Friday, January 22, 2010

Solar Energy for Eastern Shore By End of Year

The Accomack County Board of Supervisors met Wednesday night for their first meeting of 2010. Many important issues were discussed by the Supervisors.

The meeting began with a brief overview of Community Energy, the company interested in renewable energy in Accomack County. Bill Finch began to address the Board expressing the companys desire to build a five megawatt power plant on the Eastern Shore. According to Finch, this will be able to power roughly 1,000 homes. Community Energy has leased a 100 acre parcel in Accomack County but only about 35 acres of it will be used for the solar panels.

Finch pointed out that unlike other community projects require large infrastructure to be built, roads, bridges, etc. However, this project will not require any additional infrastructure spending, a point which was likely well received by the Board given the state tax revenue shortfalls.

The land Community Energy is interested in as of now is located near the overpass in Onley, although the exact parcel was not identified. The Eastern Shore is ideal for solar energy projects because of the relatively low cloud cover, excellent sunshine, the ocean and the bay provides great solar insulation will provide a 3-4% higher energy yield than other places. There are currently 29 states in the region that require the energy producers to create at least a portion of renewable energy. Finch promised that when the five year lease is up Community Energy will leave the land in better condition than it was before.

If all goes as planned, the project could be powering Eastern Shore homes by the end of this year.

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