Saturday, April 16, 2011

Locals Beware Theft

As promised this is a BOLO and local theft warning to everyone, but especially those that live in the Clarke Ave. Laurel St. Cedar St. Second and Forth St. area.

Starting about three weeks or so ago I started missing things around the yard I really didn't pay much attention to it until we noticed that a whole bunch of aluminum cans we had been saving were gone, this was a LOT of cans, my guess is that we had at least two large pick-up truck loads of cans all bagged up and ready to take to the recyclers. I didn't have anywhere to store that mountain of cans so they had to stay there until I was able to take them to the recyclers, I also had a very nice set of 19" wheels and tires stored behind my house near the cans.

The day that I had noticed the first bags of cans gone the thief somehow returned and stole ALL of the mountain of cans that were left except for a few that had busted bags, he also managed to steal two of my set of wheels and tires on this trip to the candy store.

This is when I went to the police, I made a report of the theft and of the things that were missing and I went on my way. The very next day my wife caught him stealing the remainder of the cans that he left behind from the busted bags, at this point she called the police and they came to my house and made a report and told my wife that by her description that they knew who this was.

I was thinking oh good they will go pick this criminal up and charge him with theft, trespassing, etc. Right.....? WRONG!

So now a few days pass and I'm still finding things missing, old bikes, wheels, anything that would bring a penny at the recyclers but I figured that the police would be on his tail and nab him in the act. Right....? WRONG AGAIN!

Next couple of days after more things gone my son catches him with a shopping cart (that came from my yard) and cans in the cart. My son calls the police and the police arrest him right there.

Well I don't know what they did with him after that but I'm still having things stolen from my yard and he's still on the streets. I was on my way home yesterday and I spotted one of the bikes that were stolen from me, it's standing up in a yard not to far from my house, in-fact it's less than a block away and less than a block from the police station.

I do not see this characters name on the Maryland Judiciary Case Search and I have not heard from the police yet, so he's still running around stealing from you and I. 

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Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm PPE, maybe it's time for the bait pocketbook trick?