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Monday, November 19, 2018

High Fives for TV Performance!

The Pocomoke High School Chorus performed on television Monday on WBOC's DelmarvaLife program.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Pocomoke Students Recognized For Helping

(From WBAL, Baltimore)

Pocomoke High School Student United Way gets Honor Row

The Pocomoke High School Student United Way is being honored at Sunday's Baltimore Ravens game for going above and beyond to help others in the community.
"I just want to help people for as long as I can," 11th grade student Gracie Boyce said.
The warriors dish up meals for those in the community who need one, including recently at the Samaritan Shelter in Pocomoke City. With the help of volunteers, like the Pocomoke High School Student United Way, up to 250 meals a week can be served from the shelter.
"You're helping someone. You don't know what they're going through, a random stranger. You're helping them. You're just that little thing. You just made their life so much better, made their day so much easier, and you just get that feeling," 11th grade student Michaela Redding said.
On Wednesday, the students packed up a comfort dish, chili with pasta, and warm apples with berries. And they prepared for the next meal offering.
"It's so amazing to see everyone so thankful, and it feels really good to see that you're making a difference to somebody and they're just so appreciative to you," Boyce said.
The group's hard work doesn't end there.
"They really enjoy doing things like wheelchair ramp builds, visiting some of our agencies in the springtime, and we stuff Christmas stockings around the holidays, and that kind of thing," said Chelsea Johnson, with the United Way of the Lower Eastern Shore.
The group hosts a St. Patrick's Day party at the senior center, spending time with people who have early dementia or Alzheimer's disease.
And the students also create literacy kits for Judy Center toddlers through Maryland Day to Serve.
They put smiles on the faces of others, and the students may let a smile sneak out, too. The group will get to sit in an Honor Row at Sunday's Ravens game.
We also recognize the Pocomoke Key Club and the Salisbury Youth Civics Council.
The Key Club participates in activities like making clay beads to donate to Beads of Courage, donating mugs of love to clients of Meals on Wheels, and raising money for Wreaths Across America to honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.
The Salisbury Youth Civics Council works closely with governmental and community leaders to raise awareness on youth-related issues, and following the volunteer projects, each student creates a proposal that they share with local officials to improve the community.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Pocomoke’s Byrd ‘A Model We All Look Up To’

From The Dispatch

Retiring Pocomoke High School Athletic Director, coach and teacher David Byrd, second from right, was honored at the Worcester County Board of Education this month. Pictured with him are Superintendent Lou Taylor, Assistant Principal Jenifer Rayne and Board of Education President Bill Gordy.

Read article:

Friday, May 25, 2012

Your Photos Are Welcomed

As always the PPE welcomes your photos.

If anyone has photos that were taken last evening  at the Awards Ceremonies at Pocomoke High School  please send them to us. 

Also, in the near future graduation day will be here and we would love posting those photos too.

Thanks.  jmmb

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The New Pocomoke City Mini Park

This eyesore of a corner lot in downtown Pocomoke City has had a true makeover!  Angela Manos, Downtown Coordinator for Pocomoke City has done an amazing job with sprucing up downtown Pocomoke in the short time she has been there. 

In fact, I'd say, Pocomoke City has had a makeover!

Great job, Angela and everyone involved.

Written by
Angela Manos
Pocomoke City Downtown Coordinator

Are you watching our NEW MINI-PARK -- at Second & Market -- start to take shape?

Many thanks go to our WINTER QUARTERS MUNICIPAL GOLF COURSE Superintendent, Douglas Guns AND to Pocomoke High School Media Relations Specialist, Patricia Tomasovic & PHS freshman STUDENTS, (left to right) Brandi Lemaster and Carolinda Fear.

Brandi and Carolinda worked with Ms.Tomasovic to plant our seasonal flower beds  as part of PHS' After-School Academy; also completing their Service Learning Requirements.

Brandi Lemaster (left) Carolinda Fear (right)
kb Photo

The students’ work is just one downtown beautification project that PHS administration, faculty and students have been involved with. Youth involvement with our downtown revitalization effort has been championed by PHS' newly appointed Principal, Annette Wallace.

MANY THANKS to all!!!

— with Douglas Guns, Brandi Lemaster, Annette Wallace, Patricia Tomasovic and Carolinda Fear at Pocomoke City, Maryland.

~You can find City of Pocomoke and kb photo on facebook ~

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

More PHS Prom Photos From Cypress Park

I asked for more photos taken in Cypress Park on Prom Night and I received some!

What a wonderful idea to use  the beauty of Cypress Park as background for prom photos.

These young adults look absolutely elegant yet comfortable in formal wear and the photos are wonderful.

Matt Whyte and Amber Hall

Robbie Stancil, Austin McGee, Matt Whyte

Group Photo

Taken Saturday May 5, 2012
PHS Prom

Thank you Sandee Whyte for sending the photos !

Monday, May 7, 2012

Photos In the Park....

