Monday, April 11, 2011

AGENDA ~ Pocomoke City Mayor and Council Meeting Tonight~

This sounds like an interesting meeting.  Hope alot of Pocomoke citizens can attend.

MONDAY  April 11, 2011
7:30 PM

          1.  Call to Order, Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance.

2.      Old Business
a.    Review and approval of minutes from meeting of March 7, 2011
b.      Review and approval of bills to be paid
c.       Other old business

3.      Swearing-In and Reorganization
a.       Worcester County Clerk of Court Steve Hales to swear in Bruce Morrison as Mayor of Pocomoke City for a three year term
b.      Mayor Morrison to swear in Councilman-Elect Don Malloy (District 3)
c.       Selection of First Vice President and Second Vice President of the City Council for the coming year

4.      City Manager and Police Chief to introduce new police officer Franklin Savage

5.      Representatives of Great Fair Committee to discuss budget request.

6.      Presentation by Eastern Shore Robotics Team 1829.

7.      Representatives of Becker Morgan Architects to present plans for proposed restaurant adjacent to Discovery Center.

8.      Discuss request from Pocomoke Elks Club to use Winter Quarters Golf Course for golf tournament on May 21.

9.      Review American Legion request for Sunday Beer and Wine Permit for “Home of the Brave” fundraising event on May 22, 2011. 

10.  City Attorney Items
(a)    Agreement with EnerNoc Co. for electricity cost savings at Wastewater Treatment Plant
(b)   Agreement with Bloosurf Broadband Co. for use of City water towers for antennas
(c)    Discuss proposed Charter amendments

11.  City Manager to discuss bids and acquisitions.
(a)    City Hall heating system improvements  (MEA Grant)
(b)   Electrical work to connect generator to Maryland Avenue well
(c)    Radio read water meters specifications
Comments from the Audience.
Mayor and Council Items.


Anonymous said...

The last time someone was howling about how the city hadn't posted the agenda I went and looked and there it was plain as the nose on my face right on the city's website.

Anonymous said...

wasnt posted until monday the day of this meeting

Anonymous said...

yep looked yesterday wasnt up yet

jmmb said...

It was posted on here last week that the meeting would be held tonight. No agenda was posted at that time on the city website.

Hope you made it to the meeting.

For future reference, and so you will know what the agenda is, call city hall -- (410)957-1333.

I am sure they would be more than glad to advise you of the agenda for meeting night. Don't rely on the internet for everything. A phone call is all it takes and then you won't have to worry yourself with complaining about it.

Bobby Brittingham said...

Good luck to Mayor Morrison and to Councilman Malloy. The race was done with respect and honor. Upon the conclusion of the election, I was treated with respect and grace from the both of you.
I will continue to support the both of you and your decisions to improve our city. If I can be of any help in the furture please feel free to ask.
I also ask the voters of Pocomoke City, Now is the time of healing and move to solve the issues which effect our town.
Again good luck and gods speed to our new mayor and coucilman and to our entire government body.

Anonymous said...

honor and respect? signs missing?
poor voter registration list?
oh thats right, you didn't have any signs.

Anonymous said...

lol that's a funny. honor and respect? As soon as I saw Butler's truck with Morrison's signs, knew the good ole' boys were up to their same ole' tricks.

Butler is back in office.

Anonymous said...

If they want to do something for the voters, they'll clean up that voter registration list.

And make it illegal to touch an election sign.

Question is, will they?

Anonymous said...

hey why should it take someone 'calling' city hall?

Its their job to post the information for the public.

Dont think they wanted any questions, though about that restaurant.

or their 'proposed Charter amendments'.

God forbid they tell the public in advance.

Anonymous said...

Good ole' boys continue.

What will Clarke do when he learns they are already 'grooming' another to take his place? Wonder if he knows.

Anonymous said...

wonder if they'll investigate the person who was not allowed to vote using one name and was told to go back in and vote using a different name.

jmmb said...

Anon 9:47 and anon 9:57 and everyone else that has the same feelings as written in these two comments please take note:

Billy Brittingham ran for the office of councilman in District 3 and lost. It's not easy to lose alot the time. Especially when you lose twice in such a short period of time.

In spite of his loss Bobby is man enough to admit his loss and send a kind message to those that did win the election. Just goes to show that if you act respectfully you get respect in return.

9a:47 and 9:57 you sound like a disgruntled loser. I can only remember a few sources where signs and adsentee ballots were addressed.

So let's do what Bobby suggests and move on towards solving the issues that effect the town.

Anonymous said...

Don't attack the messenger. Moving on is addressing the problems. Are they big enough to do so?

Anonymous said...

Guess that grant for the restaurant they got in 2008 has to be used by August of this year. Isn't it a 3 year period and then if you don't use it you have to return it?

Bet Blakes in a hurry to dig!

Hey, here's the real question.

Isn't it ILLEGAL to not REPORT the large grant they received in the budget?

Wanna bet?

Anonymous said...

hey thats a good question

Anonymous said...

Dont forget brenda had a morrison sign.

Whatever happened to the 'new day' we elected 6 years ago?

He's back.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, if voters really looked they'd seen Morrison signs on Butler's truck, remembered 6 years ago and realized the deception.

Anonymous said...

Please Lynn Duffy, just leave town you sore losser and take the Grinch with you,because you two make a good couple.

Anonymous said...

The losers are those who have to steal signs, deceive and make up lies.

Dr. Duffy isnt a loser. She has and will do her best to make Pocomoke a better place. Dr. Duffy contributed to numerous organizations and programs, even the Fire Department.

Envy and jealousy isn't Christian behavior.

Anonymous said...

Amen. Where a door is closed, God opens a window.

Anonymous said...

you assume Duffy and Grinch work together.

What is it when u assume something?

You are wrong.

Anonymous said...

When did this blog become so intolerant of hearing anything they didnt agree with?

Go to Russia.

Anonymous said...

The Grinch makes up lies. He made another one up just this morning. Just about everything he posts is a lie.

Anonymous said...

The Grinch told everyone to get out and vote for Duffy. That's probably why everyone went out and voted the opposite way. He is without a doubt persona non grata in Worcester county. He's made up more lies and has allowed more lies to be hatched than the whole population of Worcester county put together. He's nothing but a big joke. He campaigned for Todd and Todd LOST. He campaigned against Mike and Mike WON! What's that tell a person? If Duffy had a lick of sense she would have told the Grinch to remove her name from his blog. And if she had I bet she would have done much better. If the grinch were campaigning for God Almighty himself I'd vote for the other candidate just on principle.

jmmb said...

Anon 12:34- Let's leave the Grinch out of this.

The blogging world is a huge one and what each blogger does on their site is their own business. In the long run we all must exist in that same world of blogging.

The Grinch is sincere in what he does and has his own way of doing things as we have ours. To put the blame on him for the outcome of this election is truly not fair and comments like this only makes the situation worse for everyone.