Thursday, February 24, 2011

Baby Gaga... $22.00 per Scoop

London Ice Cream Parlor Creates 'Baby Gaga' Flavor From Human Breast Milk

A London ice cream parlor is titillating its customers with a new flavor made from human breast milk.

The restaurant is called the Icecreamists and the new flavor, which is named "Baby Gaga," goes on sale Friday and is made from a mix of cream made from 75 percent human breast milk and 25 percent cream from old Bossy herself. Oh, and some Madagascan vanilla pods and lemon zest to make it fancy.

Cheesy as the concept sounds, Icecreamists founder Matt O'Connor sees Baby Gaga as food for thought as much as consumption.

"Some people are turned off by the idea," O'Connor told AOL News. "But, really, it raises the philosophical question: Is it better if we use milk from cows injected with hormones who are artificially induced with pregnancy every few months, or human milk?"

So far, that question hasn't been answered, but O'Connor thinks it's telling that the people who've already sampled this milk of human kindness have been mothers "who wanted to see what breast milk tastes like."

To be honest, it depends on whose milk they're sampling.

"The taste varies enormously, based on how long a woman has been lactating and her diet in general. Its viscosity is more watery than cow's milk and it's sweeter," he said.

Each serving of Baby Gaga sells for around $22 U.S., and O'Connor compares the experience -- and the price -- to that of gourmet cheese.

Dairies specializing in human breast milk are few and far between, so O'Connor is contracting with moms like Victoria Hiley, a 35-year-old from Leeds who works with women who have problems breast-feeding.

O'Connor pays around $1.61 U.S. for each fluid ounce of milk, and that makes Hiley highly motivated to produce.


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