Sunday, June 26, 2011

Truck and Tractor Pull At the Pocomoke Fairgrounds

-Saturday night in Pocomoke-
Lucus Oil Pro-Pulling League presented the East Coast Puller, LLC classes in:
Modified Two Wheel Drive Trucks
Modified Four Wheel Drive Trucks
Super Modified Tractors
Super Stock/Pro Stock Tractors
Sorry if you missed it!  What a wonderful crowd.  Families in attendance, farmers, fathers with sons. 
Most of these spectators stayed until the last truck pulled and the great thing to see was that so many of them were actually spending money for the assortment of food that's available! 

Those volunteers behind the scenes never seem to get any recognition for the good things they do but I can positively say that they worked hard......and fast!
 French fries  sold by the Kiwanas Club were  great!  I have to admit that my husband and I are not big eaters away from home but last night we did.  He decided he wanted a taco.  The taco, however, was a 'walking taco'.  Hmmm....I didn't know.  My husband is a funny eater and I am always anxious for him to  try different things so I spent the $2.00.  What a unique creation that was!  A bag of fritos opened with warn chili dumped inside.  I topped it off with a hotdog  and my husband was quite pleased. 

But anyway, it was a warm evening, no humidity and no threat of thunder showers. 
Both sides of the grandstand were filled by night fall and so was the grand stand.  There has to be plenty of still backs around today from a night on those hard seats but I figure these people were enjoying themselves enough to stay.
This type of racing competion does not come cheap and I am thinking that people don't mind the charge of admission if what they see they enjoy.   While this is not my  favorite type of racing I do love the tractor pulls.....yes, even me.  And so do so many more which is proven by the attendence last night.

This little guy (below) stuck to his dad all evening.  He never strayed and most of the evening he and his dad were in deep discussions about what racing is all about.  I did notice that the small boy was wearing ear plugs which is a must when attending this type of racing.

Most of you that read this blog frequently are familiar with my posts on mudbogging and sand dragging along with tractor and lawn tractor pulls on a less competitive level.  I spotted this t-shirt in the crowd....
For those that don't know,  Bog Hog is a very popular mudbog truck and races at the Gumboro Mudbog.  Good to see a familiar t-shirt.

Another racing spot on Delmarva.  This is my good friend Andy from near Paronsburg. 
His dad is a good racing buddy with my husband and me and they joined us last night.

Andy, at age 11, races in the Lawn Tractor Pull at Melsons Power Sports. Don't underestimate him, folks!  He KNOWS lawn mowers and how to turn them into racing machines.

And in case you didn't know Melson Power Sports is in Parsonsburg, Md. and operated by a gentleman that grew up in Pocomoke!

And here it is!!  Ohhh, the dreaded beer tent!!!
So many said it just shouldn't be done!! 
Let me say this...... and DO NOT clog my blog with anonymous comments dripping with your ugly words about this.....
Those of you that were so adamately against it, for whatever reason, were WRONG!  I located my big self not far from this tent.  I went inside the tent and spoke to the person 'bartending'.  Things were quiet and I know it must really hurt alot of feelings to see me print this.  My feeling is that some of  you will be disappointed greatly that it did not succeed. 

I don't know if this brought any money to the fair.  But I do know this.  I didn't see any drunks.  I did not hear any commotions.  I did not witness anyone being drug to the exit gate.  And I did not see any children standing outside while their parents went in to drink!
 It was a beautiful evening.  And  it was wonderful see  so many people I had not seen in quite some time. And it was also  great to see some  of the Pocomoke City Council members in attendence along with the new mayor Bruce Morrison. 

Hope you enjoyed it.

More video and photos to come...........


Anonymous said...

Events serving alcohol and lying they aren't family events with children and only for adults, well your pictures just proved that wrong.

Personally, I won't attend an event with alcohol and know of others who no longer will support activities there no matter what. Hope the selling of beer is worth the loss of support from some in the community.

