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Friday, February 18, 2011

Worcester Co. State's Attorney Beau Oglesby To Handle Somerset County Issue

PRINCESS ANNE --An audit of Somerset County government's boat slip account was turned over this week to an outside prosecutor investigating allegations of employee theft at the office of County Commissioners.

The county last week began advertising the position of executive secretary in the office of County Commissioners, a job starting at $30,213 with duties included oversight of boat slip fees.

Somerset County State's Attorney Daniel Powell said Wednesday that he referred the case to his counterpart in Worcester County, Beau Oglesby. Powell, a former county administrator who once supervised the employee under investigation, turned the case over to the Worcester state's attorney to avoid a potential conflict of interest.

Oglesby was not available for comment.

Powell confirmed that more than $6,000 was allegedly taken from the boat slip account between Sept. 2, 2008, and July 7, 2010. Powell also acknowledged that he was county administrator in early September 2008 when one of the alleged thefts took place, based on audit data. The second incident was March 17, 2009, when the late Sam Boston was county administrator.

"There were several occasions, and I was county administrator when one of the alleged incidents occurred," Powell said. "It will be up to Mr. Oglesby whether to press charges."

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Monday, January 31, 2011

Man Accused Of Kidnapping Brittany Smith Says She Rode Along Voluntarily

Accused abductor Jeffrey Easley said in a letter from jail that 12-year-old Brittany Smith was his willing cross-country travelling companion.

"I did not kidnapp her or take her aginest her will," Easley, 32, wrote in a letter postmarked Thursday from the Western Virginia Regional Jail. "She made me promise not to leave her."

The one-page letter, hand-printed on lined notebook paper, contains misspellings and lacks punctuation. It doesn't mention the slaying of Tina Smith, 41, who was Easley's girlfriend and Brittany's mother.

"I want the truth out there not all these storys," Easley writes.

It continues: "I made a promise to britt in front of her mom back in july

"i promised never to leave her behind and always to protect her. that what I did."

Tina Smith was found slain at her western Roanoke County home Dec. 6, the same day police discovered that Easley, Brittany and Smith's Dodge Neon were missing. Police found the pair a week later, camping in downtown San Francisco.

Easley was charged with abducting Brittany. Police have called him a suspect in Smith's killing, but no one has been charged.

His letter responds to a Roanoke Times request to interview him.

"Its about time," the letter begins.

Easley told jail authorities on Friday that he would agree to a jailhouse interview, but quickly changed his mind and said he wanted his attorney, Thomas Roe, present. Roe, angry that a reporter had contacted Easley, declined to elaborate on Easley's letter.

"It's way too early in the case," Roe said. "It could hurt his defense."

Brittany has retained Altavista attorney Glenn Berger, who in 1997 won a dismissal of murder charges against an 8-year-old Franklin County boy accused of beating his stepfather to death. Berger would not answer questions about whether Brittany will testify against Easley, or whether she is cooperating with police.

Brittany's father, Benny Smith, a police officer in South Boston, said he did not want to talk about the investigation.

He said Brittany shares time with him and other relatives, sees a counselor twice a week and is being home-schooled.

"Brittany is doing a lot better than anybody thought she would be at this time," Smith said Friday. "She's tough, and she'll make it through all this."

Tina Smith's stepmother said she doesn't understand why no one has been charged in the slaying.

"I'm sitting here going, 'Why isn't this guy being charged with my daughter's death?' " said Liz Dyer, who lives in South Boston, Tina Smith's hometown.

"I know it's not forgotten, but I just would prefer that I could see some evidence that he's going to be charged."

Roanoke County police Lt. Chuck Mason said in a statement on Friday that his detectives and the Roanoke County commonwealth's attorney's office have been actively investigating "the crimes committed against Tina and Brittany Smith." Mason wouldn't answer questions about the case.

"It takes time to complete forensic examinations and to analyze the enormous volume of evidence compiled in this case so far," Mason said in the statement. "Let me assure you when the investigation is complete, and we have a case that is ready for court, we will place charges for the crimes that were committed."

Easley, a landscaper whose mother lives in Franklin County, met Tina Smith online over the summer and moved into the Smiths' home in October. The three became close, according to their postings on social media websites.

Brittany's MySpace page mentions that she and Easley worked out and watched movies together. He called her "Short Stack." She called him "Handcuff Buddy."

Even if Brittany willingly accompanied Easley, the law doesn't care. She's 12, not old enough to give legal consent, police and prosecutors have said.

Easley was being held in solitary confinement at the regional jail. A preliminary hearing on the abduction charge is scheduled for Feb. 8.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Alleged Va. Child Sex Crimes Spark Investigation

MAPPSVILLE -- The Accomack County Sheriff's Office is investigating the alleged molestation of several children in the Mappsville Trailer Park.

Accomack Sheriff Larry Giddens said his agency received a report of the multiple accounts of child sexual abuse on Wednesday at 9:35 a.m. and launched an investigation.

Further details are being withheld at this time, as investigators are still working the case.

Giddens issued a statement Thursday saying his agency is conducting a "thorough investigation regarding this case."

Anyone with information can call the Sheriff's Office at 757-787-1131.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. Cops Search for Missing 5-Year-Old

Authorities acted on a tip Sunday and scoured a portion of south-central North Carolina in hopes of finding a 5-year-old girl reported missing by her mother.

The girl's mother has been charged with human trafficking and other offenses.

Capt. Charles Kimble of the Fayetteville Police Department said several agencies started searching for Shaniya Davis at 8 a.m. in an area between Spring Lake and Sanford.

Kimble would not elaborate on what information officers had received.

"We're following up on a tip. It seems to be good, so we're out there looking," Kimble said.

The N.C. Highway Patrol sent a helicopter to aid in the search, Lt. Everett Clendenin said.

Earlier Sunday, authorities arrested Antoinette Nicole Davis, Shaniya's mother. Fayetteville police said she faces a human trafficking charge, as well a child abuse charge involving prostitution and filing a false police report.

The child hasn't been seen since Tuesday, when surveillance footage recorded the man charged with kidnapping Shaniya carrying her into a hotel room.

Police did not say whether the charges against Davis were related to her daughter's disappearance, but The Fayetteville Observer reported that arrest records indicated they were.

According to arrest documents cited by the newspaper, Davis "knowingly provide(d) Shaniya Davis with the intent that she be held in sexual servitude" and she "permit(ted) an act of prostitution."

Shaniya had only been living with her mother since last month. Davis reported the girl missing Tuesday morning from a mobile home community in Fayetteville, and authorities began searching nearby wooded areas. The following day a man described as Davis' boyfriend was charged in the kidnapping, but the charges were later dropped and he was released.

Police then said a hotel worked spotted a child matching Shaniya's description at a Sanford hotel about 40 miles from Fayetteville on Tuesday. Authorities reviewed surveillance video and, after speaking with family members, confirmed the child's identity.

Surveillance footage showed Mario Andrette McNeill carrying Shaniya into a hotel room, and he was arrested and charged with kidnapping Friday.

Flight 1549 3D Reconstruction, Hudson River Ditching

The NTSB released the public docket for Flight 1549 on June 9, 2009. The docket contains a wealth of information that can be utilized in a full 3D reconstruction of the accident. Our work goes deep into the underlying framework of information and encompasses the entire spectrum of accident information.

Integrating all spatial and temporal data allows us to approach this accident from a never-before-seen perspective. The ability to flexibly combine data, camera views and other visual elements is a key advantage in presenting an engaging real-time presentation of the accident sequence.

All work you see on this page would withstand the rigors of qualification for presentation either as demonstrative evidence or, if sufficient witness testimony is available, real evidence. We have the capability to blend all of the information you see into any perceivable final product, depending on your specific visualization needs. The video below is best viewed full screen with HD enabled.

Most people don't realize this, but the birds were visible on radar, before the event occured. After integrating the raw radar data into our 3D environment and creating motion targets representing those radar returns associated with the flock of birds, our timeline clearly depicts the intersection of Flight 1549 with birds at a time of around 1527:10 (HHMM:SS).

