Saturday, May 14, 2011


April, 1967

The Pony Ranch Drive-In on Route 13 south of Pocomoke City was advertising a 39-cent Ranch Burger special that consisted of a double-decker hamburger with cheese, special sauce, lettuce and pickle. The regular price was 60-cents. The Pony Ranch menu also included Subs, Pizza, Chicken In The Basket, Shakes, and Soft Serve Products.

Footnote: The Pony Ranch parking lot spaces had speaker phones so you could just drive up and order from your car; your order would be brought out to you to enjoy in your car or to take with you. The Pony Ranch was operated by L.J. and June McGee.

August, 1959

Twin Towers on Route 13 south of Pocomoke announced the Grand Opening of its' new "Tower Room" cocktail lounge to complement its' restaurant. King Sterling at the organ provided dinner music. Dinner features at the popular Pocomoke gathering spot included Chinese Dishes, Broiled Steaks, and Live Maine Lobster from their lobster tank.

November, 1956

Probably more than a few Pocomoke City residents were planning a visit to Salisbury where 1936 menu prices were being featured during the 20th anniversary celebration at the two English Grills. Menu specials, including all the trimmings, were 50-cent hotcake and sausage breakfast, 60-cent fried chicken lunch, and for dinner $1.25 breaded veal cutlet or local baked rock fish.

July, 1958

Johnnys & Sammys in Salisbury was advertising a Wednesday 85-Cents Lunch Special: Chicken & Slippery Dumplings served with hot rolls and butter, and choice of coffee or hot tea.


Anonymous said...

The real treat at Pony Ranch in 1967 was Martha, the McGee's 16 year old daughter. She was (and still is) a real sweetie.

Anonymous said...

Twin Towers was the first eatery in the Pocomoke area to offer Chinese food. 1959 was the year my aunt met my future uncle. She was a waitress and he was a customer.