Anonymous said...

Seen the attendance drop in past years. Guess they had to do something. Problem is quick fixes are not really the 'fix'.

Maybe if they got new people on the fair committee they'd get new ideas. Like rest of town, only a few want control, get it and don't give it up. So they've resorted to selling beer. Wonder why? Is the answer 'look at who is on the committee'. Yep.

jmmb said...

9:04 and 9:14 PM
Why don't you give it a break and rest your mouth. Maybe you don't attend other events around Delmarva but there are quite a few that sell beer. Just goes to show how much your mouthy self has not been paying attention. The beer issue has gone before the Mayor and council many times in many years.

I'm sure no one will miss you if you don't attend or if others YOU seem to say will follow your lead. And I'm sure that's fine with everyone, including me. I'm just telling everyone what I witnessed on Saturday night and it was NO big deal.

You seem to have all the issues with everything that goes on in the city.

If you don't like who is on the fair committee then for goodness sakes ask to be a part of it. Stop being part of the problem and be part of the solution.

I'm sure I would have no problem getting on the committee and I don't even live in Pocomoke nor would others.

Do me and the other readers a favor. Please sign your name when you comment. When you use anonymous it just tells me and the others that you wouldn't have nerve enough to say all of this to those faces you just criticized.

Anonymous said...

Last comment seems like just another person who doesn't like it when someone don't agree with someone's opinion. Don't like it when someone doesn't agree with you? Last time checked, freedoms exist. Certain that people would appreciate not being attacked for an opinion. No wonder no one is taking the poll and few if any are posting. Nothing has changed.

jmmb said...

10:52 I don't mind it at all where someone states their opinion. I object to the comments being left on this blog because they are not opinions. These comments are just plain ugly comments left to make Pocomoke look bad.

I am not attacking anyone. And I am well aware that freedom exists. However, what alot of people seem to think is that commenting anonymous and leaving ugly, hurtful comments is their right. Just because you are an anonymous writer does NOT give you the freedom you think you deserve. Not here. Not all the time.

I'll say it again. Those that use anonymous to hide behind have no back bone to say those same things they write to people they were meant for.

Anonymous said...

No one else makes Pocomoke look bad. Any one with intelligence knows who is responsible for that.

Anonymous said...

Maybe this would be a good forum for tossing out ideas for the fair committee?
We should refrain from critizing and condemning and not focus on what we perceive to be wrong-that solves nothing and isn't productive.
We need to try and look to other areas and see what they are doing or trying to do to keep these types of small fair venues profitable.

Anonymous said...

Other areas? Some churches will no longer participate or encourage participation. Even if they have a 'gospel sing a long' so long as they support sale of beer. Can't say I blame them. Isn't a preacher doing 'double' talk if they condone the action?

All the hyperreaction makes it sound like someone said some people were drunks. Never heard or read that one. Don't shoot the messenger.

Last time, I did check, this isn't Pleasantville, USA and people do have different thoughts. Doesn't make them bad people. But here we go....this has been a struggle for Pocomoke lately: People who don't think exactly the same way piss off some folks in this town.

Yep, you heard it here. Perhaps this is our main problem in this town. What you do on your time, is your business. What you do in your yard, is your business. What you do in your house, is your business. But you see, some in Pocomoke have a problem with that. There are too many, granted not all, who speculate about how some people get their money, who is doing what with whom, and what they can 'do' to get at or hurt someone else.

Are we really understanding in this town? Are we friendly to 'outsiders' or 'come heres'? Ok, so you want a drink, but what if others don't want to go to an event where there is drinking? You do know there are some people who don't go in bars or pubs?

Does that mean that your right to drink should 'outweigh' another person's right to enjoy their time in an atmosphere without people drinking? Ok, so someone thinks differently than you. Have we become such an intolerable people that we have forgotten the meaning of grace, mercy or understanding? Don't think the perspective "we can do without you coming this event" is a graceful one. Gee, next there will be a secret society in Pocomoke and won't only 'productive' or 'our type of people' in the town and others will be turned away at the borders of the town.

