Friday, June 3, 2011

Kitten Rescued From 12-year-old's Abuse Dies

Jamarea Mills
This kitten was grossly abused by a twelve year old on a neighborhood playground.  The 12 year old took the kitten to the top of a piece of equipment where he dropped it to the ground, continued to abuse the tiny defenseless creature and then pulled out a knife to cut the kitten. Jamerea Mills asked the 12 year old what he was doing to the cat and the older boy replied he wanted to kill it.  Jamerea smacked the knife from the boys hand, placed the lifeless kitten in a cardboard box then the 9 year old and his friends  took it home.

Jamerea Mills has been called a hero and even has a facebook page (Jamaera Mills is a hero) set up in his honor and one day hopes to become a veterinarian.

SUFFOLK, Virginia – A 7-week-old kitten that was rescued by children from an abusive 12-year-old has died.

The foster home caring for the kitten notified animal shelter personnel around 1am that the kitten was experiencing difficulty breathing and rushed the animal to an emergency vet. The kitten passed away shortly after arriving at the vet.

The unnamed tabby kitten was scheduled to be available for adoption Friday.

  A necropsy will be performed to determine if the death was a result of the injuries sustained in the assault.  If that is determined to be the case, the animal cruelty charge against the 12-year-old could possibly be upgraded to a felony.  

Suffolk Police and Suffolk Animal Control would like to thank the foster care provider who gave the kitten around the clock care, as well as Suffolk Humane for their willingness to provide future care for the kitten.


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