This coincides well with the CVR transcript which indicates loud "thumps" at 1527:11.4 (HHMM:SS.0). The NTSB Wildlife Factors Report has identified the feathers in the aircraft as Branta Canadensis (Canada Goose) by means of visual, microscopic and DNA analysis. Identification of the feathers was conducted by the Smithsonian Institute Feather Identification Laboratory.

Though the errors may be intolerable, it is possible to pursue an altitude calculation for the birds by triangulation, this due to the fact that there are two separate radar facilities that reported data. We know the altitude of the birds at the time of impact, but it may also be helpful to determine their flight profile to understand where they were going or where they departed.. We will attempt this analysis as our work continues on the accident.

The timelapse (10x) animation below presents a detailed view in the area of the bird strike and clearly shows motion, disorganization of the flock following the bird strike, and the subsequent re-organization of the flock(s) following the passage of a second aircraft, Eagle Flight 4718. Aircraft altitude is in 100's of feet. Eagle Flight 4718 actually came quite close to birds but luckily was not on an intersecting flightpath.


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fort Hood Shooter Hasan; Linked to Sept. 11 Hijackers

Nidal Malik Hasan, the Army major suspected of killing 13 people and wounding 29 others at Fort Hood, worshipped at the same mosque as two of the 9/11 terrorists.

According to the London Sunday Telegraph, Hasan attended services at the Dar al-Hijrah mosque in Great Falls, Va., in 2001 at the same time as Sept. 11 hijackers Nawaf al-Hamzi and Hani Hanjour. Funeral services for Hasan's mother also was held at that mosque.

The FBI wants to interrogate Hasan to see if he met or knew al-Hamzi or Hanjour, reports the Telegraph.

The imam at the mosque at the time Hasan attended services there was Anwar al-Awlaki, a radical cleric who has been described as a supporter of al-Qaida. A third 9/11 hijacker attended al-Awlaki's lectures in California.


Thursday, November 5, 2009

As many as 9 killed in Fort Hood shootings, officials say

Two gunmen in military uniforms shot and killed as many as nine people and wounded as many as 20 at Fort Hood in Texas on Thursday, officials said.

One of the shooters has been apprehended, Fort Hood spokesman Sgt. Maj. Jamie Posten told CNN.

"At this point we're looking for the other shooter," Posten said. Asked for a description, he said, "we're trying to develop that information."

The shooters were wearing military uniforms, but it was unclear whether they were soldiers, said U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, R-Texas.

Watch Live Delvelopments Here

One of the gunmen was shot and wounded by military police, Hutchinson told CNN. She said she got her information from a general on the base.

Rep. John Carter, R-Texas, said between 20 and 30 were wounded.

President Obama has been informed of the incident, Press Secretary Robert Gibbs told reporters.

Officials at Fort Hood, which is the Army's largest U.S. post, were asking people there to stay away from windows, CNN affiliate KXXV said. The incident took place at the sports dome, now known as the soldier readiness area, the station reported.

FBI agents are headed to the scene to assist, said Erik Vasys, spokesman for the FBI office in San Antonio. He had no other details.

On the Fort Hood Web site, the word "closed" is posted with the statement, "Effective immediately, Fort Hood is closed. Organizations/units are instructed to execute a 100 percent accountability of all personnel."

Fort Hood, with about 40,000 troops, is home to the Army's 1st Cavalry Division and elements of the 4th Infantry Division, as well as the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment and the 13th Corps Support Command. It is located near Killeen, Texas.

At least 25,000 people are at Fort Hood on any given day, an Army spokesman at the Pentagon said.

Fort Hood is home to the Warrior Combat Stress Reset Program, which is designed to help soldiers overcome combat stress issues.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Girl's Body Found In SE Georgia Landfill

Sad, Sad, Sad....

Clay County Sheriff Fears Body Is That Of 7-Year-Old Somer Thompson

POSTED: Wednesday, October 21, 2009
UPDATED: 9:39 pm EDT October 21, 2009

ORANGE PARK, Fla. -- Clay County authorities report that the body of a small child was found in a landfill near Folkston, Ga., where Orange Park's garbage is dumped.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation confirmed later Wednesday the body is that of a girl. Investigators said an autopsy will be performed Thursday morning in Savannah, Ga.

"We hope and pray that it's not the body of Somer (Thompson), but the garbage that was in that area was collected from Orange Park," Beseler said.

Seven-year-old Somer Thompson disappeared while walking home from school Monday afternoon. A massive search of Orange Park has been under way since Monday evening.

Clay County detectives found the body about 3:30 p.m. Wednesday at a the Chesser Island Landfill in Charlton County. Sgt. Dan Mahla said the scene at the landfill has been contained, and evidence technicians will process the scene as much as possible overnight. The FBI, GBI and the Charlton County Sheriff's Office are all at the landfill investigating. "This was just a hunch -- a standard investigative practice -- and discovered what we feared we were going to find," Beseler said. "Everyone in Clay County, everyone in Florida grieves for this family right now." Beseler announced the grim news at an afternoon news conference that was delayed for about 20 minutes because of a "major development." Gov. Charlie Crist was on hand hoping to rally efforts to find Somer and the Justice Coalition was set to announce a $30,000 reward for Somer's safe return.

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Odor on Nictitate The Byrd Rd Fires (chapter 5)

Odor on Nictitate
By Odor Eliminator

Chapter 5: Just the facts, Man!

OE has decided that this chapter will not be about Nictitates misguided, misinformed, and sometimes made up story. Somehow along the way of this tale, OE came to the realization that Nictitates book was just plain stupid! There will always be someone out there looking to suck off of another to sensationalize their self. Anyone with half a brain can figure out Nictitates motives and if you can’t, OE will tell you that the motives are not pure.

Christine’s family has chosen to align their selves with Nictitate and have exhibited behavior beyond belief to all who have done nothing more than extend a hand of compassion. We know who has done what and belaboring the point is useless. Their behavior is self destructive and OE believes that they know no other way in life.

OE began this tale because too many lies were being told about efforts to find Christine and bring the people to justice who are responsible for her disappearance. Good, kind hearted people were being unfairly maligned and it was beyond OE’s realm of understanding how anyone could be so evil and hateful wishing to intentionally cause pain to others. It is still beyond OE’s realm of understanding.

Much ado has been made about the Fires on Byrd Road. Readers have asked many questions about what went on during the period from September to November of 2007 at the farm where Christine was staying and was last seen. Speculation about these fires is that the occupants disposed of Christine in one of the many fires and one of the searches focused on sifting through the ashes of the burnt down chicken house. OE has searched out the story about the fires and is now sharing them with you.

Sources tell OE that the first fire started around 10:00 P.M. on September 20, 2007. The neighbors tell OE that their dog had been barking off and on and they assumed that it was barking at deer walking around and eating in the just harvested corn fields surrounding the farm. They first noticed the fire while watching television and catching a glimpse of bright orange out the window. One of the neighbors got up and looked and saw that the end of one of the old chicken houses on the farm was in flames. They immediately called 911 to report the fire.

Fire crews arrived within minutes to put out the flames which were by then burning out of control. The neighbors say that “they were thankful that the fire fighters took the initiative to place a fire truck and firefighters on their property to protect their buildings in case the fire spread”. Amazingly, the fire didn’t spread and the neighbors say that it was due to the “quick response and hard work of the fire crews getting the fire under control”.

Sources tell OE that speculation and questions about how the fire got started in the first place began immediately. The farm had stood empty for about 5 years prior to the occupants moving in. The electric to the old chicken houses was turned off at the main breakers. Why didn’t the occupants of the farm house call 911 to report the fire? Sources tell OE that they had to have seen it because by the time the neighbors saw it the fire was burning out of control.

It is known that the occupants first said that “hunters” had been on the property and insisted the “hunters” were around when the fire started and were also back on the property afterwards. No one else saw these “hunters”. Sources tell OE that the following day one of the occupants of the farm house produced a Delaware license plate that had been partially burned. Supposedly, it was found while the occupants were looking through the remains of the fire. This was turned over to a Deputy Fire Marshall who was investigating the fire.

