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Monday, July 9, 2012

The NEW Pocomoke City Restaurant


Mark Reeves announced to the crowd present at the ribbon cutting ceremony on Friday "there's not a bad seat in the house."  Well, I knew this was true.  After months of walking through the building-before it even was a building- countless times and standing in just about every corner I already knew that he was telling the truth.  Every single person present on Friday marveled at the beauty of the finished product and I couldn't help but think about all those responsible for this in the restaurants early years of development (when it was just a dream) that are no longer with us to share the excitement.

 The Riverside Grill will be managed by Corey Reeves, the 23 year old daughter of Mark and Leslie. What a responsibility for her and how lucky the Reeves are to have a daughter that can handle such a responsibility at a young age.  And what a lucky young lady to have a father to have such confidence in  a daughter. 

This restaurant will be operating by a computer system.  I'm not sure how it all works but it sounds interesting.  The wonderful thing about the system is that it has never been used in Pocomoke and once again Pocomoke is on the "cutting edge". 

Just think of the view the bridge tender has! Hmm......
  The extended area of the patio is new.  In most of my older photos it shows that the patio area stopped a few feet shorter than shown here, but was still very nice.  Mark however, had a different idea and felt the need to enhance the area with the thought of  possible patrons approaching from the south along  Riverside Drive.  The monies for the brickwork, etc.  came from the Reeves themselves.  Personally, this IS the "icing on the cake"! 

So, chew on some celery sticks while you wait for the restaurant to open.  You have to appreciate the fact that the new proprietors want to be able to give all of us a pleasant dining experience for the first time.  They are as anxious as we all are. 

The best of luck to Corey and everyone at the
 Riverside Grill Restaurant.

The Riverside Grill is on facebook now also.  Be sure to take a look.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Pocomoke's "Riverside Grill Restaurant"

Downtown Pocomoke City, Maryland
Friday   July 6, 2012

You just can't imagine the excitment that was all around Friday morning.  The people of Pocomoke City have waited for a beautiful downtown restaurant for so many years.  And now there is one sitting right on the banks of the beautiful Pocomoke River.

Easy access by boat with FREE docking.  It's within walking distance after shopping downtown or attending the movies.  And yes, it's very easy to find if you are traveling south on US Route 13 highway.....just turn right at the first intersection light, follow the road to the left.  You can see this beauty of a restaurant before you travel over the downtown draw bridge! 

The proprietors: Mark, Leslie, the two younger brothers (I will get their names) and Corey Reeves. Corey will manage the Riverside Grill Restaurant and I can tell you that this entire family and the entire working staff at the restaurant will fit in quite nicely with the people of Pocomoke and those visiting. 

(I took a peek through the kitchen door window.  Nice kitchen.  I remember when there was nothing there to even look at!)

There have been many ribbon cutting ceremonies and it was Mayor Bruce Morrison who said he'll never get tired of them!  I don't think anyone will.
MD. Delegate Mike McDermott(center) Pocomoke City Police Chief Kelvin D. Sewell(right) speak with the newest Pocomoke City Police Officer. 

This is just one view of how beautiful it is from the inside looking out.  There are more photos soon.

What an exciting time in downtown  Pocomoke recently.  I've been downtown alot in the past few months and I can see the wonderful changes that have taken place in just a short time.  There are still stores downtown that I haven't had a chane to visit- but I will.  The Mayor was absolutely correct when he mentioned Pocomoke Pride.  Not one person disagreed...why would they?

So many of you have been asking when the restaurant will open.  The only answer I have as of right now is "SOON".  So just have patience.  If it were my restaurant and I was about to serve so many Pocomoke citizens I'd want things to be right too!

I know you will enjoy the restaruant and those that work there.  I know you will love the view.

Note to Kathy:  Get ready.... 

Monday, April 16, 2012

Progress Continues.........

The New Restaurant
Pocomoke City, Maryland
Thursday  April 12, 2012

Things were on the move around the restaurant during the first part of the week.
A fence has been erected to hide the back of the restaurant, which is a good idea.
No matter how small the job something is always being done in the new restaurant. 
On April 5th when I took photos the entire walls had already been painted with a base coat.  I don't mind telling you that those walls were painted with the brightest white I had ever seen....UGH!

In talking with Councilman Malloy and hearing his news I KNEW I couldn't wait for another  week to pass....
This is what I found - no not this......

THIS!!!  A burst of color!!
I'm not the world's best photographer but the camera has done a nice job on giving you some idea of the choice of blues.  It's beautiful.   And as for me I don't think another color would suit this restaurant considering where it sits.
The hardest work, I would imagine,  has been completed.  Remember that the only thing on this site just a few months ago was dirt.....those photos are on this blog too.  I've watched this building grow.  I've met some wonderful people along the way.  And most of those wonderful people are hard working people right from good old Pocomoke!  They are your sons, your brothers, your husbands or your neighbor.  They helped build this masterpiece that now sits and overlooks the Pocomoke River.  Each and every business, whether from Pocomoke City or not,  has done an outstanding job.

 I know how to enter the building. I know where the EXITS are.  I've found the restrooms. Now I'm just waiting on the kitchen............

(On site this day was Tapmans.)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Don't Forget To Stop By Shore Beef and BBQ

While out running errands today stop by Shore Beef and BBQ for lunch or take something home for dinner.