Bottom line is if someone is relishing in the fact that they 'got to drink at the fair'? Or did prayed someone didn't drink too much, leave the event drunk, kill a person or a family, and end up trying to sue the city? The good Lord above knows which I did.

We, the citizens of Pocomoke City, should consider taking the 'rod out of our eye' first and start to try to appreciate another person's idea. They may just have a good one.

~a message from a praying warrior

Anonymous said...

Oh, this involves listening and we aren't very good at that.

~a message from a praying warrior

jmmb said...

9:11, 9:15
I've read enough of your poison for the past two nights. It's sad to see someone that knows so much and all the seem to be able to do is speak unkind things. I suppose those groups that don't like drinking will have to do what they think is best. Maybe they don't travel to other places -the board walk in OC, etc. because you certainly do find beer there.

The intention of the tent was NOT to let anyone drink into intoxication and YOU have given NO credit to the people that monitor those things.

You have NO faith in people. In fact, I don't even think you like people.

And you seem to forget the purpose of this blog in general. There are many wonderful people in Pocomoke. Pocomoke is a wonderful town. I am guessing someone has stepped on your toes and you have an atitude because of that.

Our attempt is to keep a postiive blog going. One that Pocomoke will be proud of. A blog that the wonderful people of Pocomoke can turn to and find what is going on in their community - good or bad. If they have a complaint I expect to hear from them. They don't even have to comment as long as they are happy.

I am going to keep that promise that I made and I am going to do all I can to let others know how much I love Pocomoke City, Maryland and how much those people mean to me.

My suggestion to you is to get a life. Get a life away from leaving your stupid gossipy comments. Because it is comments like the ones that have been left for the past 2 nights that convince me that no matter how much education a person has, nor how many degrees they still end up STUPID.

All of you anonymous commentors that want to leave a comment just to try to make the city or it's people look bad forget it. It's not going to happen. I will delete them. Your rights to free speech??? It's my blog.

Your comments won't live here long. Got that?

Anonymous said...

no matter how many degrees a person has? what? sounds like you are jealous of somebody. Dawg, hate to be that person. Sound like you really hate them. When you attack a person and 'misrepresent' the posting as negative, when their view is only 'different' then yours', mercy.


Anonymous said...

I'll be praying for you.

Anonymous said...

You know, I didn't want to believe what I'd heard around town, until I read it here.

There are actually some who HATE those people who went beyond high school for an education. There seems to almost be a 'prejudice' against people who did go beyond h.s.

There are some who believe we never stop learning.

Wow. I'm still learning.

jmmb said...

You know exactly what I mean and I do not hate jealousy felt towards anyone. And previous comments are not views.

And anon 10:17 - you heard no such thing around Pocomoke. There is no 'prejudice'. Why would there be?

Anonymous said...

"There are actually some who HATE those people who went beyond high school for an education. There seems to almost be a 'prejudice' against people who did go beyond h.s."

What an off the wall comment---actually quite funny.

Anonymous said...

I've noticed a common theme with this anon poster-they try and bolster their arguement with "it's heard around town" and "what others are saying."
That's exactly the trait of a pathological liar.

Anonymous said...

Dawg, that's not in any dictionary.

I'll listen to your professional definition of pathological liar when you learn how to spell the word "argument".

Anonymous said...

How about this one? While you are busy counterarguing statements on here, did you hear or check with the police about the reason the street was blocked off yesterday with more than 6 cop cars at the corner near Lynnhaven Baptist Church?

Would you rather our small town knows the reality of our town, and prays, for every corner of it, or people who live in a complete bubble or oblivious to the truth?

Anonymous said...

We can agree to disagree and I don't dislike you.

Anonymous said...

I guess I'm oblivious. What's the reality of the town and the truth?

Anonymous said...

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