Contradictory to this story, one source tells OE that the owner of the farm had been on the property that day and one of the occupants and his nephew who was visiting from New York at the time, had told a story about how they had removed the license plate from the owners truck and made it look like he had been the one to start the fire. They did this because the owner had given them notice of eviction. Purely for informational purposes, the owner of the farm did not have insurance on the old chicken houses.

In the early hours of September 22nd, someone invaded the neighboring home while they were sleeping and stole a laptop, cell phone, and wallet. Sources tell OE that the neighbors have no doubt that it was one of the occupants of the farm house. Amazingly, one of the occupants of the farm house taunted the neighbors afterwards telling them that he had done it. He was brazen enough to admit in court to the Judge that yes he had told the neighbors that he did it.

The occupants came up with the rent money and were not evicted. Speculation about where the money came from to pay the rent ran rampant because none of the occupants worked a job. The big question was, where did the money come from to pay the rent?

By early October, the neighbors were in fear of the occupants of the farm house. Several incidents had occurred whereby the police had to be called to remove the occupants from their property. Sources tell OE that every time that the neighbors had company or tried to sit outside in their backyard, the occupants of the farm house would come on their property and start trouble. At one point, one of the farm house occupants was arrested and spent the night in jail. Sources tell OE that particular incident started the threats from the farm house occupants of hurting or killing the neighbors. One of the farm house occupants was carrying a lead pipe and trying to hit people with it. By this time, Justin Hadel was living at the farm house.

The terror of huge “bon fires” began. Sources tell OE that at all hours of the night 30 to 40 foot flames would suddenly shoot up into the air in the area surrounding the farm house. Eyewitnesses tell OE that it appeared as if the whole place was going to go up in flames. OE is told that on some occasions during these huge “bon fires” the occupants of the farm house could be seen dancing around the fire and throwing something into it that exploded.

The second fire began around midnight in early October. The other end of the old chicken house that had not burnt down in the first fire burst into flames. Security guards who had been hired to protect the neighbors called 911. Eyewitnesses watched as a small glow began in the building and then burst into flames. By the time that fire crews arrived, which was in minutes after the 911 call, the remainder of the building was burning out of control.

This time, Fire Marshall McMahon arrived to investigate. The occupants of the farm house told the story of seeing the neighbors on the back part of their property and that they started the fire. When the Fire Marshall questioned the neighbors, it was learned that the security guards were on the back part of the property patrolling not the neighbors. It was learned that while patrolling, the occupants of the farm house were observed sitting in a car drinking beer and then taking off and tearing up the soybean field surrounding the old chicken house.

Again, many questions and speculations ran rampant. One source tells OE that the occupants of the farm house were heard arguing and one of the occupants was hollering at the other saying “I know that you did this”.

The Fire Marshall laid down the law to everyone and said that if he saw so much as a spark, he would take it as someone trying to burn something down. Sources tell OE that any little flame was to be reported. During this time, a burn ban was in effect because the weather had been dry and vegetation was very dry. The entire area was like tinder waiting to burn.

Following this fire, the occupants of the farm house continually started the 30 to 40 foot “bon fires” at all hours of the night. Sources tell OE that there would be total darkness and then all of a sudden flames would leap into the air. As directed, the security guards or the neighbors called 911.

After a few times of doing this, one particular incident had a Worcester County Deputy and a Deputy Fire Marshall waking the neighbors up a 3:00 A.M. to talk to them. Sources tell OE that Deputy Sheriff Purnell and a Deputy Fire Marshall who wouldn’t identify his self told the neighbors that if they called in another fire they would be issued a citation. The neighbors explained what Fire Marshall McMahon had directed them to do and were told that the occupants of the farm house could now do whatever they wanted. Eyewitnesses tell OE that this “talk” got very loud and threatening. The neighbors ended it by telling the LE men that the whole place could burn down and they wouldn’t pick up the telephone. They then sent the LE men on their way.

This incident has had many accusing the VFD of threatening the neighbors. Clearly, the VFD had nothing to do with it. The neighbors say that if they had wanted to do something about it, they would and that they “surely would not ask Nictitate to stick her nose into it”. After seeing a recent email where Nictitate is questioning about the threats made to them if they called the fire department, they are angry that it continually appears to be a sticking point with Nictitate and that all kinds of wild accusations are being made. They feel that it’s no one’s business unless they say it is and have talked to OE and PPE only because the entire story has been misconstrued and they want the record set straight. They are also angry that Nictitate has taken pictures without permission that belong to them and is using them for personal gain. They have requested in the past and are requesting again that the pictures be removed from Nictitates website.

OE has obtained an actual picture of the second chicken house fire. Unlike Nictitate, OE was given the picture with permission to use it.

This is an actual Byrd Rd fire, not a controlled burn fire from the Showell VFD site.

The last fire reported at the farm was the infamous house fire. The neighbors were sleeping and the security guards on duty sat and watched but did not pick up the phone as they had been directed not to. This time, the occupants had to call in the fire their selves.

As the story goes, the occupants were utilizing an old wood stove in the farm house to provide heat. Sources tell OE that they had grabbed up or chopped up any piece of wood that they could find. In spite of being told not to use the woodstove, they did. Somehow, the house caught on fire and again, fire crews had to put out another fire on the Byrd Road Farm in the early morning hours.

Christine was living at the farm house at this time. As a matter of fact, this fire occurred 2 days prior to when she went missing. Questions remain as to why she stayed after the fire because the farm house was not habitable. The VFD had cut a hole in the roof to put out the fire and everything had to have been soaked from where the fire fighters used water to put the fire out. We know that there was no hot water or heat. It’s inconceivable that anyone would inhabit a house under these conditions especially with two small children. OE’s question for Nictitate is – Did Christine go somewhere else to stay after the house fire?

After the farm house fire, the “bon fires” continued. They were never reported. In November, the occupants of the farm house were evicted and this time they moved away.

Amazingly, since November of 2007, the VFD has not had to rush to Byrd Road. Clearly, something was going on however it has been explained to OE that suppositions are not enough evidence to put an arsonist behind bars. Unless an arsonist is witnessed in the actual act of starting a fire a conviction is rare. Don’t criticize the VFD’s or the Fire Marshall for this. Go to your Sate Capitol and get the laws changed.

There appears to be a clear pattern and we have learned that one of the former occupants of the Byrd Road Farm has now been arrested in Tennessee for repeating the same pattern. Eviction equals set it on fire.

Coming soon: Chapter 6 – We have a blog that has decided to try and discredit the PPE. Christine’s family has taken up residence on this blog and PPE is being accused of fabricating the stories about what happened on Byrd Road and of putting the efforts of LE down (they better go back and read Chapter 3 and 4). OE deems it time for a good ole slap down. We will continue to have information provided by eyewitness accounts and sources that have been close to Christine’s case from the beginning. It’s time!

Note: For those of you who want to highjack writings from OE – DON’T. Any writings contributed by Odor Eliminator belong to The Pocomoke Public Eye exclusively and all rights are reserved. You may not copy and paste, dissect, snip, or use any of OE’s writings in any part or its entirety without prior written consent.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Man Shoots Fiancee Day Before Wedding

Police in Florida are continuing their investigation of a 62-year-old man who fatally shot his fiancée the day before the wedding after allegedly mistaking her for an intruder.

"We're still trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together," Winter Springs Police Chief Kevin Brunelle told CBS' "The Early Show" Monday.

Watch CBS News Videos Online
John Tabutt, 62, told investigators he got his gun when he thought he heard an intruder, then fired at a figure in the hallway, according to Brunelle. It was Tabutt's live-in fiancee, 62-year-old Nancy Dinsmore, whom family members say he was going to marry Saturday. Tabutt told authorities he thought she was next to him in bed the whole time.

Brunelle said police were not yet viewing Tabutt's claim about believing Dinsmore was next to him in bed as suspicious and added Tabutt has no criminal record on file.

Tabutt called the police emergency dispatcher shortly after 2:30 a.m. Friday, moaning and sobbing, the newspaper reported.

