Monday, August 8, 2011

Pocomoke City and Crisfield Drug Investigations and Arrests

There were lots of comments made a few days ago concerning the major drug bust in Pocomoke and the lack of  the Pocomoke City Police Chief Ervin or his officers during this gigantic raid.

Well, my friends,  maybe none of that police department was seen because they were off doing other important things........   

And if I am correct there was another drug bust in Virginia.  That bust was in continuance with a bust that occured in 2009.  I'll post that soon - once I get some things about it sorted out.

GREAT JOB !!  Pocomoke City Police Department and Crisfield Police Department! 

CRISFIELD — The Crisfield and Pocomoke City Police Departments working together on a three-month undercover drug investigation, gained a foothold into some of the closed drug shops that were running in both towns.

The investigation has culminated with the indictment and/or arrest of 10 individuals — six from Crisfield and four from Pocomoke City.

All have been charged with distribution of drugs and other multiple related charges.



Anonymous said...

To me the bottom line with all these drug busts is-Beau Oglesby. I think the various law enforcement agencies within the county became some what lackadaisical seeing these dealers being let off time and time again.
I think it had nothing to do with "city hall running interference" as some claim but had all to do with getting votes from a certain segment of the population.

Anonymous said...

Whoever claims city hall, Blake and Ervin are responsible for the drug dealers running around is just idiotic. They don't control all the previous cases of those accused getting dropped. That decision lies squarely on the states attorneys office.