Thursday, June 30, 2011

East Coast Pullers, LLC- At Pocomoke Fairgrounds Last Saturday

Even in 2011 racing is still a male- dominated sport. But there are those ladies out there that just seem to have that need for speed. Professional racing along with  nonprofessional racing sports seem to have more women each year signing up to compete.

Ms. Nancy Weller  is  one of them.  Racing  a powerful vehicle and being the 2009 East Coast Pullers Champion doesn't surprise me.  She competed this past Saturday night at the Pocomoke fairgrounds against some pretty mean motors........and men.

However, it is the other half of the double-life she leads that is quite interesting.

Nancy Weller of Taneytown, Maryland is the 2009 East Coast Pullers Champion and has been pulling for 13 years.

Nancy leads somewhat of a double-life, as she pulls on the weekends and is a Public Defender for Baltimore City during the weekdays.

"When I show up to court in my suit and heels and I tell them what I do on the weekends, it's always a big surprise," says Weller.

Weller drives "Hot Damn" in the Modified Tractors class along with her teammate and father, Earl Howard.

"When I started in 1996, there was a ton of pressure on me for being a woman in a male-dominated sport," she says. "It made my push to win even stronger."  (East Coast Pullers LLC)

Any takers from Worcester County  (currently in any type of law) up  for building a racing vehicle and facing her, or anyone, on the race track?

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