Saturday, January 9, 2010

Popping Corn on the Cob

I saw this on a morning talk show the other day and had no idea there was such a thing.

Today I did some reading on the internet and for goodness sakes this kind of popping corn has been around for some time now.

According to one website the corn gets planted in late April and in October the ears get hand picked and stored in mesh bags and placed on pallets to air dry. Once they reach a certain moisture level the ears are hand sorted, placed in a vacuum bag, and ready to be sold. All you do is place the ear in the bag provided and place into the microwave for the required amount of time and presto you have a bag of large and fluffy kernals of popped corn. No preservatives and all you need to do is add salt or butter.

I've seen popping corn on the cob and have even used a popcorn popper to make it. But I have never seen it in it's microwavable form.

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The Public Eye said...

I didn't realize that popping corn was even on a 'cob' until I started researching my ancestors.

Indians (native Americans to the PC freaks) used to throw ears of popping corn on the fire.

I just can't imagine what they thought the very first time it was discovered that an ear of corn started popping.