Friday, April 15, 2011

Locals Beware

There are a couple of guys riding around in a white SUV going from house to house claiming that they "sell cleaning supplies".

DO NOT open your door to these crooks, call the police and get a good description and tag number if you can. These goons are not trying to sell you anything they want to rob you. I have heard that they are looking for checks to wash, and I have also heard that they simply want to rob you.

Either way, just do not answer your door for any strangers especially if the above description fits.

Also, there is a rash of theft happening in the Clarke Ave. Laurel St area. I will have an article on that later. In the mean time make sure everything in your yard is put away and under lock and key, if not it WILL be stolen. If you see anyone in your yard, call the police.

Keep an eye on your neighbors property also if possible.


Anonymous said...

but theres no crime here

not pocomoke

Anonymous said...

You know what 3:29? Shut Up! No where ever has anyone said there was NO crime in Pocomoke City! Not Ever! If and when you can prove that it was said there "was NO Crime in Pocomoke" than you will be taken seriously. Until then keep quiet until you can back up your accusations!

Anonymous said...