Thursday, June 2, 2011

New Church Man Pleads Guilty To Store Hold Up

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Nancy Drury Duncan
ACCOMAC --A presentence report was ordered for an Accomack County man who pleaded guilty to robbery and use of a firearm in Circuit Court here.

Montrell Cropper, 19, of New Church, admitted to going into an Oak Hall convenience store at five in the afternoon, putting a loaded shotgun to the head of a store clerk and demanding money.

The robbery occurred on Dec. 15 of last year. Commonwealth's attorney Gary Agar told the court that the clerk said, "Do not shoot me it's Christmas time."

He said Cropper just laughed, put the gun to the man's face and said, "Don't tell police, or I'll shoot you."

Agar said the police received several reports that the robber, dressed in black, ran off into nearby woods.

He was soon captured and the sawed-off shotgun was found.

Agar told the court that DNA evidence tied Cropper to the crime.

He said Cropper was cooperative and that he did not pursue separate charges for the use of the sawed-off shotgun.

Agar said that text messages showed that Cropper had planned the crime ahead of time and that the robbery was not a spur-of- the-moment decision.

"This shotgun was loaded," he told the court.

Defense attorney Carl Bundick asked that his client be considered for a youthful offender program. He said Cropper "was high on cocaine" when he committed the robbery.

H. Thomas Padrick Jr. said it was "highly doubtful" Cropper would be eligible for that program. He told Cropper the punishment for his crime could be life in prison.

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Anonymous said...

"Cropper "was high on cocaine" when he committed the robbery"

I often wonder how many of these robberies and thefts are a direct result of illegal drug usage. Last night on a local broadcast there was a report concerning the availability of heroin on the Eastern Shore. That needs to be nipped in the bud quickly.