Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Obama Obamacare Logo

was this really an oversight?

This is the new Obama Obamacare logo.


Two Sentz said...

Wow. Need to lay off the drugs TPE.

The Public Eye said...

I didn't make them, I simply posted them with a simple question.

according to your friends, now I'm a "liar" "birther" "deather" "truther" etc. etc.

and you come here and say I'm a druggie.

from the party of the open mind and tolerance you sure don't show it.

Sorry but that's how it is.. I have never called you or your Buddy's any derogatory names and treated everyone on your site with the utmost respect. That's a shame too because I really liked your site, see.. someone with a 'real' open mind learns from the other point of view.

But I do get it, and I didn't think your members used the alinsky playbook. Especially a contributor that should be held to a higher standard.

how would you like to be treated like that?

everything I post is only a 180 view of the left, and no different than what y'all post from your political arena.

Tolerant? I don't think so.

PS: I do NOT listen to Rush. Maybe I should start, HUH?

The Public Eye said...

BTW: you're welcome here anytime, I think alot of you so don't let this bother you. But I will never return unless I get an apology.
Keep in touch, you know my email.

Two Sentz said...

Hey, its all good. I meant my first comment sarcastically. I should have used a ;) at the end. My bad.

So you want an apology from me for what others on my blog have called you? I'd be glad to but that wouldn't really change anything would it? Debating politics is tough. I think you just need to stick to your guns (so to speak) and argue your point. We are obviously going to disagree on a lot, but we know that going in.

Besides, people like Bob, Paulie Goods, Mr. Troll, and Reconciled1 are hardcore Repubs so you aren't alone. I think you should reconsider.

The Public Eye said...

no apology from you needed, I was speaking about the contributors that crossed the line and broke your posted rules.

I can debate with the best of'em.
what gets me is the hypocritical actions of most hard lefties.

I just proved to myself that on a site I thought was different the libs are full of hate and blame there as they are everywhere.

the truth hurts to some, and I struck a liberal nerve and they handled it the way libs handle things... name calling!

"open mind"? yeah right. they don't want to here the other point of view because it might be right.

Two Sentz said...

I hear you. Unfortunately, it has grown from I started, beyond my control somewhat. You are right about some people not wanting to hear what things. Nature of the beast. That's why I try to (hopefully) have an open mind and respond to comments the way I do.