even jet ski.  There's no charge.
There will also be no charge for the magnificent view!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New Pocomoke Restaurant Construction Moving Right Along

These are the latest photos I have on the Pocomoke City restaurant being constructed.

The New Pocomoke City Restaurant

Pocomoke City, Maryland

Updated Saturday, February 18, 2012

Construction seems to be moving right along......

Monday, February 6, 2012

Application Deadline Has Been Extended On New Restaurant

The application deadline has been extended so if you are interested and have what it takes to be a restaurant operator please apply.  There is a link below to take you to all the information you need.

The new restaurant being constructed in downtown Pocomoke City on the Pocomoke River didn't seem like it would be able to seat 150 diners when I took this photo in November of 2011. 

These  photos were taken  January 20, 2012 and it makes the 3,035 sq. ft. restaurant and bar more of a reality.
It is amazing the changes that can take place in just a few days.
And on Friday, February 3, 3012 some window frames had been put in. 
When completed the restaurant will have a full view of the Pocomoke River and offer free boat docking along the deck of the river.

If you have what it takes to be a restaurant operator and would like to apply go HERE or to

Here's a great article from Sunday Daily Times
written by Staff Writer Brian Shane

Town waits for firm restaurant proposal

POCOMOKE CITY -- Pocomoke City officials have extended the application deadline for restaurateurs interested in taking over the town's new riverfront eatery.

There's no hard sell-by date, only a flexible deadline of mid-March, according to City Manager Russ Blake. Previously, Town Hall had set Feb. 1 as a deadline.

Three or four operators have expressed interest in the possibility of opening at the restaurant, and while "we're hoping to receive formal proposals from at least that many," Blake said, he declined to give any names of interested parties.

"They're exploring the lead, and there may be reasons they have that they don't want everyone to know they're considering a new location. Until there's a formal proposal, it's really just in discussions at this time," he said.

The town is seeking someone with prior experience in running a restaurant and bar. Qualified applicants will have significant experience -- and, for stronger applicants, the city is willing to be "quite flexible" on rent for the first year or two, Blake said.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

More Progress Being Made With New Restaurant

I had heard that the windows were being worked on in the restaurant. And what a surprise I had when I checked my email  and there were photos!

So, here we go....courtesy of my sister who recognizes how much keeping  with the progress of the new restaurant construction means to  me. 


I wonder what you can see from up there?

More pictures to follow these and right up until the new restaurant is completely built!

**Thank you to my sister Debbie... for taking time from your day to stop and take these photos for me.  And thanks for realising how much it means for me to have these photos as part of Pocomoke City history.**