"I thought I had an intruder in the house," he told the emergency dispatcher. "Honest to God, she looks dead."

He then thought he heard her take a breath.

"Hang in there, Honey. Hang in there," he said.

As for Tabutt's demeanor when police arrived, "he was as frantic as he sounds on tape," Brunelle said.

The couple planned to wed in a small ceremony Saturday at St. Stephen Catholic Church in Winter Springs, Dinsmore's son-in-law Scott Sposato, of Vero Beach, told the Orlando Sentinel.

"They loved each other," he said. "It was quite apparent."

Winter Springs is about 15 miles north of Orlando.


Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Odor on Nictitate (chapter 3)

Odor on Nictitate
By Odor Eliminator

Chapter 3 – Someone’s got to take the heat, it might as well be the cops!

Bloggers sure have been busy this past week. It’s taking me longer and longer to keep up with all of the posts on the many blogs. Trying to sort through the relevance of all the mucky muck that is being slung out into cyberspace is becoming a who’s who story of its own. This book might well extend into the next millennium.

Before I go any further I need to say that there is a great divide that has been inserted into Christine’s case and it appears as if there are now sides as to who the good people are and who the bad people are. In relationship to the case, the only bad guys are whoever is involved in Christine’s disappearance.

Secondly, if you have ever been a victim of crime, you will understand the feelings of expecting law enforcement to move heaven and earth to put the perpetrator(s) behind bars. Add watching too many television programs such as CSI or Cold Case to the mix of emotions and the imagination runs wild.

So, where were we? Last week, we left off with the promise of looking into law enforcements role in this saga. This is going to take some time so for all of you avid readers out there – sit back and get comfy because I’m going to stop along the way for doses of rationality.

In telling this story, it needs to be perfectly understood that no member of law enforcement has contributed to this accounting. Likewise, OE would never expect LE to divulge any details concerning Christine’s case and would think much less of them if they did.

Along came a spider called Nictitate spinning a tale of corruption and conspiracy within law enforcement agencies involved in Christine’s case. Nictitates tale is spun from a long running conspiracy theory which has been brewing in the City of Pocomoke and fueled by opinions from a local blog. In the spirit of fairness, one has to reason that it’s much more interesting to tell conspiracy tales than to tell factual accountings of a story.

Just what does a real accounting of the events of police involvement tell? Supposedly, the police dropped the ball in the very beginning when Christine went missing and if you listen to the chatter, they haven’t done much good since then. This is where OE’s investigation has gone. Sources and eyewitness accounts are differing from the chatter.

Concerns over Christine missing began on the evening of November 13, 2007 and a call was made to the Pocomoke City Police Department by her family. The caller was told to contact the Delaware State Police.

At this point in time, there’s no reason to suspect that anything out of the ordinary had taken place only that someone had taken off. Christine had every right to disappear if she wanted to since she was an adult and couldn’t be considered an underage runaway.

In addition, the farm house where Christine was staying is not within the jurisdiction of the PCPD it’s in the jurisdiction of the Worcester County Sheriff’s Department and the Maryland State Police. Christine was from Delaware, was supposed to have returned to Delaware that evening, and the caller was from Delaware.

– Proper procedure?

By November 15th, the Worcester County Sheriff’s Department arrived at the farm on Byrd Road to take a statement from the last people to see Christine Sheddy. The occupants, Clarence aka Butch, aka Junior, aka JR, Jackson and Teresa Lynn, aka Tia Johnson, tell the story that they had left the farm on the afternoon of the 13th to pick their children up from school and when they returned they found that Christine was gone and had left her two young children behind.

It’s also known that at the time of Christine’s disappearance a cousin of Tia’s, Justin Hadel was living at the farm house and he was questioned as well. It is not known if Justin Hadel left the farm house with JR and Tia when they went to pick their children up from school. There is evidence that tells a different story than the one that JR, Tia, and Justin tell.

There are others who LE has identified that were on the premises during the day of November 13th when Christine was reported missing.

Time Out……… Dose of rationality………………..

Nictitates tale says that Christine was murdered on the night of November 12th. How this has been determined is anyone’s guess and it appears as if a supposition has been made. Nictitates groupies are hanging on the web of tales accepting it as the gospel truth. We know that Nictitates nest has hatched out some interesting babies who have become a team and they claim to have psychic powers.

Observers of the international seer society have mixed thoughts about their special abilities and say that it’s a show worth seeing. Over the past two years, the team of seers has placed Christine all over the countryside. Witnesses tell OE that some within LE were willing to be opened minded enough and to satisfy Christine’s family’s insistence of looking into information provided by the seers. But that is something that will be for a later chapter of the Odor on Nictitate tale.

We all can speculate as to what happened to Christine and come up with a determination however that doesn’t mean that it’s the truth. Only those who witnessed the happenings of what went on the evening of November 12th and the day of November 13th, know the real story.

Sources tell us that three days later a Worcester County Sheriff is seen going through the neighborhood surrounding the farm armed with pictures of a young man and woman practicing tongue exercises together. They are asking folks if they have seen the young woman because she is missing.

One eyewitness tells us that it was a Sunday afternoon when they were stopped while on Byrd Road and asked about the pictures. The Deputy who asked them was off duty and they joked and teased with him about his dedication to his job.

Within a couple of days following, Worcester County Sheriff’s arrive on the Byrd Road Farm to search for the missing woman. Several units are dispatched to aide in this effort. The occupants of the farm house are not at home.

Scuttle butt is that LE found the door to the farm house ajar and checked it out for a possible breaking and entering. Upon entering the house, pets within were found in physically bad shape and the proper authorities were called to remove them from their environment.

When LE left the premises, they stopped and showed the neighbors the pictures and asked about the missing woman. The neighbors tell OE that they did not recognize the woman in the picture but learned her name and that she had been reported missing. LE also asked and was given pictures from a security camera on their property.

Okay, Time Out….... Now I don’t know about the rest of you but…… from what I understand, in Maryland, people who want to file a missing persons report should contact the law agency within the county that they are living or where the missing person was living, not where they went missing from. The next step is to file a written report with that agency and provide LE with as many details about the missing person as they can. Remember that PCPD told the family to contact the Delaware State Police? The Delaware police then told the family that they needed to contact local authorities where the person went missing from. Since the family didn’t know where the farm was located, they contacted the Pocomoke Volunteer Fire Department and were given the correct address of the farm. Is it too far of a stretch of one’s imagination to think that the family was told by PCPD what the procedure is? Nothing more nothing less?

Rationality dose - In less than two days time the police take a statement concerning Christine missing. What can be clearly seen here is “special” treatment if you take into consideration all of the legal procedures for a person to be considered missing and for LE to step in.

We are now into over a week since Christine went missing. There is no indication of foul play behind her disappearance but LE is still looking for her. If everyone is to believe the early stories, Christine was portrayed as someone who had a habit of disappearing. It’s been said that she had been known to drop her two youngest children off with their father Levi Hall and then pull a vanishing act. At the time that Christine went to Pocomoke for an extended visit, Levi was leaving messages on My Space looking for her.

Police investigations deal in facts. There is a reason for that and it’s called the law. The law is there to protect people’s rights and LE can’t just go around accusing people of things without hard proof. A family’s say so is not hard proof of anything except their loyalty to a family member.

It’s reasonable to think that by the end of November 2007, LE had heard so many stories from many sources that they were going to have to start sifting through all of the statements and try to figure out if indeed there had been foul play surrounding Christine’s disappearance.

Sources tell OE that in early December, LE visited the Byrd Road property again at night time. JR and Tia had been evicted and Christine’s case had been turned over to the Worcester County Bureau of Investigation.

Eyewitnesses to this visit say that WCBI investigators notified them that they would be on the property and not to be alarmed if they observed lights coming from the now empty farm house. At this time, the neighbors were still using the services of a private security firm and LE didn’t want to cause any unnecessary concern over their presence.

During this same month, December 2007, LE along with Flatland Search and Rescue conducted a search of the entire Byrd Road Area.

