Friday, July 22, 2011

McDonalds Are You Kidding Us?

Tonight I had a craving for a Fillet-O-Fish from McDonald's, I very rarely get a craving and I hate it when I do because something usually goes wrong. I get in my truck and take a drive over to McDonald's and the drive-thru was packed so I decided to go inside. The line inside was small and moving right along and when I got the register I placed my order and the young lady asked me if I wanted the Fillet-O-Fish special, I asked her what that was and she explained it was simply a fish and fries for a special price. Hmmmm? could this be that something is working in my favor with this craving?

I placed my order, got my change and receipt, and waited, and waited, and waited.... ok here we go but I'm being patient and after a little over a ten minuet wait I got my order and I was headed home. I opened my fries and began to munch down and about ten fries was about all I could stand of those. They were over salted, greasy yet hard as a brick, no problem I had two Fillet-O-Fish so I didn't much want the fries anyway.

Now it's time for my craving, normally McDonald's fish is nice and soft and moist on fresh bread, not these. My first one was very dry, just barely warm and the bread was tough like it had been microwaved, but I ate it. Noticing that I didn't taste any cheese on the first one I picked up the bun on the second one to take a look. Now I know with this economy everyone is cutting portions, making containers smaller etc. well it seems that McDonald's is doing so with their cheese... cheese? did I say cheese? well I don't know about anyone else but I'd gladly pay them an extra fifty cent or so for a slice of cheese instead of them advertising cheese and getting what I got on these sandwiches. Oh well, so much for my Friday night craving hahaha............ Remember the old lady on the Wendy's commercial saying "Where's the beef"?

Hey McDonald's........... WHERE'S THE CHEESE?? LOL

Click the image to enlarge so you can actually see that the cheese is even paper thin transparent

Doesn't that just look scrumptious? 

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