Saturday, April 24, 2010

Some Accomack Taxpayer-funded Workers Owe Back Taxes

ACCOMAC -- Nearly 350 School Board, Social Services and county employees have had their wages garnished for back taxes this year.

Accomack County Treasurer Dana Bundick said 82 county and Department of Social Services employees who were delinquent in real estate or personal property taxes had their wages garnished.

So far $18,000 has been collected.

And 258 school employees had their wages garnished, with $85,000 collected to date.

"Some people, we took all but a few dollars of their paycheck, which got their attention," Bundick said.

Vice Chairman Donald Hart Jr., praised the efforts, saying, "If you collect a check from the taxpayers of this county" the worker needs to pay taxes.

"If you have elected officials, zap them, too," he said, adding of the number of public employees owing back taxes, "That's 300-some employees -- that's embarrassing."

The Treasurer's office also placed 900 Department of Motor Vehicle stops on delinquent taxpayers since January.

The office this year was given funding for an additional employee to help collect back taxes, according to an agreement Bundick made with the county.

The stops prevent delinquent taxpayers from renewing their vehicle registration until personal property taxes are paid. Of the stops placed, 62 accounts have been collected, amounting to more than $38,000.

Additionally, Bundick reported that she referred 76 parcels since January to tax attorney Jim Elliott for collection of delinquent real estate taxes, with 28 accounts collected so far this year, amounting to more than $127,000.

Five tax sales have been held this year, with another planned in May.

The same night Bundick gave her report, the Board of Supervisors also voted unanimously for a zoning amendment that requires evidence of payment of delinquent taxes on properties from owners applying for items including special exceptions, special use permits, variances, rezoning, building permits and erosion and sediment control permits.

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Anonymous said...

If is th well-paid county workers are delinquent, how many others are as well? I would say someone has been too lax for too long on tax collections for all taxpayers, not just county workers.