Friday, March 12, 2010

Christine Sheddy, It's Not Over

The process is just beginning in the Sheddy case. The local LE and the SA's office will have their hands full in the next several weeks trying to add all of this up.

We have one person behind bars that was 17 years old at the time of Christine Sheddy's murder, he did not do this alone if in-fact he committed the the murder at all.

JR Jackson (convicted arsonist), his girlfriend Tia, the mysterious Domo that made many comments about how Christine came to his house to wash clothes are still subject IMHO.

These people know what happened, they have known what happened for over 2 years, how did they sleep at night? I have my theory as to what led-up to the murder of Christine Sheddy but I'll keep that to myself out of respect to the family.

I just hope and pray that they ALL are convicted and get the maximum sentence allowed by law, and I hope it's the death penalty.

Jennifer Bowden made a comment on another blog as follows that I find very disturbing. WHAT does she know to make such a comment? The part I find disturbing I have bolded. You be the judge.

Jennifer Bowden, said:
I can guarantee you that my cousin Justin is not the only one involved and he is being sold out by another party involved! I pray that every one of them are brought to justice whether it is my family or not! That girl did not deserve to die the way she did with her kids being left behind. I promise you, if I knew more about what happened I would make sure they all paid fo the crime. I love my family but right is right and wrong is wrong! I know in my heart that Jr. had something to do with it because he don’t even treat my cousin Tia good. She is not too bright staying with a murderer neither. My first priority would be the safety of my kids but some people are just blinded with stupidity!

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Anonymous said...

PPE, You asked how do they sleep at night? The answer is they are sociopaths. Everything about them is abnormal. Even their ability to carry on as though nothing ever happened is abnormal.