Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Worcester County Deputy Shoots In Attempt To Stop Truck~Burglar Nabbed

BERLIN, MD – A Delaware man is under Maryland State Police guard at a Baltimore hospital where he is being treated for wounds he sustained when he allegedly drove his truck at a Worcester County deputy sheriff after he was caught in the act of theft from a Berlin business last night.

The accused is identified as Matthew N. Collins, 28, of the 33000-block of Cowhouse Branch Road, Millsboro, Delaware. Maryland State Police have obtained an arrest warrant charging him with first degree assault, second degree assault, reckless endangerment, and theft under $1,000. This warrant will be served on him as soon as he is medically able to have an initial appearance before a court commissioner at the hospital.

The Worcester County Sheriff’s Office deputy is not being identified at this time. The deputy is a seven-year law enforcement veteran and has served with the sheriff’s office for about five years.

Worcester County Sheriff Reggie Mason contacted the Maryland State Police last night and requested that Homicide Unit investigators conduct the investigation into a police involved shooting. State Police Homicide Unit investigators responded and were assisted by investigators from the Worcester County Bureau of Investigation and the Worcester County State’s Attorney’s Office. State’s Attorney Beau Oglesby responded to the scene and has been personally consulted by investigators.

The preliminary investigation indicates that shortly before 10:00 p.m. yesterday, a Worcester County Sheriff’s Office K-9 deputy responded to a 911 call for a reported burglary in progress at Venables Electric, in the 10000-block of Old Worcester Highway (Rt. 575) in Berlin. The witness reported that a vehicle had pulled to the rear of the business and a person appeared to be attempting to enter the building.

Initial information indicates that when the deputy arrived, she got out of her patrol vehicle with her dog. Almost immediately, a Ford F-150 pickup truck drove from the rear of the building. The deputy, who had her .45 caliber department-issued pistol drawn, attempted to stop the truck.

The truck, being driven by Collins, stopped several feet in front of the deputy. The deputy gave repeated verbal commands to Collins to surrender.

Collins, who was alone in the truck, ignored those commands and accelerated, driving directly toward the deputy. In fear for her life, the deputy fired her pistol at the driver.

The deputy was able to avoid being struck by the truck. Collins drove out of the lot and turned left on Rt. 575. The deputy pursued Collins in her patrol car. The pursuit continued onto Carey Road and then to northbound Rt. 113.

Once on Rt. 113, Collins stopped the truck and surrendered to the deputy and two other deputies who had responded to the pursuit. The deputies saw Collins had sustained gunshot wounds and immediately provided emergency care and summoned assistance.

Collins was flown by a Maryland State Police helicopter initially to the Peninsula Regional Medical Center and then on to the University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore. At this time, his wounds are not believed to be life-threatening.

Crime scene technicians from the Maryland State Police and the Ocean City Police Department responded to the scenes and spent the night collecting evidence. The truck driven by Collins has been taken to the Berlin Barrack where it will be processed later today pursuant to a search warrant. Investigators can see several air conditioning units in the bed of the truck, which are believed to have been stolen from Venables Electric. One unit fell off the truck during the pursuit.

Investigators learned there had been air conditioning units located outside the rear of Venables Electric. It does not appear Collins gained entry into the building before the deputy arrived.

The investigation is continuing.

**It has since been reported the deputy is Cpl. Katie Edgar, a seven-year law enforcement veteran who has served with the Worcester County Sheriff's Office for about five years.***


Anonymous said...

God Bless Cpl Edgar. Everyone I've talked to is behind her 1000%
Everyone is sick of these people stealing from others who actually work for a living. I'm not even going to say what most everyone is saying should have happened to Collins.

Anonymous said...

Probably should have just shot him again and throwed him in the woods somewhere and done everyone a favor.

Anonymous said...

And now he's at shock trauma in Baltimore receiving the best medical care there is. I wonder who's going to pay for that! I'm wondering if he's the same guy on case seach or assaulted an officer in wicomico county a while back? Please Beau Oglesby, make sure he gets locked up for good this time.

Bobby Brittingham said...

I have known and worked with Cpl. Edgar for the last five years, she is one of the most honest and dedicated officer that I have ever had the privledge to work with. Good job Katie you are safe. Also good job to Sheriff Mason for responding to have an investigation conducted in a professional time and manner. Good look and gods speed to all of you.

jmmb said...
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jmmb said...

Cpl. Edgar did a remarkable job! I believe Cpl. Edgar and all the men and women protecting the citizens have been trained well and take their jobs seriously.
Good to see all the forces working together.

I'm sure there is more wonderful team work that lies ahead for the future.

Anonymous said...

Theft UNDER $1000??? One of those units costs more than $1000.