Monday, June 13, 2011

Diver Says He Will Look For Bin Laden's Body

Oh, I can tell you right now, this might not be a good idea.......

A California scuba diver says he plans to go on an underwater search to find the body of Osama bin Laden, since there has not been a photo released to the public to prove the terrorist leader is dead.

Bill Warren, 58, is an experienced deep-sea scuba diver normally dives searching for underwater treasure in sunken ships. He said last week that he plans to scour the North Arabian Sea for bin Laden's body. The U.S. Navy allegedly buried bin Laden at sea by pitching his body overboard there in early May.

Warren said the expedition could cost about $500,000. He plans to rent a ship and a remote-control submarine at the cost of $11,000 per day.

The seach will begin next month in India, he said. If he finds bin Laden's body, he plans to photograph it and perform a DNA test on the ship.

Warren said he plans to bring a film crew on the expdition to document it.


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Anonymous said...

Might not be a good idea? What an understatement!