The Pocomoke High School Junior-Senior Prom was held Saturday May 5, 2012

Before the prom a group of prom attendees had photos taken in Pocomoke's  Cypress Park.

This lovely looking couple had their photo taken while posing on the footbridge located at the Olive Lippoldt Tidal Wetland Garden. 

If  anyone from this group has photos to share that were taken in Cypress Park please send them to me.  I would be more than glad to post them.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Pocomoke High Warriors Basketball Team...



 This afternoon Friday, March 9 2012,  the Pocomoke High School  Warriors will face off with two-time defending 1A State Champion Paul Laurence Dunbar High School starting at 3 p.m. inside the Comcast Center.

Pocomoke (22-3) vs. Dunbar (22-3).


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pocomoke Warrior's Still Winners Even If They Did Lose In Semifinals.

Pocomoke High School Warriors Boy's Basketball team took their game to the University of Maryland Comcast Center on Friday to play the Williamsport Wildcats in the MPSSAA 1A semifinals.

Our Pocomoke Warriors lost that game with the final score of 67-48. Here's a quote I found in the Daily Times from the Warrior's coach Derrick Fooks and what he had to say about his hardplaying team. "We just never got anything going today, no rhythm at all."

Gosh! No rhythm?? Coach Fooks you made those boys sound like they went onto the arena floor with two left feet and minus thumbs to play the game! Surely you could have said something better than that!

Let's just call it an "off" day on the wrong day. There's no doubt in my mind that the members on that team worked themselves into exhaustion to get ready for Friday. And it's very apparent that they worked quite hard all season to achieve once again this year what has been achieved so many years before in the name of basketball and for Pocomoke High School.

Eight members of the basketball will probably return next year for another chance at the playoffs and the title. Sadly, four seniors played for the last time and leave with no championship under their belts for the 2011 Basketball season. That's very disappointing.

But what comes out on top is that the members on the Pocomoke High School Warriors Basketball Team are NOT losers at all! THEY are the winners too! In order for a team to get as far as they did and to have accomplish what they did two things have to go right while making the formula for winning: You need a great team that is willing to work hard, care about themselves and care about others to make all things work. And you need a great coach to make sure it gets done! That's just what happened.

Pocomoke Warrior's team ended the year with a 18-6 record. To have gone so far all of you had to be dong everything right. You should all be very proud.

Williamsport lost to Dunbar on Saturday - 64-43

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Parents Asking For Jr. Varsity Football At Pocomoke High School

February 18, 2011
Written By: Staff Writer, Travis Brown
A group of concerned individuals petitioned the Worcester County Board of Education Tuesday to bring junior varsity football to Pocomoke High School (PHS).

While many board members openly supported the idea, they also cautioned the group that the process of bringing a football team to PHS would likely be long and have to take place in degrees.

“They [the kids] all want to play,” said Howard Wilkinson parent of two children currently at Pocomoke Middle School.

Wilkinson explained to the assembly that his kids deserved the opportunity to play football on a school team once they reached PHS.

As of now, the only options for Pocomoke area students who wish to play football are programs like the Salvation Army Youth Club. Or, if a student is determined to play on a school team, Worcester County allows youths to attend any public school they wish, regardless of residence, as long as the individual can provide their own transportation.

This policy has resulted in many students transferring to nearby Snow Hill High School, just to take advantage of that school’s football program.

However, the process can be trying on families who have to transport the student to and from school every day. Additionally, the transfer means having to adjust to a new school and new people, an experience which is often difficult to manage for students at that age.

While Worcester used to allow temporary, one semester transfers to students wishing to participate in other schools’ sporting seasons, a relatively recent state athletic law has changed the rules.

“The school you play for, you have to graduate from,” Superintendent Dr. Jon Andes explained to the assembly, meaning that students who transfer to Show Hill High School to play football are implying the intent to graduate from that school. If they were to return to PHS at any point, they would not be allowed to play on the Show Hill High football team again.

Such rules were cited by the group asking for a football program at PHS, including Salvation Army Youth Club Director Harvey Davis, who told the Board of Education that he saw more than enough commitment and dedication from Pocomoke players on his club team to justify giving the school its own program.

The board heard what the advocates were saying and seemed engaged in the discussion and exploring all options.

Several members shared their own memories of playing high school football and agreed that it was an opportunity for growth that all youths should have the chance to experience. However, the realities of bringing football to PHS, even just junior varsity, will be difficult to surmount.

“Football is a very expensive undertaking,” said Andes. “It’s probably one of the most expensive programs.”

Board of Education President Bob Hulburd agreed, saying, “There are a lot of nuts and bolts and details that need to be worked out.”

The board suggested taking the Stephen Decatur High School swim team as something of a model for what would need to be done at PHS. That team began at the club level after receiving a lot of support from students and parents and eventually evolved into a fully Decatur-endorsed program.

“You need to show the intent and commitment of the community,” Board of Education Vice President Bob Rothermel said.

Rothermel recommended getting in touch with PHS administration, the PTA, and the community at large and coming back at the board’s next meeting.