Today's Special

Pulled chicken, one side and a drink - $7.50

Route 13 South~ Just before T's Corner

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hungry? Stop Here.......

The next time you head south on route 13 toward T's Corner stop by the Shore Beef and Barbecue! It used to be that if you wanted really good bbq you had to drive further south. Not any more! And the menu sounds wonderful!

It's been open for a few months and seems to be gaining in popularity!

Can't wait to try it. Not sure if they are open on Sunday but give them a call.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Open Every Day!!





Friday, January 28, 2011

The Bay Queen Restaurant and Bakery

Don't Forget To Try The Bay Queen Restaurant and Bakery this weekend!

Daily homemade Blue Plate Specials for $5.95

And while you are there check out the Smith Island Cakes and those delicious Smith Island "BabyCakes".

Stop by for BRUNCH on Sundays.......

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Stop By The Bay Queen Restaurant and Bakery This Weekend

Warm up this weekend with a hot bowl of soup from the Bay Queen Restaurant and Bakery

6 AM until 9 PM
6 AM until 7 PM


Carry Out and Delivery Available

In addition to great food, the bakery section is making Smith Island Cakes daily, featuring their Original "Smith Island BabyCakes". Cakes on hand daily. Be sure to try either one.
Need private dining for a group? The Bay Queen Restaurant has 2 dining rooms. One can be rented for private affairs.

Bay Queen Restaurant and Bakery is located on Rt.13 North next to the Ford dealership.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Try The Bay Queen Restaurant and Bakery This Weekend

Too busy to cook?? Too tired?? Or just want to try something different for a change..........


"Home cooked comfort food" Daily special for $5.95.

Restaurant Hours:

While you're there check out the bakery.

Located on Rt. 13 North at the Days Inn just before the Ford dealer.

Carryout and delivery available.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Pocomoke Bonanza Building Sold To Mexican Restaurant

POCOMOKE CITY -- The building that formerly held the Bonanza Steakhouse in Pocomoke City will be reopened as a Mexican restaurant later this year.

The former Ocean Highway buffet was sold recently for $950,000 to Tres Tacauches LLC, which owns a small chain of restaurants in Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland, according to Henry Hanna, a Realtor with Sperry Van Ness.

The company also purchased the former Bonanza location in Millsboro.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Have You Tried The "Babycake" Yet?

The "taste" test is the final test for baker and partner Shannan Johnson of the Bay Queen Galley and Bakery in Pocomoke City. Above, a red velvet BabyCake is tested by, from left, John Riggi, Johnson, Dustin Johnson and Mary Ann Riggi, Johnson's partner. (Milt Savage photo)

POCOMOKE CITY -- When a bakery was added to the Bay Queen Galley earlier this spring, it wasn't long before one item started flying off the shelves of the small Market Street cafe.

While brownies and lemon bars and cookies lined the counter, customers skipped over the standard treats, said MaryAnn Riggi, who co-owns the cafe. It seemed people couldn't get enough of the bakery's miniature Smith Island cakes, affectionately known as BabyCakes.

"The BabyCakes have kind of taken over," Riggi said. "We are a bakery, but we really seem to be the BabyCake bakery."

Although other things can be made to order, Shannan Johnson, the Bay Queen's baker, is responsible for providing a steady supply of at least 10 flavors of the five-layer, two-serving version on the Maryland state cake.

"She does other things, but at the moment those cakes have been the thing," Riggi said. "You have to go with what works, and the public wants the cakes."

Riggi and her husband John opened the Bay Queen Galley in the fall of 2009. The cafe serves both hungry passersby and caters for the river cruise boat that shares its name.

"We've been running the tour boat for four years," Riggi said. "We started by using local restaurants, but we couldn't guarantee the product was consistent."

But when they opened the Market Street cafe, serving sandwiches and coffee, the couple felt they needed more to lure people in and away from the convenience of nearby fast food restaurants. At the time, the galley was selling Smith Island cakes provided by a distributor, but Riggi said it seemed she never had the flavors people wanted.

"Everybody wanted banana, but banana doesn't have a good shelf life, so I thought maybe we should bring on a baker," she said.

The couple spent the winter searching for the perfect baker. Riggi and her husband were on a diet at the time, so they wanted someone who could produce such a good cake that they could not help but finish the whole thing.

Then Johnson came along.

"She has such a passion," Riggi said. "She's a wonderful baker -- but her passion when she talks about baking, she gets goosebumps.

More importantly, Riggi added, when she tried one of Johnson's cakes, "I took one taste and walked away with the plate. That was it."

But while the cakes were good, the cafe found that people weren't interested in buying a big one.

"If you are a single person or a couple, you don't want to buy a whole Smith Island cake and have it sitting around the house," she said.

So Johnson, an Eastern Shore native, experimented with miniaturizing it. The BabyCake was born.

At five layers -- much higher and it will fall over, Riggi said -- the cakes cost $5.95, come in 10 different flavors including lemon, strawberry, peanut butter, chocolate, cookies and cream, key lime pie and red velvet, and are the perfect size for two people. Buy two, and Riggi will tell you you've got twins.

As for which flavor is the best, Riggi said she can't really say.

"Everyone has their flavor," she said. "It changes for me. (Johnson) will make a new flavor and shove it in my mouth first thing in the morning and that will be my new favorite.