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Sunday, August 30, 2009

MSNBC: The Moonbat Vatican

One reason liberals will need government coercion to compete with conservatives on the radio is liberal talk show host Stephanie Miller. Here she is expressing her devotion to MSNBC, the cesspool of Obamunist propagandists financed by Comrade Obama's crony capitalist allies at GE:

If you're trying to be disgusting, it isn't easy to top comparing MSNBC to the Vatican. But Miller manages by expressing her longing to lick the creepy human/cockroach hybrid Keith Olbermann's chair "again."

Sunday, August 9, 2009

'Nazi' Keith Olberman calls concerned seniors "Political Terrorist"

It amazes me that the liberal left actually think this Nazi, Olberman, is real MSM.
This is the guy that went to a baseball game when his own mother passed away, then lied about it until a picture of him at the game surfaced then he made all kinds of excuses including, that was his way of dealing with his mothers death.

The Godless Nazi Olberman and his colleague Rachael Madcow will say or do anything to tear this nation down and the liberal brain dead follow their lead.

Lets review this clip of Nazi Olberman.

Did you watch it?

1st, Olberman says, the "minority" (conservatives) "act out in anger" well, Mr Nazi Olberman... it's the left that are "acting out in anger" as the more intelligent people of this great nation peacefully protest.

2nd, Olberman calls the people that appose the Hussein healthcare bill terrorist. Again, there's the Nazi Olbermans double standard. It was the left that portrayed Bush as Hitler, Bush as Hitler was published on the cover of a popular left wing magazine. Nazi Olberman has stooped to a new low, MSNBC will not even call the terrorist (radical Islam) by the label "terrorist" but they have no problem calling anyone that opposes their messiah mostly senior citizens "terrorist"

3rd, Nazi Olberman says republicans call this a "death panel" again, a spin of loony liberal talking points taken out of context.

4th Nazi Olberman talks about the arrest of the unruly crowd of a couple people at a protest, what he lacks to tell you is they people arrested were liberal union democrat thugs that attacked people with opposing views.

5th, Nazi Olberman for some reason thinks that the guy with the Blue cross/Blue shield shirt for some reason needs to hide the fact that he works for a insurance company. Nazi Olberman must be a mind reader to know where this guy works, even if he does work for BC/BS so what? That's like thinking that a mechanic that works for GM is controlling the people to vote for a bailout. Then Nazi Olberman goes on to say the guy is stupid. There's that liberal double standard again.

5th, Nazi Olberman then states that Heather Blish is lying about not being affiliated with the Republican party, Hey Nazi Olberman... she said she was in the past, then you confirm that but deny it. We are in the 8th month of 2009, so maybe she should have counted the days and hours since her affiliation HUH?

6th, Nazi Olberman says the protesters believe the bill supports "forced euthanasia" but not once do you hear anyone say that word. On the other hand it is obvious to anyone with 1/2 a brain cell that the Godless Nazi Olberman is using his own personal double standard now..He calls the peaceful speaker "a meth addict" and after all did he unplug his mother, then go to a baseball game to enjoy the rest of the week?

7th, Nazi Olberman brings in the ultra liberal Johnathan Alter and supports his (olbermans) agenda by trying to brainwash his viewers into believing this "forced euthanasia" bull crap again. Taking a Palin quote out of context and calling the ex-governor of Alaska "stoned" then he corrects that by saying "that would be an insult to stoner's" whaaaat?? is that that ugly radical neo-liberal double standard again?

That's a short synopsis of the leader of the loony lefts talking head Nazi Olberman way of thinking and his brainwashing techniques. Thankfully most of the left do not have enough brain to wash by the likes of that hypocrite, Godless Nazi Olberman.

Thank goodness that Bill O'Rielly Fox News(even though he leans a bit left of center) beats the pants off MSNBC's Countdown by about 100 to 1 viewers.
Why is it Nazi Olberman and His lesbo buddy Rachael MadCow never talk about the owner of NBC and that is .....GE, that's right, one of the largest energy using, polluting, carbon emitting etc. etc. companies (in Nazi Olbermans words) IN...THE... WOOOOORLD..... a lot of GE's plants are still non-union LOL.