Wilkinson and his group got a head start on Rothermel’s proposal when PHS Principal Tyrone Mills, who was in the audience, lent his support to the petition.

“I’d love to have football at Pocomoke High School,” he said.


Sunday, November 14, 2010

POCOMOKE WARRIORS ~ 1A Field Hockey Champs


State Champion Pocomoke with their trophy after winning the Maryland Division 1A High school Field Hockey Championship on Saturday against Patterson Mill at Washington College in Chestertown, Md.

info DailyTimes/photo Chuck Snyder

Saturday, November 13, 2010

OH, Those Pocomoke Hockey Girls!!!


CHESTERTOWN - After a scoreless first half, the Pocomoke field hockey team scored a goal early in the second half to win their eighth consecutive 1A championship as they defeated Patterson Mill 1-0 at Washington College. The championship is the program's 18th overall.

Senior forward Taylor West had the tip-in goal off of a rebound at the 19:30 mark in the half.

info from DelmarvaNow

Pocomoke High School Hockey Team

Pocomoke High School Field Hockey Team ~ Going for their 8th straight title of East region 1A State Champion. Pocomoke Warriors field hockey team beat the Manchester Valley Mavericks 2-1 on Monday.

Today the Pocomoke High School Girls field hockey travels to Washington College to play Patterson Mill. Game starts at 4:00 PM.



Wednesday, November 10, 2010

PHS Field Hockey Team Heads Back To State Finals

ANNAPOLIS -- The Pocomoke field hockey team will get the chance to claim their eighth straight title after the Warriors downed the Mavericks of Manchester Valley 2-1 on Monday night in the 1A MPSSAA state semifinal.

The Warriors scored twice in the first half, getting tallies from seniors Beverly Weaver and Taylor West, and were able to hold off a late charge from the Mavericks. Pocomoke will play in the title game Saturday at Washington College.

"I'm so pleased with how we played. We finally got a full good game," said Susan Pusey, Pocomoke's head coach. "Manchester Valley was a good team and they played well; it was nice to have that competition to get ready for the final game."

Manchester Valley made good use of the opening possession of the game. Off of the opening whistle, the Mavericks created one of their best scoring chances of the contest, sending a shot just wide of the post.
Pocomoke (16-2) responded by charging down to the opposite end of the field and scoring just 92 seconds into the match. Senior Kasey Tapman put the initial shot on goal, only to see it get deflected up and over the goalie. A scrum on the Mavericks goal line ensued before Weaver knocked it across.

"If you can score within the first five minutes of the game you set the tempo and the tone of the entire game," said West. "I think we dominated the game the first few minutes, but then they had their points where they were dominating as well."

Pocomoke continued to pour on the pressure, peppering the Mavericks with shots and earning multiple penalty corner opportunities. The Warriors doubled their lead with 12:36 remaining in the first half, as West stole a pass and immediately went to goal. West dribbled inside of the circle before unleashing a shot that punished the back of the Manchester Valley cage.

"Abby (Bunting) works really well with me, and she was able to force the ball to me. So we created a double," said West, explaining her goal. "From there I intercepted it and pulled right, and that was inside the circle, so I just looked up and saw an open corner."

Pocomoke continued to dominate the run of play in the second half, as the Warriors out cornered the Mavericks five to one during a 14-minute period, but they were not rewarded for their efforts.
While Pocomoke went scoreless on their many corner opportunities, Manchester Valley was able to take advantage of one of their own. Sophomore Sarah Bach inserted the ball into play for the Mavericks before a pass finally found the open stick of Jennie Frock. Frock, a freshman, was unmarked in the center of the circle and sent a shot to the bottom right corner of the Warriors' net that found its way into the back of the cage to halve Pocomoke's lead.

The Mavericks (8-6-1) pressed on for the tying goal, but it never came as Pocomoke was able to keep the ball in or near the Manchester Valley circle as time ticked away.

When the final horn sounded the Pocomoke sideline erupted with joy, as the Warriors raced on to the field to revel in their accomplishment and the chance to play in yet another state championship.

"No one can explain this feeling really -- they never get old, keep them coming," said Pusey of her multiple state final appearances. "I'm fortunate to have good kids that play hard, play well, and do what I ask them to do. As long as we keep on playing like we are, hopefully we will come out on top again."

Pocomoke Hockey Team Wins State Semifinal

Monday, November 8, 2010 - Annapolis, Maryland

The Pocomoke field hockey team celebrates its 2-1 victory against Manchester Valley in a Class 1A state semifinal.

Way to go PHS Hockey Team !!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Congratulations Pocomoke Graduates

Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else. ~Judy Garland~



CLASS 2010

Do not follow where the path may lead. Go, instead, where there is no path and leave a trail.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson~

Thursday, January 14, 2010

BYE BYE BIRDIE at the Mar-Va

The Pocomoke High School Presents


Friday and Saturday, January 15 and 16, 2010

7:30 p.m

At the Mar-Va TheaterAll
All seats $5.00