Friday, March 26, 2010

DIY Garage: Auto Lighting Basics

Need a bulb replaced?
Swing by Still Joe's Auto/Truck Repair and Custom Exhaust and they might just replace that bulb free of charge. It's a customer courtesy that I have come to learn that Still Joe's is more than willing to do.

Check-out the video and article below on how to replace a bulb, yes it's easy on most vehicles but most people do not have the tools if the vehicle has anti-theft torx, twisted phillips, etc.

DIY Garage: Auto Lighting Basics

Now that Americans are keeping their cars longer than ever, more of us are going to have to deal with burnt out headlights, tail lamps, and turn signals. Find out how to keep your lights and indicators working properly, and how to replace them when necessary.

AOL Autos has teamed up with AutoZone to bring you a series of DIY car maintenance tips and tricks, straight from our garage to yours.

The DIY Garage video series covers common questions like how to change your own oil, or what the source of that pesky puddle on your garage floor might be. Host and AOL Autos Editor-at-Large Rex Roy will explain everything in plain English and is sure to have some fun along the way.

Still Joe's Auto/Truck Repair and Custom Exhaust Salisbury Md.

BTW: Still Joe's is running a Dual Exhaust special starting at $275.00 for cat back duals. Give them a call for ALL your vehicle needs @ (410) 677-1022

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