Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Worcester County- Skylor Harmon Trial

SNOW HILL, Md. - It's day one in the trial of 20 year old Skylor Harmon. Police say he allegedly shot and killed another young man, Reginald Handy Junior, just over a year ago in Pocomoke City. Attorney's started the day choosing a 14 member jury.

But after that, they didn't waste any time getting to witness testimony. And witnesses painted a disturbing picture for the jury. One of alcohol, drugs, guns, and how old grudges came to a head on Laurel Street.

Evangela Handy is just one of the witnesses who took the stand today in the trial of her son's alleged killer. In a surprising revelation, the mother tells WMDT Skylor Harmon and her slain son are actually distant cousins.

Harmon sat stone faced, as witness after witness presented evidence to the jury at the Worcester County Courthouse Tuesday afternoon. Friends and cousins of the victim explained how the shooting went down on May 26th, 2010. "He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, with the wrong people. " says the victim's sister Renasha Handy, "He wasn't bothering nobody. But things just happened."

Many say they saw Alexander Crippen, Skylor Harmon's Uncle, pull out a gun that night and attempt to shoot Handy's cousin, Torrance Davis. Crippen is now serving 25 years on attempted murder charges. We caught up with Skylor Harmon's mother, Crippen's sister, outside the courthouse. "I'm hurt, you know," says Antrea Crippen, "because first, it was my brother, which we were really close. And now my son, we're taking one day at a time."

But forensic evidence cleared Crippen of Handy's murder charges. The assistant medical examiner's autopsy revealed Handy died from a gunshot wound to the back. When they presented photos of the autopsy as evidence, Skylor Harmon sat unmoved.

And although no one who testifying today admitted to seeing Harmon with a gun, many witnesses say they remember hearing the sound of two different guns going off that night.

In a shocking move, the prosecution submitted an AR-15 Assault Rifle with a hunting scope into evidence, not saying whether or not it was the murder weapon.

Day 2 in Skylor Harmon's 3 Day trial starts up again tomorrow at 9:30am at the Worcester County Circuit Courthouse.

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