What did WCBI find on their visit to the farm house in early December? If you listen to the ranting of the cop bashers - nothing.

Time Out…….here comes another dose of rationality………. It’s highly doubtful that LE would discuss anything about what they did or didn’t find at the farm during their visits. What we do know is that they continued to look for Christine.

What we are told is that at some point during this time frame Christine’s mother had a conversation with Mike McDermott, Mayor of Pocomoke City and a detective with WCBI. Evidently some heated words were exchanged and as the story goes Mr. McDermott made some type of disparaging comment about Christine being a sponge on society. That comment has recently been repeated by a local blog owner who has said that it’s true because Mr. McDermott made the same comment about Christine to them.

What’s obvious is that there is bad blood between the Mayor of Pocomoke City, Christine’s family, and the owners of the local blog. Anyone can see that as soon as you read the many episodes of negative comments on the blog concerning the Mayor of our fair city.

Somehow in all of the controversy over the Mayor, Christine’s family members and the blog owners joined forces for a common cause. Get the Mayor/Detective. This is where the lines get real fuzzy and it’s a take no prisoner war. It’s apparent to bloggers that you are either with them are you’re not. There is not any middle ground and you can’t be interested in helping to find Christine unless you are also interested in bashing Mr. McDermott.

What gets real confusing is how the battle with the Mayor equates to slip shod police work in looking for Christine. Yes, I know, I’m kind of jumping around here on subjects but honestly if you’ve been a witness to any of the shenanigans, this is how it goes. You can’t talk or think about one without the other. If Mayor McDermott made such a disparaging comment about Christine, then he needs to man up, own it, and correct the problem!

Unfortunately for all of the many fine men and woman of LE who have been in any way involved in Christine’s case are now the targets of the bad mouthing. Sources who have observed the work of LE tell OE that the police have made many efforts to find Christine. One source tells us that Christine’s family knows that LE is progressing in the case and at this time they are waiting on crucial evidence.

Many sources tell OE that they have witnessed LE efforts in finding Christine. One witness tells OE “I have seen many times where detectives involved in Christine’s case have been out searching on their day off”. So now you have it folks. Did LE drop the ball? OE says NO. For all of the thankless ingrates OE is stepping up in their place and says “thank you” to LE for all of your efforts in trying to find Christine!

OE thinks it would be an intelligent decision for the cop bashers to stop their shenanigans. To lay blame on LE is ridiculous and disrespectful of their efforts. Nictitates tale is just that, a tale filled with nonsense and maliciousness. The seer’s society needs to cut the crap. The word charlatan comes to mind.

Up next……… Odor on Nictitate, Chapter 4: The Search is on for Christine.

Note: For those of you who want to highjack writings from OE – DON’T. Any writings contributed by Odor Eliminator belong to The Pocomoke Public Eye exclusively and all rights are reserved. You may not copy and paste, dissect, snip, or use any of OE’s writings in any part or its entirety without prior written consent.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Somerset deputy who lost job feels 'robbed' (update)

Board found officer guilty of leaking info;

Former Somerset Sheriff's deputy James "Troy" Durham knew he wanted to be a cop since he was 5 years old.

When the Pocomoke City native's parents would take him to fairs and carnivals, he didn't spend a lot of time playing games and riding rides like the other children. He would spend his time talking to police officers, and playing with the lights and sirens in their cruisers, he said.

"I think God planted that seed in my heart all my life," he said.

Durham, 41, said he spent most of his adult life working toward his dream job, which materialized when he joined the Princess Anne Police Department in 1992. Six years later, he made his way to the Somerset County Sheriff's Office -- the same place where his dream career came to an abrupt end.

"I want to go back because I feel like I was robbed and it was taken from me," Durham said referring to his job. "I want to go back and serve my community."

Durham alleges that he was fired from the Sheriff's Office out of retaliation after he refused to omit information from an incident report, one in which he indicated he used force to subdue a suspect who resisted arrest.

However, according to Somerset County Sheriff Bobby Jones, Durham was terminated because he released information regarding the report.

"Our policy is not to disseminate information, and he did," Jones said. "And he's still doing it."

Durham filed a civil lawsuit against the Sheriff's Office and Somerset County Commissioners in April. The six-page complaint details the incident of the changed report and alleges misconduct within his former place of employment, stating the commissioners and Sheriff's Office violated state laws, including the Law Enforcement Officers Bill of Rights. Copies of the complaint and other documents were faxed to public officials, government agencies and other law enforcement departments across the state.

The grievance

Continued @

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Somerset deputy fired after complaint

Officer claims he was ordered to alter, omit info in arrest report

James "Troy" Durham was nervous when he heard that Worcester County sheriff's deputies were knocking on his door Friday afternoon

It wasn't so long ago that the 41-year-old former Somerset County Sheriff's deputy was in the law enforcement brotherhood.

But he was kicked out of the family after working more than two decades as an officer when Somerset Sheriff Bobby Jones terminated him last week. Durham had been placed on administrative leave in September 2008, where he remained and continued to be paid by the county for a year.

"It was an effort to intimidate me and keep me quiet," Durham said of the visit from the Worcester officers. "I am in fear of my well-being."

Durham says this all began with a single arrest report. He assisted the Maryland State Police during an arrest. Per normal routine, he filed a report shortly after. Durham says he was asked to change his report and omit certain pieces of information. When he refused, he claims he was told to make the change or turn in his badge and gun.

He made the change.

But he kept the original report. And with it he filed a grievance.

That grievance, Durham maintains, is why he was placed on leave, why he was fired, why he became the target of an investigation and why he now fears for his safety.

For filing his grievance, Durham said, he found himself under investigation for "leaking internal documents."

His grievance has since become the foundation for a civil lawsuit against the Somerset County Sheriff's Office and Somerset County Commissioners.

It details the incident of the changed report and alleged misconduct within his former place of employment.

Errant faxes
According to Durham, the house call by Worcester deputies was triggered by faxes that contained court documents related to the lawsuit.

The six-page complaint, filed in April, alleges the commissioners and Sheriff's Office violated state laws, including the Law Enforcement Officers Bill of Rights.

Why Durham's lawsuit was faxed to various law enforcement agencies is unclear and has sparked an investigation at the request of Wicomico County State's Attorney Davis Ruark.

The deputies were sent to check on Durham on Friday simply to make sure he was OK, according to Sgt. Ed Schreier, a spokesman for the Worcester County Sheriff's Office.

"The officers were sent there because a lot of faxes were being sent out," he said. "They went down there to check his status."

Schreier later changed his story, saying he didn't know the exact reason the deputies were checking on Durham and he could not confirm the dispatch was directly related to the faxes.

Copies of documents related to the lawsuit were sent by fax to law enforcement departments, public officials within the state and other agencies, according to Ruark.

The phone number at the top of the fax, which indicates the number the document was sent from, is a number associated with the Wicomico County State's Attorney's Office. But Ruark said the documents were not sent from his office.

"The fraudulent originating fax number at the top is inexcusable and was done with an intention to mislead those receiving the faxes," Ruark said.

The State's Attorney's Office was bombarded with phone calls and complaints after the first round of faxes were sent out about six months ago, according to Ruark. And as a result, the office took extra security precautions and changed the locks on its office doors. However, more documents were sent out this week, again claiming to have originated from the Wicomico County State's Attorney's Office.

Memos to other government agencies were also distributed to inform them that the faxed lawsuit documents were not from the Wicomico state's attorney.

Now, the legal documents that allege misconduct and violations by the Somerset County Sheriff's Office and Somerset County Commissioners have passed through many hands across the state, and Durham says he still wonders how he became the subject of an investigation and ultimately lost his career.

According to Durham, the threads of his 20-year law enforcement career started to unravel when he filed that grievance in September 2008.


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Threatening Email; OK, Here it is, The Post you all have been waiting for.

This is where I stand folks, this is what I get after exposing lie after lie.
It's pretty obvious that we at PPE have struck a nerve and this is only one example of what I deal with behind the scenes of an opinion blog.

