Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Statistics Used In Decision To Move Hospital

Gee, I hope they got some actual input from the people of
Accomack County  before they decided to move a hospital.)

Accomack citizens who went to Maryland hospitals instead of Riverside Shore Memorial Hospital were a factor in the decision to move the hospital to Accomack County.

Statistics provided by Riverside Health Services show that in 2009, Eastern Shore residents represented nearly 7,000 inpatient admissions to hospitals, with 59% going to Riverside Shore Memorial in Nassawadox.

From Accomack County, there were 4,973 admissions with 1,518 using a Maryland facility, 723 receiving services from other Virginia Hospitals and 2,732 residents receiving care at Riverside Shore Memorial.

From Northampton County, there were a total of 1,944 hospital admissions with 58 residents choosing a Maryland facility, 515 went to other Virginia hospitals and 1,371 received care at Riverside Shore Memorial.

These statistics were used in the decision to move Shore Memorial to Accomack County.

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