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TIME MACHINE ... Jury Verdict

For those who have been reading the recent postings regarding the alleged 1879 murder incident in Pocomoke City, the jury verdict is below.


June, 1879

(The Denton Journal)

Snow Hill, Md., June 19.- The jury in the case of Lillie Duer for the homicide of Ella Hearn agreed upon a verdict this morning at 9:15 o'clock. The foreman said when called: "Guilty of manslaughter with recommendations to the mercy of the court." The court fined her $500, not sentencing her to any imprisonment.

Footnote: Friends paid her $500 fine, the maxium prescribed by law, and she was released from custody.

July, 1879

(The Daily Constitution- Atlanta, Ga.)

- When it is borne in mind that whether she meant to shoot her friend Ella Hearn or not she certainly did shoot her, Miss Lillie Duer has returned from Snow Hill, Md., where she was tried and convicted of manslaughter, to Pocomoke City, her place of residence, in a jaunty and self-complacent frame of mind. A letter says "She is at home to almost everybody who calls, and chats in the most lively and attractive manner." But worse is to come. Miss Lillie Duer has announced her intention of going on a lecture tour, which she thinks the public interest in her trial will make very successful. Of course, she is mistaken. It is not probable that she would make her expenses, much less her fortune, but her entertainment for the moment of the notion shows what a flippant and shallow young woman she must be. Somebody ought to tell her that with no qualification save temporary notoriety, lecturers generally hold forth to a beggary array of empty benches.

Footnote: Information was not found as to whether the above mentioned lecture tour occurred. Sketchy internet information indicates that at some point Lillie Duer authored romance writings that were published in some newspapers.

The Maryland State Archives Guide To Special Selections lists the availability for viewing (not online) of the following:

1879/06/28 Mysterious Duer-Hearn Murder at Pocomoke City, Md.: Miss Lillie Duer, alleged Murderess. (sketch); Miss Ella Hearn, Murder Victim. (sketch); View of Market Street. (sketch); House in which Hearn was shot. (sketch); Bedroom in which Hearn died. (sketch); A group of citizens. (sketch); Hallway where shooting took place. (sketch); Woods where first attempt took place. (sketch); Court room during trial. (sketch); Miss Duer leaving court room. (sketch). Accession No.: MSA SC 1579-1-44 Location: 0/20/05/

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So if they had cable networks and tv back then do you think this would be like the Casey Anthony thing?