Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Be Prepared For the Artic Air

The new year seems to have brought a blast of artic air into our area. With "warming" forcasted for the middle of the week and then dipping colder again please take extra precautions. (Just a couple degrees warmer)


Beware that ice that melts during the day on our highways and backroads will refreeze at night causing slippery conditions for the morning drivers. Please use caution and take your time.

Walking on ice can be dangerous. I know all of us know that yet people do it anyway and slip to the ground causing a broken leg, ankle or even a hip. Why tempt fate?

Remember that the areas of water in our area are NOT frozen solid! They rarely ever do. If you have children please, please keep an eye on them if they play outside. Children seem to be drawn to water and ice and this can be dangerous. It only takes a split second for a child to fall through the ice and drown. However, allowing them to tap on the ice is your yard or driveway is good for them. I suggest you allow them this experience as long as you keep them away from the deeper area of water.

If you use portable heaters always allow 3 feet from combustable materials. Never leave them in the same room with a child or leave the heaters without someone to monitor them. You know this yet every year children are burned and so are houses.

If you have livestock or animals that must live outside please be sure they have fresh unfrozen water at all times. Make sure they have warm bedding. I have found that straw works best. Do NOT assume your animal will be alright! He might not. And if you carry that attitude about your pet(s) perhaps you'd prefer to sleep outside with them.

Check on your neighbors especially if they live alone. You know why. Be sure they have food and above all else be sure they have heat. Only takes a minute. And it might brighten their day.

By now you should have done the necessary winter maintenance on your vehicles. Wipers antifreeze, battery, just to name a few, should have been tended to earlier. If you haven't done it then be sure you do.

Dress warm. Wear layered clothes. A cap on your head keeps the heat in your body.

If you have pipes in your home that tend to freeze leave the faucet running in a trickle.

Be sure your chimney is clean.

At least try to keep thermostats turned back a little. After all it is winter and yes, you may have to put on extra clothes in the house. And keep something on your feet!


These are just common sense things. These are things that will only take a few minutes of your time. Better to be safe than sorry.

Remember..........Cold artic air is forcasted to be around through next week so it doesn't look like we'll be thawing out and warming up anytime soon.

Stay warm.

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