Being the fact that you folks will not stand for embellishments, plagiarism, and a host of other implications and conspiracy theories that our good people and our fine City has recently been accused of, this is their only recourse of action. Intimidation. I can assure I WILL NOT be bullied into backing down when it comes to exposing the truth.

Below you will read an email that I received from the owner of the website 'Blinkoncrime" Shannon Stoy... her motive is to quiet us, more like silence us, but let me say that if that website embellishes as it has on numerous occasions we will not stand by and watch it happen.

The owner can threaten me all she wants and if they at had consistently uncovered the truth this would not be an issue. Yet this is no issue on my part, I WILL NOT, now, or ever stand idly by and watch anyone drag our VFD and/or LE through the mud.

Our LE has gone to every length they could muster up a resolve to this case, they have gone well above and beyond their duty, even listening on their phone to someone with a wee-jee board trying to direct the officer to a body.

If one cannot support that, well there's no hope for them. Read the email below, and discuss. Keep it respectful please!!

BTW: I want all our readers to know that I sent a return email and gave this person 24 hours to provide me with proof of their copyright to this email.

September 21, 2009
Pocomoke City, MD 21851


Dear Mr. XXXXX;
I am in receipt of some entries contained in your blog, “The Pocomoke Public Eye” that are alarming, harassing, and in some instances, blatant lies. It contains requests and threats for others to openly and with malice, embarrass, harass and contact my professional contacts as well as family members. At no time have I ever publicly placed my name, professional affiliations, or personal statistics on the web.
Your blog has a moderation feature available to you. If it is your choice to post repeated anonymous vitriol, the responsibility of that content rests solely with you at this level. This applies to posts, comments; any all content published by you, whether written by you personally or submitted by named or unnamed contributor. I have addressed the copyright infringements with a notification complaint in accordance with the Digital Millenium Copyright Act through the ISP of your “blog”, separately.
To say this is a gross invasion of my privacy and is causing severe distress and concern for me, my family, and in some cases professional colleagues, is an understatement.
I note that there are a few posts about defamation and the like; Let me assure you the following laws, including, but not limited to: cyber bullying, cyber stalking and harassment make no provision for defamatory or libelous acts when they are exacted in this manner.
The state of Maryland, where you are located, provides for statutes of cyber bullying and cyber stalking under Maryland Statute 555C.

Md. Criminal Law Code Ann. § 3-803. Harassment. Amended 2002.

(a) Prohibited. -- A person may not follow another in or about a public place or maliciously engage in a course of conduct that alarms or seriously annoys the other:

(1) with the intent to harass, alarm, or annoy the other;

(2) after receiving a reasonable warning or request to stop by or on behalf of the other; and

(3) without a legal purpose.

(b) Exception. -- This section does not apply to a peaceable activity intended to express a political view or provide information to others.

(c) Penalty. -- A person who violates this section is guilty of a misdemeanor and on conviction is subject to imprisonment not exceeding 90 days or a fine not exceeding $ 500 or both.
Under NJ law, where I am located, this activity is clearly covered in harassment statutes, located here. It is distinct in that it is prosecutable whether the offense originates in this state, yours, or possibly the posters itself, as you can discern from the Stalking statues below.

New Jersey Stalking Law
1[1. N.J.S.2C:33-4 is amended to read as follows:
2C:33-4. Harassment.
Except as provided in subsections d. and e., a person commits a petty disorderly persons offense if, with purpose to harass another, he:
a. Makes, or causes to be made, a communication or communications anonymously or at extremely inconvenient hours, or in offensively coarse language, or any other manner likely to cause annoyance or alarm;
b. Subjects another to striking, kicking, shoving, or other offensive touching, or threatens to do so; or
c. Engages in any other course of alarming conduct or of repeatedly committed acts with purpose to alarm or seriously annoy such other person. A communication under subsection a. may be deemed to have been made either at the place where it originated or at the place where it was received. A communication under subsection a. includes but is not limited to a communication made by means of an electronic communication device. "Electronic communication device" includes, but is not limited to, a telephone, cellular phone, computer, video recorder, fax machine, or pager.
d. A person commits a crime of the fourth degree if in committing an offense under this section, he acted with a purpose to intimidate an individual or group of individuals because of race, color, religion, gender, handicap, sexual orientation or ethnicity.
e. A person commits a crime of the fourth degree if, in committing an offense under this section, he was serving a term of imprisonment or was on parole or probation as the result of a conviction of any indictable offense under the laws of this State, any other state or the United States. (cf: P.L.1998, c.17, s.4)]1
11. N.J.S. 2C:1-14 is amended to read as follows:
2C:1-14. In this code, unless a different meaning plainly is required:
a. "Statute" includes the Constitution and a local law or ordinance of a political subdivision of the State;
b. "Act" or "action" means a bodily movement whether voluntary or involuntary;
c. "Omission" means a failure to act;

A copy of Blogger Terms of Service violations is here
Please consider this my good faith attempt to request you remove objectionable content immediately.

Shannon Stoy
Editor In Chief

Cc: Janet Fries, Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP
1500 K Street, NW
Suite 1100
Washington, DC 20005 202.842.8800 (main) 202.842.8465 (fax)

George S. Kounoupis, Hahalis & Kounoupis
20 East Broad Street
Bethlehem, PA 18018
Telephone: (610) 865-2608
Facsimile: (610) 691-8418

Sean Henady, 3 View Search Services
Mandy Albritton, 3 View Search Services

NOTE: If you have received a similar email and would like it posted please send it in, I will be glad to post it for discussion.

Blink; you've been blogged

Wicomico mother charged with child's murder

SALISBURY — A 29-year-old mother of six was taken into custody by police on Thursday, after a grand jury indicted her on murder and manslaughter charges, according to the state's attorney office.

Debra Sanches is accused of leaving her 8-month- and 18-month-old children unattended in the bathtub. When she returned, the 8-month-old child was floating in the water and unresponsive, according to county officials.

As a result, Sanches was indicted on second-degree murder, involuntary manslaughter and reckless endangerment charges earlier this week.

See continuing coverage in The Daily Times on Friday.


Monday, September 21, 2009

How Does The Public Eye Feel?

Well, let me tell you.

From the beginning I was not even aware that Pocomoke had a missing person. I found that information on another blog a few months after the person went missing. At that point I asked questions, did some searching. I did alot of searching and I found so much bumbled-up info out there that Sherlock Holmes could not string it together.

Now, in the beginning I do believe that LE "dropped the ball". But I also believe they must have had a reason not to jump on this right away. We do have an outstanding Sheriffs Department so the question to why the wait in the very beginning we may never know.

But the people of Pocomoke worked diligently. They talked to friends, neighbors, searched the internet, asked questions. They even blogged tirelessly trying to help. Eventually, they even personally volunteered their personal time and bodies on multiple occasions.

Then things quiet down again for a while. Yet the folks of Pocomoke, the ones that were in it from the start, kept pecking the keyboards finding bits and pieces and providing that info for whomever needed to know.

Still, no sight nor sound about what is actually happening to find this missing person. All the while the family is losing hope by the day. But the Pocomoke community has not forgotten them. Slowed down? Maybe. It's the same information over and over but we still work on tirelessly. We said we would, and by-golly we won't quit!

Fast forward: Something happened. What? We don't know......nothing new......Is anyone working on this? Then BANG!! New evidence! Yeeehaw! Just as we thought LE was not working on this. They prove that they are on the case with new findings.

Now shhhhhhh!! No one say anything about this "new"find. Ok. So we wait and wait. What's going on we wonder but we are told to "Shhhhh". So mums the word because we are a community of integrity and few want to be on the end of "so-n-so told me", "he said/she said" you know the small town "chatter".

Now once again it quiets down for awhile, and once again we wonder. Ok. Times up! Let's do this thing again......... Blogs are alive, people talking about who, what, when, why and how. We go to new places, do new searches, contact new people. We put a fire under their ass once again but each time we come up with less or I should more of the same. Of course we do. There is only so much info available and we have seen it all before.

