Thursday, September 3, 2009

This One Is For Pepsi Drinkers

It sounds nearly impossible, but the Food and Drug Administration has confirmed that a can of Diet Pepsi consumed by a Florida man contained a frog or a toad.

The Orlando Sentinel writes that an FDA report found that Fred Denegri's soda can had a small animal in it.

Denegri cracked open the can on July 23, took a sip and noticed a funny taste. He and his wife, Amy, said they saw the remains of an animal that was too big to actually come out of the can.

A Pepsi spokesman told the Sentinel that the company stands by its manufacturing process.

"As we've stated all along, the speed of our production lines and the rigor of our quality control systems make it virtually impossible for this type of thing to happen in a production environment," said Pepsi spokesman Jeff Dahncke.

But Amy Denegri said there was no way the animal could have sneaked into the can without she or Fred looking. Fred had reportedly pulled the can out of the refrigerator, opened the can and immediately began drinking it when he noticed the animal.

"The report proves that something was in there. We didn't do it," Amy said. "Obviously, it was too big for us to push inside that small hole."

The Denegris have no plans to sue Pepsi, but they are consulting an attorney for legal advice.

In May a man said he found a snake head in his meal at a TGI Friday's in upstate New York.

"We're kind of programmed to recognize the shape of a face so I knew it was a face and then I looked at the back and that's when I realized it was like tendons and spinal tissue and other vessels that were hanging out the back of this thing," Jack Pendleton of Ballston Lake, NY, said.

TGI Friday's confirmed that an uncooked snake head was somehow added to Pendleton's plate of cooked broccoli.

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The Public Eye said...


I found a crab in a 7-up as a kid

I also still have a old metal Dr pepper can that's never been opened but the can is empty.

I got that out of the pepsi machine at the police station when I was a young'un