Wednesday, May 11, 2011

No Charges Yet For Two In Pocomoke Drug Raid

POCOMOKE CITY — A four-month investigation into sales of crack cocaine, cocaine and marijuana led to two raids of homes in Pocomoke City, law enforcement officials said. In a news release, police named the targets of the investigations that led to the raids, but did not say criminal charges had been filed against them.

After raiding two houses in Pocomoke City on May 5, police said they found two grams of cocaine and two rolled marijuana cigarettes as well as materials used to package cocaine and paraphernalia.

During the investigation police are reported to have purchased crack cocaine from Gerry Marshall Laws II at his residence. Corey Brusshea Cropper was also targeted as part of a cocaine distribution investigation, police said. As of midday Wednesday, neither Laws nor Cropper had been charged with any offenses stemming from the raids, according to police and court documents.


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