Fast forward again. Someone finds a website that deals in missing persons that decides they want to help. Yeeehaw!! The city is ecstatic that this new person is willing to jump in and help. We probably bombarded them with emails. I know I did. I even sent them embarrassing emails of things I personally question and am skeptical about. But I figured what the heck.....leave nothing that could possibly help out of the picture.

Enters---- the "new hope" for the Sheddy family. At first we all stuck fast to our computers. We just could not wait to get home and fire up the PC, read and contribute VIA comments about what we knew and how we knew it. The "new hope" seemed vigilant and progressive.

But wait!! Something's not quite right. Some things we have said are taken way out of context. We are told there is no mishandling by the first appointed. I was even told by this "new hope" that she would personally campaign to help the first working on the case, to seek a higher office that the first in control of the case was seeking. (scratching head) Yeah, I know. That's a rough one.

Now off to blogging we go. Oh boy! We are going to get somewhere now! But wait! That's not right. Tha'ts not what was said. Now I have some questions. I ask those questions. But instead of an answer I get blamed. Me? Ok must be a mistake.

I/we keep plugging away and asking questions but I find now I and others are being blamed. What's going on here?

I start looking for the truth. Then I started posting my findings of the truth and BOOM!! I'm suddenly the bad guy. I'm the blogger that's trying to stir up trouble........I'm now the bad-guy, a target.

Oh boy! Now I'm going to be sued.
More and more people jump aboard the truth all the while others are now being accused of being me and I of being others. Why this diversion? Why the division? All the while the PCVFD is being implicated in a cover-up and conspiracy. We read about fires in Parsonsburg. There's a deputy Fire Marshall shot in the leg and the thefts at the Wicomico county landfill plus an eleven year old RICO case? Yet, I have to ask.........Where is Christine?

It looks as if the "new hope" has changed directions and is looking into some kind of government conspiracy that simply does not exist. A complete 180 degree turn from what they stated they would do from the beginning. The "new hope" demanded "proof to back-up" "accusations" from others but now the "new hope" is making accusations with NO proof. Anyone that can read can go back and see that for themselves.

What happened? Did the "new hope" hit a road block and needs some kind of juicy story for their readers, even if it's an embellishment? Did the PPE's throw a wrench into their spokes? Or did the outright lies just catch up to them.

Not much has happened since the "new hope: accused our VFD of deleting information from their website and insinuating that our VFD is involved in a conspiracy.

So, is this the end? What exactly is next? It has become hush-hush once again. Will the police come a-knocking at your door?

Nah!! It's just getting started!

Hold on to your hats!!!!!!!!

Odor on Nictitate (Chapter 2)

Odor on Nictitate

By Odor Eliminator

Chapter 2

Who’s Who in the Nictitate Tale

Rich man, poor man, baker man, thief ……….. keeps running through my head as I write. Most of us probably remember it as a rhyme chanted while jumping rope as a child. I was thinking about all of the “characters” in Nictitates tale, trying to figure out where they belong in my story, and the ditty popped into my head. The ditty is a relentless nag!

It’s been almost two years since Christine Sheddy went missing from the farm house on Byrd Road in Pocomoke, Maryland. Strong belief is that Christine was murdered and since the very beginning, thoughts about who is responsible for her disappearance have not changed.

Several searches of the farm and surrounding area have been conducted by Law Enforcement Agencies, VFD’s, Search and Rescue Teams, and community volunteers. Criticism has been bandied about over the thoroughness of these efforts and of late, accusations have spun out of control. When I started to write this tale, I said that I would search for the truth. This endeavor has proven to be a mind blowing saga that leaves my head spinning and it’s hard to tell where truth leaves off and conspiracy theories take over.

If you’ve read the tale that is being spun by Nictitate there are many characters in the plot. I’m not going to go over the usual list of characters, if you’ve made it this far in the saga, you know who they are or at the very least can find the list on other blogs.

Along came a spider named Nictitate claiming to have “eyewitness” accounts of all of the happenings on the Byrd Road farm. Where she came from is anyone’s guess but we definitely know that she’s not from around these parts.

Cyber detectives and bloggers have been busy this past week tracking down Nictitates nest. It’s lined with AKA’s such as Nidlund, Walker, Moser, Stoy, and a probable AKA of Castellano. In thinking about all of these AKA’s, I dreamed up a new pest control commercial where the spider changes appearances to avoid the bug spray but in the end the spray can says pssst, gotcha!

Lying in wait for their prey, spiders are crafty by nature and Nictitate is no different. Spinning a web from crude fiber she allows her groupies to precariously hang on in case something larger comes along as she knows they will attack. Every once in a while Nictitate throws a left over morsel to the groupies to keep their appetites in check.

Posing as a free lance journalist, investigative journalist, crime writer, editor in chief, an investigator, public relations, communications specialist, and lead analyst/investigator 3View Search Services she lies in wait. Now that’s what I call a really big spider!

In an exclusive interview with neighbors, OE now has some answers to your burning questions. What was Nictitate supposed to be when her associate Man With A Stick approached them about contributing to her tale? “The new detective investigating Christine’s case,” said the neighbors. “She’s from Philadelphia and she has lots of contacts in high places”.

As a matter of fact, when the neighbors didn’t speak with Nictitate at that time as they were going out of town, she called and left a telephone message the following day requesting for them to return her call and also sent an email posing as the lead analyst/investigator 3View Search Services. Now how do you suppose she got their telephone number and email address?

Having seen and spoken to Man With A Stick on some of the searches for Christine, the neighbors trusted him and had originally agreed that they would speak with Nictitate. They now say that “fate stepped in that day” because the timing of the request didn’t fit with their schedule.

After finding out that Nictitate wasn’t such a big spider after all, the neighbors have not spoken to her, will not speak to her, have not or will not give her anything that belongs to them for her book that she is writing. They say that they don’t like “duplicity” and believe that anyone who has to be misleading about what kind of spider they really are needs to get a psssst from the bug spray can.

Rich man, poor man, baker man, thief…….. I now know why the ditty has been a relentless nag. It’s because of all of the poses of Nictitate. Saying that “Nictitate has taken things that belong to them to use as her own and has invaded their privacy by writing inaccurate and twisted tales about the eyewitness accounts of happenings on Byrd Road” the neighbors shake their heads in disgust.

Nictitates tale has gotten way out of control. And yes, downright lies are being told. The character of the people has been carelessly thrown on the ground and stomped on. Furthering the downward spiral is puffed up self important people using Christine’s case to further their private agenda’s. It’s a sad day when in the same breath, a cry for bringing in the FBI to help is finished with a tirade about the corrupt town of Pocomoke. Conspiracy indeed!

The last characters in the who’s who of the Nictitate tale that I’m going to talk about are Law Enforcement. You know, the “real legal people” investigating Christine’s case? But that will have to wait for another day. Too much information at one time about this saga will make your head spin.

Coming soon….. Odor on Nictitate, Chapter 3 – Someone’s got to take the heat, it might as well be the cops!

Note: For those of you who want to highjack writings from OE – DON’T. Any writings contributed by Odor Eliminator belong to The Pocomoke Public Eye exclusively and all rights are reserved. You may not copy and paste, dissect, snip, or use any of OE’s writings in any part or its entirety without prior written consent.

PPE NOTE: Newer post will appear below this one for awhile

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Lies, Lies, and more Lies

As I have consistently repeated I WILL expose any and all Lies that are being posted.

What lies now? I cannot keep track of them all... But what I do know is that it only gives us more to weed through to find the truth and it only diminishes the effort to find a conclusion.

On top of that it sends the family in a tail spin of who and what to believe. Like they need that! really.. I think they have enough on them right now to have to deal with he said/she said BS.

On that note, I'm am sorry that I am constantly put in the position to have to stick-up for myself, a contributor, or any posters here because others seam to get-off on dragging innocent people into their lair of conspiracy theories.

So now that I am out of the picture they need a new target, they aimed, they set, they fired... this time on a person that has never posted on the Blink on crime ahhh,... erm,.. whatever you call it? Blog?

Who might that be ya say? One of our contributors; jmmb, they (Blink) have now accused jmmb of using multiple screen names along with another poster, that I will bring up later.

