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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Is Sloppy A Fashion Statement?

I have had the same conversation with several people within the past couple of weeks regarding the proper attire to wear in public. And by "in public" I mean everywhere! This includes hospitals, groceries stores, court rooms, post office, etc. These "dressed down" people are everywhere!

Just the other day a couple of friends of mine made the comment about the way some people were dressing to go to court. Some walk into court looking like they just jumped out of bed. Some are dressed in cammo clothes, other in baggy jeans (you know the kind).

My husband came home the other night and mentioned a woman shopping while still in her bathrobe. The secretary at his work place mentioned seeing another robed lady in another store over the weekend. I've seen pajama bottoms and bedroom slippers myself in public places. The shopper was just scuffing up and down the aisles not worried about the Sponge Bob SquarePants she wore.

Then tonight a friend of mine asked the question on facebook...."who made it fashionable to wear pajamas in public?"

I guess I am from "the old school" and I don't/can't/won't accept the anything goes world we live in today. People who looked disheveled and unkept years ago were considered poor. Most couldn't help it. But in this day and time I don't believe that should be even a lame excuse.

Does anyone know what's going on with this new fad of sloppiness and lack of pride? (That's what I'd call it). Or is it a huge pajama party going on somewhere the rest of us haven't told about?

And on one last note. If you EVER see me in public in MY pajamas PLEASE take me home or call a family member! It just means I have finally lost my mind!