Do you know what this means folks? It means a couple of things, I'll try to tell you.

1) It means that a so-called investigator does not have the investigative skills to research something as simple as an IP address with multiple free internet IP search tools available.

2) jmmb has NEVER posted on Blinks site, so that means that in order for Blink to have jmmb's personal internet information to even assume that jmmb would be using multiple screen names someone had to give out that personal info for someone/another blog) to try to match that info up to the poster, so, another blog or forum is sharing that personal information. Hmmm? (be careful where you post if value your info)

Now let us visit just a few post, shall we?

  1. Comment by XXXXXX — September 13, 2009 @ 9:39 pm

    Blink, Question. Is soothsayer anyone you know or is he/she from the Tattler?

    No idea, but I answer that out of respect for you, I am not one to “out” people. People post under different ?hats all the time I can’t verify. What’ s the issue?

Errrm, OK...

  1. Comment by XXXXX — September 13, 2009 @ 8:15 pm

    So no more Xtraham either?
    That would be a NO. ( Insert own inference)

Hmmmmm? Did xtraham ever post on blink on crime?

  1. Comment by Brenda in Virginia — September 14, 2009 @ 10:31 am

    Yeah Homegrown can promise to utilize the “red x’, but will he follow through???? (we can only hope and pray ;>)

    I promise he will.

Well by golly, is that two in a row?

  1. Comment by XXXXXXX — September 14, 2009 @ 8:36 pm

    #267, okay, but after you start stealing catalytic converters off of cars, where do you turn them in?

    That seems like it must be someplace under the table.

    Or, I guess what I mean to say is that, unless the scrap metal guy is a crook, he would have to get a little suspicious if someone starts showing up with a whole bunch of catalytic converters, right?

    He could have gone out of town, to various places, I would guess.

    Sorry XXXXXX, I cannot candone multiple IP and email addys. It is deceptive and not permitted here.

Wait; Didn't Blinkypoo just say this?

"I am not one to “out” people. People post under different ?hats all the time I can’t verify. What’ s the issue?


  1. Comment by Brenda in Virginia — September 18, 2009 @ 10:59 am

    Blink, can we post this article (and any others on this site) to another sites so long as we link back. You know, to get more exposure???

    Well, you could if your request was in good faith, JMMB. But as you apparently have the same ip dysphoria as your *cough* associate, no, you may not. BTW, late for the permission request anyway. There is no “retro” in copyrighting, ps..

    Considering your the 7th of 9, that allegedly have access to 3 computers albeit simultaneously, well, really 2 if you believe one of the “alters”. How weird is it in that cramped enviornment to have such diametrically opposed viewpoints within minutes of each other. Wow. It’s like an MPD hive at the water cooler in “real time”. Honey provided.

    Best Regards,

As I stated early on, jmmb has never posted on blinks site.. EVER.
Soooo, How, where, or whom would give blink jmmb's personal internet information to match this person up to jmmb? (refer back to my IP post) IP's are not unique to each user all the time.

Looks like to me they are doing what us PPE's have been accused of doing, wasting valuable time and resources just to look for a fight.

Well the PPE's are NOT, but it sure is obvious who is.

We are, and we continue to drudge through the mud for the truth.... then reveal it. We focus on the issue.. and they will see that in the end. Even if they don't, I know in my heart that I have done the right thing.

The PPE's have been stomped constantly and we come back to help. That folks is real people for the people. Not the garbage we see above from other sites. And that's just a drop in the bucket, I do not have time to even play games with the really stupid stuff like the Wic. co. landfill and/or the Deputy Fire-marshal, fires in Parsonsburg conspiracies (50 miles away) ect. ect. ect. ect. ect. ect. ect.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Recap; 3view search project

I figured I'd put this back to the top for discussion as requested.

Some recent discussion and search on my part shows 3view as a legit organization. I was offered a 1 on 1 interview with 3view but I declined on conformation of their legitimacy.

If the readers would like I will gladly accept that interview for more information but I see no need. 3view does need the go-ahead request from the LE.

Lets focus on getting 3view that permission.


From 9/1/09

Sean Henady, speaking exclusively to blinkonrime this afternoon:

Our asisstance has been requested in the efforts to locate Christine Sheddy. Our analysts have begun some preliminary mapping and review of the case.

Their have been prior searches launched by the investigative efforts of the Worcester County Bureau of Investigation; so we are hopful to asisst in the great work they have already put forward as required.

It is the policy of 3View that we do not discuss search dates, specific locations, technology assets, or team deployments outside of Law Enforcement.

Sean Henady, Co-Founder 3 View Search Services

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

There's an Out of Town Odor (Part 1)

Odor on Nictitate
By Odor Eliminator

Most of us “locals” are aware of Christine Sheddy’s disappearance and many of us have offered assistance in finding her in some shape or form. An entire community has reached out to her family and embraced them in their efforts to find Christine. Even the lowliest, kind thought or prayer has been worthy.

Chapter One:
The Characters

Ohhhh and Ahhhh, we’ve really got a juicy story for you.

Just in case you haven’t been following, I’m referring to the newest drama running riot over the Christine Sheddy case. The disappearance of Christine is being spun into a tale of “oh-my- gosh conspiracy” in every nook and cranny of Pocomoke City, Worcester County, and possibly the State of Maryland.

Along comes a spider named Nictitate. She’s spinning a tale from whatever scrap of information, whether it be true or false, with an agenda that has nothing to do with finding Christine. Dissatisfied opinions of local government or politicians and self satisfying needs to blame or bash someone or anyone, further a conspiracy theory.

Nictitate is writing a story about Christine’s case posing as an investigator, telling some she is a detective, and who in reality is a self proclaimed investigative journalist. Adding to the suspense of the story, Nictitate releases one chapter at a time. Why one chapter at a time? In doing so it allows for all of her groupies to comment and speculate and for local blogs to post the chapter. Links are everywhere and always redirect to Nictitates website where she racks up hits.

After each chapter is released bloggers run amok posting questions, comments, and going so far as having cyber arguments. Dissenters of the agenda are quickly “slapped down” by either Nictitate or one of the groupies.

Chapter 1 of the tale starts off with background information and a peek into the private life of Christine. While there could be many reasons for this introduction “exploitation” comes to mind. For the life of me, I can’t imagine why I would discuss or give information to a complete stranger about one of mine without knowing exactly who that stranger is, what they are, and what they want it for.

Now I know that I’m going to catch the devil for that last comment but it’s something that needs to be said. The real “case” is about the disappearance of Christine Sheddy, finding her, and apprehending those responsible for her disappearance. PERIOD!

Christine’ relationship, good or bad, with Levi Hall should remain personal. Unless of course, Nictitate is saying that Levi Hall is a suspect in the disappearance of Christine Sheddy and that their personal life is pertinent to the case.

We can go back and read the chapters of the tale being spun by Nictitate however reading the posts from bloggers is much more interesting. Although it gets quite confusing trying to follow along if you have the time and patience you will find yourself getting the picture.

Nictitate claims to have “eyewitness” accounts and insider information and the tale is supposedly spun from these accounts. We know better. The real people, who Nictitate has written off to being inbred hillbillies, or some such thing, are the “eyewitnesses” and have not given any information for Nictitate to spin her tale from.

Odor Eliminator has decided to search for the truth of the matter and contribute the findings to the Pocomoke Public Eye. It’s expected to get hairy once the groupies jump in so hold on to your seat. Nictitates tale will be analyzed as well as many untruths posted on blogs along the way. The conspiracy will be “outed” and as Paul Harvey used to say, “now you know the rest of the story”. I know that some of you are impatient but sifting through the tale takes time.

Coming next – Odor on Nictitate, Chapter Two: a Who’s Who in the Nictitate Tale

Note: For those of you who want to highjack writings from OE – DON”T. Any writings contributed by Odor Eliminator belong to The Pocomoke Public Eye exclusively and all rights are reserved. You may not copy and paste, dissect, snip, or use any of OE’s writings in any part or its entirety without prior written consent.